Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 2014 Julep Maven Box - Classic With A Twist - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great weekend! I took a few days off for my birthday and, what do you know, I came down with a pretty bad sinus infection/ear infection/cold thing. Neat. At least I get four days to just sit back and relax and get better, but it still kind of sucks. Since I don't feel like doing anything else, now is a great time to catch up on some blogging!
This post is going to be about my July 2014 Julep Maven box! I went with the Classic With a Twist box this time around because none of the other colors interested me.
This month, Julep released the Poolside collection.
Along with the new polish colors, they also came out with a Body Milk and Body Polish, both (I think, I don't actually know for sure about the Body Polish) scented like the Dry Body Oil Mist they had last summer.
Overall, I thought this collection was pretty boring color-wise. It was mostly cream polishes and a couple Stardust finishes but in silver and rust, not really colors I want/need. I thought about skipping this month's box (I don't think I've ever skipped a box...) but I did want to try the Body Milk since I did really like the scent of the Dry Oil Mist (and I had to throw mine out since my husband knocked it off the counter and the sprayer broke and I didn't feel like finding a new container for it). I smells warm and beachy, but not necessarily like suntan lotion. I really don't like beach/summer scents that remind me of suntan lotion since it smells like my sister (she tans a lot) and I feel weird smelling like my sister.
The extra treat for this month was pretty ho-hum, too. Two patriotic Tootsie Rolls. Yay. I really miss the days when Julep included little products like hairties and lip balm. Those were good days.
The Body Milk ended up being a lot bigger than I expected it to be, which was a nice surprise. Some of the ingredients are kind of eh, like mineral oil and diamethicone (I know I spelled this wrong but I'm not feeling well enough to look up how to spell it right), but it is paraben-free, so at least it has that going for it. It feels really light when you put it on, but it moisturizes like a heavier cream, which I think is due to the diamethicone. I do really like this smell of this, so I'm happy to have it.

What really surprised me about this box is how much I loved the colors! Classic With a Twist, as the name implies, tends to have "normal" colors of nail polish like red and pink. I did like the grey mushroom color in Boho Glam, but I was surprised it also had the quintessential "lipstick red" and Classic With a Twist didn't. What Classic With a Twist had was so much better...
This is Kelsey! Julep describes it as a "powder peach crème", which sounds boring, but it's actually quite gorgeous! It's such a flattering peachy color; I can see this looking nice on a lot of different skin tones.
And this is Vicki! For some reason, I can't find this on Julep's website, but the big reason why I wanted this color was that it was described as a "flamingo pink" and anything that's described as flamingo pink sounds like my kind of color. It's very bright and pretty and it pairs nicely with Kelsey.
And here they are swatched side-by-side! See what I mean about them going well together? I also really liked the little nail art design Julep had to show off these colors; they used Kelsey as a base and painted some flowers on top with Vicki. I am very pleased with these two colors.

In the end, I'm surprisingly happy with this box! Considering how this was the closest I've ever come to skipping a month, I think I had really low expectations and the Body Milk and polish colors exceeded those low expectations. I'm hoping Julep comes out with something more interesting for August. Also, I wish they would give us the option to either purchase at a significant discount or get for free the polish that corresponds to our birth month.

Thanks for reading! <3

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