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Haulin' On! - Sephora, Ulta, MAC, and Just Way Too Many Other Places!

Hello! I'm sad to say my long weekend is almost over. I was hoping I'd get bored of having so much free time now (kind of like what happens with long breaks from school) and be "excited" to go back to work, but I'm finding that's not the case. I'm really enjoying just being able to stay home and sleep whenever I want, especially since my body decided to succumb to some weird sinus/ear infection cold type thing.

I'm doing something a little different this time around! Normally, I wait until I make a video before I make a blog post, but I've been having some issues with making videos this last week or so since I've been busy and my husband's been home during the times when I feel like making a video (I have a hard time filming when he's home since he has to be quiet and I feel awkward talking in front of him. Weird, I know). Also this weekend was the Evolution fighting game convention/tournament thing so he's been streaming it all weekend long.

This is a pretty big haul; I've been collecting this stuff for a couple weeks now and it's getting out of control and I just really need to get my desk area cleaned up and these items put away. I also don't use most of what I buy until I make a video and post a blog about it, so I haven't even been enjoying all my new things!
This is where it all began...
I'm...just going to hit the ground running with this post. I have a lot of stuff and a lot of pictures and I don't want to get bogged down with too many words. Plus, I prefer blog posts with lost of pictures and few captions because I have no attention span (at least on the internet).

Let's start with Sephora! The box shot I used for my opening is my first order from this haul. I actually made two orders, but one was just a nail polish so I combined them into one!
I also combined all my samples! I'm kind of sad about the Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner; it has argan oil in it so I can't use it. Sad times.
This is the nail polish I got; Danger Zone! I really like Formula X polishes and the name "Danger Zone" made me laugh. Plus, it was on sale for $5 and it's a gorgeous hot coral with pink shimmer.
With my other order, I purchased an item over $25 so I could get a deluxe sample of Benefit's new Push-Up Liner.
For a deluxe sample, this is a good size! I've gotten 100-point samples that were much smaller than this.
I've heard good and bad things about this product, mostly that the applicator is pretty neat but the gel liner formula is kind of not.
The applicator is pretty cool, actually! I've never used anything like it; it's not a brush and it's not a felt tip. It's a slanted, flexible rubber applicator. You have to click the product up, which can be irritating, and it comes out of the very tip.
It's really easy to draw different sized lines, which is good, and the liner formula seemed pretty okay to me. I really don't have much experience with gel liners besides my MAC one so I'm not sure if this is a good gel or a bad gel. Regardless, I'm excited to play with it!
And then this is what I ordered! Yup, another Dome-size Z-Palette! I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but my palette was missing the metal spatula and it had a lot fewer metal stickers than my other one. I e-mailed Sephora about it and they said they'd be happy to replace it, but I'd have to mail this one back (I believe they would cover the shipping cost) and by the time I got a response to my e-mail I had already put stuff in my palette and it just wasn't worth it to me to send it back in to get another.
And here it is with stuff in it! I like this dome-size since I can put my MAC mineral products in it! Also, I learned the hard way that there are just some products you can't de-pot. I ended up losing an e.l.f. blush and a Julep blush.
Here's my other (technically, third) order! This one I'm calling my "birthday" order since I placed it on July1st when I could get my free birthday gift. I also bought about $25 so I could get a special free deluxe sample as well.
Here are the samples I got with this order; I got one for free! Still not sure why I sometimes get four samples instead of three, but I'm not complaining. Also I apparently got another Nest Amazon Lily perfume because I couldn't remember what I got in my first order.
And this was the deluxe sample I got with my $25+ purchase. It seems kind of lame since it's a one-time use product, but I really dig these eye masks and I haven't tried much from Shiseido, so I think it's worth it!
I also got a couple 100-point rewards since they had just updated them for July (they change them about once a month) and there were two I really wanted to get before they sold out. I got this deluxe sample of the Hourglass Primer since I like Hourglass products and I want to try more...
And I got a little Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick in Rose Dressing! This lipstick is amazing; it's super pigmented and the color is stunning! I can see why this is a high-end lipstick!
 And here's my free birthday gift! This year, Sephora paired with Make Up For Ever and we got a mascara, a lipstick in N9 (I don't think Make Up For Ever uses names), and if you're a VIB Rouge you got a black eyeliner, too! The lipstick is an interesting color; it's like a sheer, brick red. I think it's a good choice for a set that is supposed to work for many different skin tones and seasons.
 ...I got another Formula X nail polish. I love these polishes and there's a whole bunch of them on sale right now! This is A Little Sexy from the spring 2014 collection and it's a lovely, shimmery periwinkle blue!
I also got this cat-brush set! This has been in the sale section for a long time now, and I don't really like Sephora brand brushes, but for $7 (and thus $3.50 a brush), why not? I also like the shape of these brushes; one of them is pretty unique and I'm curious to see how well it works for me.
...and I got more eyeshadow. So now I have them all; at least, all the sale ones. Actually, no, I don't have two of them but the one I want (the silver one) keeps going out of stock before I can purchase it. ANYWAYS. This is Fireworks, a black shadow with blue and purple glitter...
And this is Jungle Party, a black eyeshadow with gold and green glitter! These aren't normally colors I go for, but I thought they'd be good to have around for smoky eye looks.
 Left is Jungle Party and right is Fireworks; you can't really tell the difference if you can't see the glitter colors. I also got another three-pan palette for free since I bought two shadows, but I didn't take a picture because you guys have seen that enough times. If more shadow colors go on sale, I'm totally going to buy four at once so I can get the six-pan palette for free.

I also bought some stuff in store!'s mostly nail polish. Because sales.
I'll start with the not nail polish! I got samples of two different foundations; I really like my Estee Lauder Double-Wear, but I need more coverage unfortunately. Based on my ColorIQ match, these are med-full coverage foundations that should match me. I'm wearing the tarte foundation today and I'm enjoying it so far; I have good experiences with tarte products (well, except their LipSurgence lip tint thingies but I just hate mint flavors) so maybe this will be my next foundation purchase!

I also got a Nano Lip Liner in Lovely Lilac! I had some stuff to Back-To-Mac and I had a lipstick in mind that I wanted so I got a lip liner to match. Guess what lipstick I got...
And now for the nail polishes. This is Dynamic, a soft, warm grey...
Inspiring, a shimmery minty-teal green...
Thunder, a graffiti glitter top coat with blue, white, and lime green glitter pieces...
 And my favorite, Juju! This is a stunning, holographic blue polish. It's similar to La Blue Boy (La Boy Blue? Can't remember...) from I Love Nail Polish, but I think I prefer this formula. I wasn't going to buy this because I really didn't need another polish but I just stared at it in the store for a while and then my mom said I should buy it because I will regret it if I didn't. She's a smart lady.

Since I already hinted at it, let's do MAC next!
 I got two eyeshadows from the Moody Blooms collection. I wasn't going to because I thought the collection was kind of "meh" (I prefer limited edition packaging. Which I thought this collection was going to have! The promo pics made the packaging look like a deep green color. I was sad when it was the standard black) but I saw some swatches on Youtube and I needed Artistic License and Blooming Mad. I'm glad I went when I did because I got the last Blooming Mad (at least the lady told me I did...I felt special).
I love the shimmery lilac color of Blooming Mad and I thought the orangey-rosey gold of Artistic License was super unique. Also, I wanted another product I could de-pot because I was one away from being able to Back-To-MAC...
I got Heroine! I love MAC lipsticks (it's my favorite product from MAC; they smell great and I love how they feel on my lips. Also the packaging is so sleek and sexy) and I was ecstatic to get one for free. Recycling is fun! I wanted to get either Rebel or Heroine (I also considered getting Sushi Kiss, but I think it would look weird on me) and I went with Heroine after doing some in-store soul searching (also known as "swatching on the back of my hand"). Lovely, lovely!

Hmm, Ulta next?
Ulta has a ton of stuff on super-mega-ultra sale right now and I got a couple things! This is Anti-Bleak by OPI and I got it for $2. Yes. I think it's from the Maria Carey collection and it's a gorgeous fuchsia color.
I also got a Smashbox eyeliner! For $4. I love sales. Normally, I'm not a big fan of Smashbox products (I've tried a lot and I really don't think they're worth it), but I'm not one to pass up a $4 high-end eyeliner.
It's also a pretty unique color! It's a dark, olive green and it's actually quite pretty. If you can find this at your Ulta, I recommend picking it up. There were a few other colors as well, but nothing as interesting as this one.
This wasn't on sale, but it was only $4, so no bigs. I have another kit like this, except the designs on the plate are different. I recently used my other stamping kit for the first time and so much fun doing it that I wanted to get more! I'm probably going to buy some more plates/supplies of eBay. If you're into nail polish and want to get into stamping without spending too much, I say pick one of these kits up.
And I picked this up for 40% off! Physicians Formula products are pretty pricey for a drugstore brand, so I only every buy their products when they're 40%-50% off. I wanted to try this product out since it smells like vanilla and it's supposed to have a special "pheromone-boosting blend" to make you sexier.
I does smell like vanilla, which is lovey, but I kind of doubt the "pheromone-boosting blend" really works. If anything, it's a placebo-effect and you'll feel more confidant while wearing it since you think it's doing something. And that's not a bad thing! The placebo-effect is incredibly powerful. I went with "light" because I didn't really want an actual bronzer, I wanted more of a body dusting color. There are two colors; the corset is super gold and sparkly (bottom of the swatch) and the rest is the bronzer (the top of the swatch). I'm not sure if the corset is just on the top or if it goes all the way through. If nothing else, it will be a nice, subtle body shimmer for summer that smells like vanilla.

I got a couple things from Nordstrom Rack! I love Nordstrom Rack; also I didn't realize that they ran Hautelook!
I got a bottle of OPIs Nail Envy for sensitive and peeling nails because I've been having a lot of issues with, well, sensitive and peeling nails. This was only $12 at Nordstrom Rack and it normally retails for like $18.
I was super pumped to find this! This is a Honey Almond Nourishing Dry-Oil Mist by C.Booth. I got a sample of this once in a Glossybox and I loved it, but I couldn't find it in stores. I could buy it online, but I didn't want to pay shipping and was determined to find it in an actual store. Ulta does carry C.Booth, but for some reason they don't carry this product, either in-store or online. I was so incredibly happy to find it in an actual store! And they had a lot of it so I hope they keep it in stock for a while, though with discount stores, you never know...

Let's continue with discount stores and do Marshalls next! I got a couple of perfumes for a good price!
This is Purr by Katy Perry. Yeah, I bought this because the bottle is in the shape of a cat. There's another one called Meow! (the ! is in the actual name) that also comes in a cat-shaped bottle that I want to get, but I don't want to pay more than $20 for it. It's $16ish on Amazon, but I don't have anything else right now I want to order to get up to $35 for free shipping, so the quest continues. I prefer how Meow! smells, but this perfume isn't bad. Also it's a cat. And I only paid $15 for this 1.7fl oz size.
I also got Lady Gaga's Fame! I have a sample of this perfume that I got then it first came out because I love Lady Gaga, but it's actually a really great scent. It's very warm and sensual; also the bottle is super weird but elegant looking. The liquid itself is black, but it mists finely enough so it won't really stain (though I wouldn't spray it directly on white or other light colored fabrics). This is the 1fl oz size and I only paid $10 for it!

Walgreens next? Sure, why not!
They had some free samples available and I got a little try-it-out set of the Nexxus Color Assume set! I've used the Nexxus stuff for split ends and I really like it, and since I do have colored hair, I'm interested in trying this line out.
I also bought another Sinful Colors polish! Ever since I tried out Cinderella, I've been very interested in getting more colors from this brand. Considering how this is $2 polish, it's great quality and the color selection is pretty solid. I needed a white polish because for some reason I don't own one (I did, but it was for french tips and it was thicker than normal and I'm too lazy to thin it out so I gave it to my mom) so I picked up "Snow Me White". It seems to work well; it swatched nicely and it will hopefully be a good white.
I also got a Maybelline Color Tattoo in Electric Blue because it was on clearance for like $3. I hear so many good things about these and I only own one (Tough as Taupe) so I wanted another! I'm actually looking for the gold one ("Gold Rush", I think) because I heard that was going on clearance because it's being discontinued, but I was only able to find this one. I don't have a picture of it swatched, but I did swatch it in my video and I'm kind of disappointed with it. It's really sheer and patchy; not what I expected.

Time for Sally Beauty Supply!
I got a bottle so I can mist my hair in the morning to get it damp so I can style it better. Pretty boring, but most useful things are.
And I got my first ever Finger Paints nail polish in Crystal Springs. I got this on sale since I wasn't too sure about Finger Paints polishes; they seem kind of cheap and cheesy, but after swatching and playing around with this one, I'm willing to try some more (...I kind of already bought some more, but I'm going to save them for the next haul).

Whew! We're getting to the end! Target next!
 If you don't know, there's a section on Target's website where they will put up free samples you can request. They go super quick so you have to be fast and looking at the site at the right time. I got lucky and was able to snag this one for some John Freida Frizz Ease products!
 You seem to just get foil packets, and they take three to five weeks to get to you, but they're free and it's kind of exciting trying to hunt them down.
In-store, I got this "Extreme Value" set of It's A 10 hair stuff. I was a little wary of picking up this two-pack; one It's A 10 retails for about $17, but this two-pack was only $21. If you look on the back, there's a sticker that says these are genuine products but that they were packed at a third-party distribution center. I was worried that they were old or damaged or something, but I've been using one and it seems to work just like my sample did. So...why would you buy one for $17 when you can get two for $21? If you like this product, I'd look for these "Extreme Value" sets at Target (they also have other products and brands in these "Extreme Value" sets).
 I got some Donut-themed flavored lip balms from Lip Smacker on clearance. There was an ice cream set to, but when I went back to pick it up, they were already all sold out. Sad. This set comes with four lip balms in the flavors Strawberry Frosting, Confetti Sprinkles, Raspberry Jelly, and Cake Donut. I've used the Cake Donut one and it is damn tasty. Brings me back to my youth when I ate a whole Pink Lemonade Lip Smacker because it was so tasty. Good times.
 I also found some NYX Butter Glosses on sale! I've heard that some Targets are carrying NYX products now (I think it has to do with them buying, but my Target only has the Butter Glosses. What really surprised me was that these were sealed! I'm used to NYX products not being sealed, which is gross and which stops me from buying most NYX products in store. I was super pumped to find these were not only sealed, but on clearance!
There were a few other colors, but they weren't sealed so I didn't feel comfortable buying them. I went with Red Velvet because it looks intense and Raspberry Tart because I liked the purple color. You know, this is the second product I've gotten in the last week or so that has the word "Raspberry" in it that's not really a raspberry color...weird.

And now some totally random, one-shot items!
So this was at the dollar store. Yup. I got this for a $1. I saw this on the Nouveau Cheap blog and it apparently retails for $25 on Not sure why they're at the dollar store (old? Overstock? Who knows!), but hey, a $1 is a good deal. My mom actually picked this up for me since my dollar store didn't have any. If you're interested in picking this up and your dollar store doesn't have it either, it might still come in stock. It wasn't there the first time my mom went, but they had a whole bunch the next time.
My mom also had a coupon for a free $5 min from Bath and Body Works that she said I could use, so I got a mini bottle of Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel. I don't like shower gel as shower gel, but I like to use it as shaving gel! Also it's free and smells like vanilla. I did get a PocketBac as well, but I forgot to take a picture of it. It's the S'mores scented one. Exciting.
I also got more handmade soap! Over the 4th of July, they were having a special where you could get a grab bag with four mystery bars of soap for $4 instead of the usual $10. I got two bags, and I kind of regret not getting more. I really love this soap!

I was pleased to see I only ended up with one duplicate (the Capri Olivo) and it was one I really liked so I'm happy to have another! There's a couple I might give to my mom because I don't think I'll like the scent, but eight bars of handmade soap for $8? Rad.

Finally, I got a couple things from a garage sale! My mom really loves garage sales and, since I can't drive, it's pretty hard for me to go to them. My husband works/doesn't like garage saling, so I haven't been able to go. My mom came to visit me this weekend and she took me to some!
I got this super cute hat for $1! It looks really good on me and I'm excited to bust it out for the Fall.
And I got some new work pants for $3. They fit really well; I have a hard time with pant sizes because there is so much variance between companies when it comes to sizing. I'm a 6-8 at H&M, a 0-2 at Old Navy, and a 3-4 at Target. Who even knows. I wish women's clothing was sized like men's and just had the measurements. I know a 27-28" fits me just fine.

AND THAT'S EVERYTHING. Finally. If you made it this far, I thank you! I really need to not let things build up like this; the more I have to type about, the less motivated I am to get started!

Thanks for reading! <3

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