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Birthday-ish Haul! - Marc Jacobs, LORAC, Zoya, and More!

Hello! It's the weekend! I actually left work a couple hours early today so I could go to the Target Clinic before the after-work-before-the-weekend rush. Nothing too serious, but I have some face things I wanted to take care of and I inadvertently got some medicine for my acne. I've been reluctant to get medical help for my acne, but I suppose it's finally time. It's serious stuff and I'm kind of leery of using it...Yes, that's exactly what you want to read about on a makeup blog post. Actually, maybe you do; I can see that being an interesting post. I just want clear skin, damnit!

As the (uncreative) title suggests, this is my sort-of birthday haul! These are things I got on/after my birthday, which occurred after my mom came down for a visit so basically what I'm trying to say is that this is almost a continuation of the haul before this one. ...yeah.

Not much of a box shot...
I got a couple things in the mail that I've been waiting on forever, so I'm going to start with those. Specifically, what I got from Zoya! For the Fourth of July, they had a special where you could get any three nail polishes for "free"; you'd just have to pay $12 for shipping and handling. That's about 60% off retail, so who can resist? Plus, Zoya makes great polish and even at full price I think it's totally worth it. The only problem is that the promotion was (obviously) super popular so it took a very, very long time to get shipped out. I ordered these polishes June 30th and I didn't get it until July 15th or 16th. Maybe later, I don't remember exactly.
I got another color book! I actually like these brochures; they show all the colors currently available and I just like old school printed materials like this. The three polishes I picked out ended up being quite purple-themed.
 This is Binx! It's from the Summer 2014 Bubbly collection and it's like a pinky-purple jelly polish with a ton of gold glitter and holographic shimmer. I wanted this color so badly, but my Ulta has been sold out of it and has just not gotten any in stock. It's gorgeous in the bottle, but I'm not sure how I feel about it on my nails; I think the pinky-purple looks a little off with my skin tone.
 This is Nyx! It's a periwinkle purple Pixie Dust finish with silver glitter. And it is gorgeous and I am so happy I was able to get it. I've been wanting this polish for a long, long time but I hate paying for shipping and haven't had the extra money to pay for a big ole' Zoya order. This is my favorite out of the three I got!
 And this is Zara! This is kind of like a lilac color with gold glitter; I mostly bought this because the color description on the website said it "gave a magical look to the nails" and I love magic. I checked out some swatches online (as I did with the other colors I considered) and it really does look super pretty and magical; it reminds me of OPI's Significant Other Color.
Swatches! Left to right: Nyx, Binx, and Zara. I'm very happy with all three colors I got, but I think Nyx is my favorite out of the trio.
This is the other item that took forever to get to me; I hate DHL and I really wish Julep wouldn't ship through them. Though I do appreciate getting free shipping on any order...I got a Konjac Sponge! These are kind of pricey at a little under $10, but I had a coupon (again for the Fourth) where I could get 50% off. This is kind of a newer facial product; it's made from the root of the Konjac plant and it's a super gentle exfoliator/cleanser for your face. I've seen these available from other companies, and if you find one for a good price, I say get it! It doesn't feel like it's doing anything while you're using it, but it leaves your face feeling so soft and smooth with absolutely no irritation. You can use this with or without cleanser, which is nice, and it's definitely a less expensive option than the Clarisonic.
This is a little random; this is makeup collection that Ulta came out with around the holidays that's similar to a Spehora Favorites set. We all know how I feel about those types of sets, but I don't really find the ones from Ulta to be very interesting, especially for the price. This originally retailed for $30 and, while you do get your money's worth, I've only tried products from two of the brands, and one of those I'm not even a big fan of. However! I saw on Nouveau Cheap that someone had found these kits on clearance for $10. $10! That's an ipsy bag! This kit is definitely worth $10 to me, so I went to my Ulta as soon as I could. Unfortunately, they had the kits but they weren't $10, they were on sale for $25. Disappointed, I called my mom and asked her if she could keep an eye out for them at her Ulta. I wasn't going to pay more than $10, so if she didn't find it for that price, I told her I didn't want it. She said that they didn't have any at her Ulta and, while I was disappointed, I figured it's just one of those things.

To my surprise, when I came home from work a few days later from work, there was a package from eBay in front of my door. I wasn't expecting anything so I was confused until I opened it and saw this inside! Apparently, my mom had gone on eBay and bought the set for me. I was worried she paid more than $10 for it, but she wouldn't tell me how much she spent, saying it was a gift. I can be weird about makeup from eBay and was worried since the safety seal had been cut. My mom e-mailed the seller and she assured her that it was unused and she opened it just to show the products and after some inspection, I'm feeling okay about it.
Here are the six things you get! There's a travel size of LORAC eye primer, a Butter London polish in Rosie Lee, a Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust in Pink Champagne, a Pur Minerals Mineral Glow Bronzer, a Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, and a Laura Geller City Lights Lip Gloss. The only two products that I really have any experience with are the Button London polish (which I like) and the Tarte mascara (which I don't). I'm curious to give the others a try and, if you can find this set on sale for $10 at your Ulta, I'd say get it!
 I got some more Finger Paints nail polish! Because I have a nail polish addiction. I was checking out Sally Beauty Supply and fell in love with Hollywood Decadence (the far right). It's from the new(ish? It's been a bit since I last checked and I don't know much about Finger Paints polish) Hollywood Noir collection and it's like a creamy pale lilac-pink filled with pink, blue and silver glitter. I also really wanted to check out a polish from the less-new Mermaid collection since they're supposed to have the texture of "mermaid tails" and, well, I love texture. On the Mermaid collection display, there was a little sign that said all Finger Paints polishes were buy two get on free (it's good through the 26th so...tomorrow!) so...I got three! From left to right is Sea Temptress (from the Mermaid collection), Peacock Portrait (permanent line), and Hollywood Decadence (the Noir collection).
Uh, here they are swatched in reverse order! Hollywood Decadence, Peacock Portrait, and Sea Temptress! I'm still on the fence about these polishes; they're more affordable (they're like $6 a polish, I think) but I almost feel like it's worth the $2-$3 extra to get an OPI or a Zoya polish. I do like how unique these colors are, especially Sea Temptress. It has a very interesting texture to it; it's not like other sand/glitter texture polishes and it does remind me of fish scales.

At Ulta, if you're a member of their rewards program, you can get a coupon for a free full sized CK One mascara on your birthday!
They say this is an $18 value, but it's a specific mascara in special packaging (it says Happy Birthday! on it in the red box) so I'm not sure if it's different from the retail version (it might have special packaging just to prevent people from trying to return it for the $18). I've never used anything from the CK One line, and I believe it's only available at Ulta. I've heard next to nothing about this brand, so I have no idea what to expect from it. I haven't tried this out yet since I already have a bunch of mascaras to use, but I'm curious to; it has a wand that you change the shape of by twisting this cap.

If you problems like me and are an Ulta Platinum member (it's not that hard to do; you need to spend like...$400 I think in a calendar year and I somehow managed to reach it almost purely by buying my conditioner exclusively from Ulta) you also get a coupon for $10 off anything! Anything! So I bought the LORAC AfterGlo palette!
 I have a little bit of a story about this product, but I don't want to take the space to type it out here, but I did make a video about my first impressions of this palette that includes it, so if you're interested, you can watch it here:
Such a pretty blue! This is a special, mini-ish palette that LORAC released for the summer! There's a version that's available exclusively through Kohl's (it's brown and has some different shades), but I thought the Ulta exclusive version was much prettier. If just for the blue packaging alone!
I don't have a lot of these kinds of bright, colorful shadows in my collection and, since this palette retails for $24, with my $10 off I could get it for $14! This is the first thing from LORAC I've ever tried, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I watched some reviews of it on Youtube, and the consensus seems to be that these shadows aren't the same quality of the ones in the LORAC Pro palettes, but they're still good. They're also kind of sheer, which is actually nice since it makes wearing them less "scary".
Here's the left side swatched; the colors are nice, though the peacock blue stained my skin, which kind of annoyed me. Staining is one of the reasons why I'm avoiding getting the Urban Decay Electric palette.
And here's the right! I think my favorite color in this whole palette is the coral color; it's unique but still very wearable. It reminds me of a papaya!

And now for the cherry on the cake of my birthday! Late on my birthday, my husband texted me asking me what I wanted. We had discussed it earlier and I said I didn't want anything since we were trying to save money (his birthday is very close to mine so we tend to make joint-birthday decisions). As more of a joke than anything, I told him I wanted the Siren eyeshadow palette from Marc Jacobs. I had played with it a little last time I was in Sephora and fell in love with it, but I couldn't bring myself to spend $59 on an eyeshadow palette, even if it was the color of the rainbow.
So guess what my husband comes home with?
Yup. He went into Sephora, by himself, and got me the Siren eyeshadow palette. I was floored. Actually, I cried little even. He's very, very good at surprises!
This is the "most high-end" product I own now, and the most expensive single item of makeup (my Hourglass Ambient Light palette is a close second at $58) in my collection. It even came in it's own bag! also came with a sponge-tip applicator. I mean, fine, these have their uses; I've heard that sponge-tip applicators actually work better with some shadows than brushes do, but you could have maybe included more than one...this is probably my biggest issue with this palette, which I think is a positive thing.
It even has a special plastic cover to protect the shadows!
I can't get over how pretty this palette is; granted, these are some seriously bold colors and not ones I would reach for every day, but all the shadows are gorgeous and, as one of my Youtube subbies said, it looks just like a watercolor palette! Incidentally, I have a more in-depth first impressions/swatch video of this palette here:
Here they are swatched on my arm in the same order they are in the palette. They all have some level of shimmer (some have more than others) and are all super pretty! My favorite color is the seafoam green and it's the color that really drew me to this palette. Since this is my first "designer" type of makeup, I don't have anything to compare it to quality-wise, but it's definitely on the expensive side so I would suggest going to Sephora and playing with it to see if it's worth getting for you. It's definitely worth it to me!

And that's everything! A very happy birthday, and not just because of the neat stuff I got! It just sucks getting a year older. It's only fun until you're 21, then it's all downhill from there.

Thanks for reading! <3

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