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July 2014 Blush Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Are you having a good weekend? We're well into Saturday and it's been a very productive day for me; I got a lot of videos filmed and I cleaned the bathroom. I've been putting it off for a while and decided to finally just do it, in a full face of makeup none-the-less! I used a bleach-based product for the first time ever today and, wow. It was terrible to work with, but it gets the tub clean. I've always gone with the more "natural" and biodegradable stuff and it's always been a struggle to get things really clean. But bleach. Man. Impressive.

But you're not here to hear about my cleaning adventures (though I do know that that's actually a common type of blog/vlog!), you're here to see what came in my July 2024 Mystery Beauty Box!
No box shot, just the bag this time!

Quick rundown of the Mystery Beauty Box (I might have done this last month as well, but I can't remember): It is a $24.95 a month (mine's closer to $26 due to taxes) beauty subscription service offered by the trio of,, and It has a combination of makeup, skin care, and hair care products (with the occasional wellness products thrown in), though it does usually contain more hair care/skin care products and less color makeup. You can also buy individual boxes without subscribing for $34.95 a month, though I would say just subscribe if you're interested since why pay $10 more if you don't have to? What I like about this box compared to others in a similar price range is that you're guaranteed at least $100 worth of product, and you usually get more. You also get free shipping and since they treat these boxes(bags) like any other order, you get two free samples! Sometimes I've even gotten three!
Kind of "meh" samples this month; another Cotz sunscreen which is nice since sunscreen is important, but I have a million of these, and a sampler pack of DHC cleansing oil and primer. I actually got a deluxe sized sample of the cleansing oil in a past Blush Mystery Box and I like to use it to remove stubborn eye makeup.

Every month, around the 1st, Blush will release a special video that reveals the "Featured Item" for that month's Blush Mystery Bag. Normally, it's only one item, but this month they showed off two!
They also give the featured item(s) their own side of the info card. Besides the two featured items instead of one, they also weren't selected by anyone in particular; normally, a physician or a stylist or a makeup artist will pick the featured item and talk about it in the info video, but this month it was just the regular Blush rep and they don't mention any curators on the info card. Weird. One of the featured products this month I was super excited to try!
I'll start with the other featured product; this is a waterproof automatic lip liner in the color Dolce Vita by Cattiva. I've heard of Cattiva before and have seen people get items from them in various subscription boxes, but I've never tried anything from them before. Everyone got the same color and it's described as a "creamy nude" shade. This is a full sized product and is worth $20.
And this is the product I was excited to try (not that the Cattiva liner is bad or anything, I just really wanted to try something from this brand)! This is a Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip Glass Gleaming Temptations in the color Smother Me With Kisses (040).
I watched an overview/review of some Rouge Bunny Rouge products on Youtube and was intrigued; I wasn't sure where the best place to purchase from and I'm happy to see I can get it off! There were five different colors you could have gotten; my shade, Smother Me With Kisses, is described as a "shimmering raspberry pink". Personally, I think it's more of a strawberry color than a raspberry.
Here they are swatched; Smother Me With Kisses is on top and Dolce Vita is on the bottom. I like both of these colors and hope to get some good use out of them!
The back of the info card lists the rest of the products in the box; it also says if a product is full sized or not. Convenient!
Going in the order of the info card, the next item I got is a SmartFX Smart Eye Wrinkle Lift. This is just an eye cream that supposedly improves the look of dark circles in 60 seconds. This is based off a "study" of 30 people using the product once. That's not a study; that's watching 30 first impression videos on Youtube. And even then, that would probably be a better "study". I really hate when companies make claims like this on products based on "studies" with very small and selective sample sizes and durations. It's misleading and annoying. This is a full sized product that is supposedly worth $60, but if you remember when we got the Smart Lash stuff, that was labeled as a $125 value but that was only because jacked the price up to make the bow seem like and amazing value. Not cool. I have bad blood with this brand, but I'm still going to give this a try since, hey, I do have issues with my eye area and if it does do something nice, that'd be cool.
Next is the Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Manuka Honey Intensive Hand and Nail Cream. Honey! Hand cream! Neat! I'm really digging this hand cream; it smells great and it's hydrating. It has honey, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E to make your hands and nails look and feel nice. says this is a travel-size on the info card, and you can buy this little 1fl oz guy in the store for $6.
This is the most interesting product in this month's box; Julien Farel Haircare Zero Frizz Restore hair conditioner. Thing. It's for curly, frizzy hair, which is me to a T, and it's like a hair mask. Sort of. It has interesting usage instructions; you use it every 5-7 days and it replaces shampooing and conditioning for that day. You can apply it dry and then add water to make it easier to spread through your hair, or you can apply it directly to wet hair like a normal shampoo. I am very intrigued by this product, to say the least. This is a big ole full size and it's worth $33. Which is more than the box! Yay.
Finally, this is one of the lamest samples I've gotten in a Blush Box. This is foil packet territory, folks, and that's not cool. This is a single 2-step packet of the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel in the original formula. Now, I've used this stuff before and I love it. It's a little on the pricey side, but it really does amazing things for my skin. I just wish Blush would have given us more than one! I've gotten free samples from Sephora that had three 2-step packets. This is an amazing product; it's just an incredibly lame sample size. The full size of this ranges from sets of 15-30 packets, so this has a value between $2.85-$3, depending.

Overall, we got six products this month! Four were full sized (awesome!), one was a purchasable travel size (yay!), and one was a disappointing pretty much foil packet size (...). The total value of the July 2014 Blush Mystery Box was $145, though it might be a little less, depending on if there's any price inflation happening with the SmartFX eye cream.

I do really like getting this box every month, and I do feel like I get my $26ish worth every month, but it's getting harder to actually recommend people try out this box. I've heard some people have had issues with getting wrong items/boxes, dealing with customer service, and I've even gotten an expired product in a box. I'm going to stay subscribed since I still feel like this box is worth it, but I'm getting more and more interested in trying out Boxycharm...

Thanks for reading! <3

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