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Stay Tuned For More Hauling! - Sephora, Ulta, Julep, e.l.f., and More!

Hello! Whew I haven't posted in a while...which means it's about time for a haul! I'm again in that lull between subscription boxes so what do I do? Order things online because I love getting packages! Though it is kind of an addiction so I need to be careful...I might actually put myself on a no-buy (technically, it will be a "I'm allowed to only buy these certain things" since I have a list of things I "need") but July in my birth month which means exciting birthday gifts!
Sexy bag shot! Except not really, but I thought it would be fun to open with a non-box...
As the picture above suggests, I'm going to start with my artisanal ( this a word? My spell check says it isn't but my Google search says it is...) soap mystery grab bag! There's a little store near me that sells a bunch of handmade soaps and other various smelly things, including the entire line of Demeter fragrances. I stopped in one day just to poke around (they used to just have a kiosk, but they have their own shop now) and I just can't resist the call of a mystery bag; especially a cheap one! You get four bars of soap in each bag and since the soaps sell for $5 a bar, you're basically getting it half off. In my bag I got...

Capri Olivo, which I assume is a Mediterranean-inspired scent. There were two different types of soaps in my bag, and this was one of the "aloe vera" soaps...
 Pinot Grigio, which I assume is a red wine inspired soap (I can smell them through the plastic wrap, but they're pretty pungent and since they've been sitting together in the bag for a while, the scents all kind of blur together). This is another "aloe vera" soap...
Cucumber Lime, which again, I can't really smell, but I assume it's a cucumber-limey smell (hopefully more lime than cucumber since I'm not a big fan of cucumber smells). This is a "honey soap"; comparing the ingredients between the two different soaps, it looks like the only difference between the two types is the addition of either honey or aloe vera...
and Kismet! I ended up giving this soap to my mom; this was the only one I could smell on its own because it was so strong. It smells like really powerful incense, which isn't my jam, but my mom liked it. $10 for three full size bars of handmade soap is still a good deal and I love supporting local artists.

I don't really have a plan for the order of the rest of this post; I could go in the order of my video, but that would mean I'd have to go back and watch it since I don't actually remember...I made a lot of videos on Saturday and they all kind of blurred together.

So let's do my e.l.f. order! This is my second e.l.f. order; you can find a video of my first on my Youtube channel, or you can check out the post about it right here on my blog! I made another order since I had a $5 gift card to use (they forgot to pack an item in the Summer Siren set I got so they gave everyone who ordered one a $5 online gift card to make up for) and e.l.f. was running a special for Friday the 13th: free shipping with orders over $13! I hate shipping costs, and I figured it wouldn't get any better than that (normally it's free shipping with $35+)
I wanted to get this the first time around, but for some reason I didn't. I was then going to buy it from Target since all the e.l.f. stuff at my Target is $0.50-$1.00 cheaper than on the website, but they've been sold out of it for a while now. This is basically a tone-correcting powder; you swirl a big brush in to get all the colors and then you dust it on! Not sure if this works best as a setting powder or what, but I'll play around with it.
I also got an HD Blush in the color Encore! Um...sorry about this picture. My camera was throwing a hissy fit due to the lighting. This color is suuuuuuuuper bright pink, which is exactly what I wanted! This is a cream/liquid blush and this stuff is pigmented!
This is a dot. A. Dot. Obviously, I'd never (well, never say never) wear it this opaque, but seriously. It also stains, so if you're into that, that's definitely a perk. I've also seen people use this as a lip color, which is really cool looking!
And I got some Smudge Pots! I got these because of BaileyB's rave review of them; also they're really inexpensive. These are cream shadows, kind of similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I'm really surprised these are part of the cheaper "essentials" line since they could easily charge "studio" line prices for these.
...again, I'm sorry about the terrible picture. I got Cruising Chic, which is a shimmery light brown...
...and Hit The Town, a shimmery gunmetal grey.
Swatches! Left to right is Hit The Town and Cruising Chic. These are definitely worth the price and I can see why BaileyB liked them so much!
And I got the blush palette in "Light". Because I need more blush (except not really). I saw a couple positive reviews for this palette on Youtube, so why not give it a try? I really like the colors, especially the coral.
Which came a little broken! You always run the risk of these types of products getting smashed up in shipping, and I'm happy the damage was minimal. It was a little dusty, but no chunks are missing and it seems to still be solidly in the pan despite the cracks.
And more swatches! These are on my bare skin, no primer or anything, and obviously they're a little heavier than how you'd wear them on your cheeks. I went left-right, top-bottom. All very pretty colors and three of them even appear to be matte (the only obviously shimmery color is the coral). I recommend giving this palette a try, especially since it's only $6.

How about I do my Ulta order next? There were a couple specials I wanted to take advantage of, and I think there was free shipping with $25+ orders, which I also like to take advantage of (if I was a superhero, my nemesis would be named "Shipping Charges").
I got some random info cards about the new Miss Universe styling line, which is amusingly pink, and the "per-fekt" start kit, which is one of the most pretentious looking brand names ever.
I always get the "variety" sampler pack because variety is the spice of life and I ended up with another sample of Agave hair oil (which I already love), a sample of intense foot cream (which my poor feet need), and a set of Hempz Body Triple Moisture body wash and body cream. I'm really enjoying my little bottle of Hempz lotion that I got in my Ulta sampler set so I'm definitely interested in trying more of the Hempz line.

It was buy one get one 50% on NYX products, and since I hate buying these in store since they aren't normally sealed and they're all used and gross, I wanted to get these Jumbo Eye Pencils online. I went with the standard Milk and I got Lavender, mostly because I'm still really into purples and figured it would make a good base for a purple eye look.
I got an even better deal on some more Giovanni Avocado and Olive Oil Touch-Up Hair Towlettes since they were buy one get one free! These are pretty expensive at $7ish for a box of ten, but I really like these; they're super useful and convenient (just throw one or two in your purse and you're always prepared)! With the buy one get one free deal, I only paid $3.50 per box, which is more than worth it to me.
Finally, I got some more Real Techniques brushes! Hmm, looks like I got duos of everything in this order... I really like the other Real Techniques brushes I have, and I've been looking for some more eyeshadow-specific brushes. It was buy one get one 50% AND you got a free gift with a...$15? or more makeup brush purchase so I grabbed the eye starter set and a setting brush!
For the free gift, I got a mini Japonesque Soild Goat-Milk Brush Cleanser. I've never used a solid brush cleanser, and I've really only ever used the Sephora-brand brush cleanser, so I was interested in giving this a try. The more I order from Ulta, the more I like shopping there; it's so easy to get free things and really good deals!

Fortune Cookie Soap next? I placed a pretty small order with FCS since I just wanted to use up my $10 off code from my Summer Soap Box.
I got an OCD Hand Sanitizer in Unicorn Farts since I wanted to try out this scent, but I wasn't really interested in the other forms it comes in (I would like to try it in a Whipped Cream, but I have a lot I need to go through and it also has glitter in it, which is kind of weird). This had glitter in it, too, but it's less annoying in a hand sanitizer since it mostly stays on my hands.
...I know I just said I had a lot of Whipped Creams to go through, but I can't help it! They're sooooo good and I absolutely love them! I also wanted one with a mild scent; sometimes I like using unscented body lotions since it can get a little overwhelming scent-wise when it gets really hot and humid out (like it is now). Luckily, FCS makes an unscented Whipped Cream, Plain Jane, which is what I got! I haven't opened this yet to see if it has a weird smell or not (unscented things can still smell, just not like flowers or fruit or what-have-you), but I'm hoping it's, well, very plain!
Finally I grabbed a cuticle butter in Polyjuice Potion! This was another scent I really wanted to try but wasn't interested in the other forms it came in (except the Whipped Cream, but same excuse here as with the Unicorn Farts scent, minus glitter issues). This was a scent FCS released with their Harry Potter collection, but people liked it so much, they brought it back! Not sure if this is considered a "permanent" scent or not, but it's been around for a while and it's amazing. It's super fruity; the best way I can describe it is that it smells like fruit snacks. But not the clear, gummy kind; more like the chewier, opaque kind. If that makes sense. I really like this scent and when I get through my backlog of Whipped Creams, and if this is still around, I'm definitely going to get a jar.

Julep had a Super Sale! They called it their Red Marker Sale, and I think it was supposed to be like the Warehouse Sale they had last summer. They had a bunch of polishes and products marked down to super low prices; I got four polishes for $2 each and a $20 product for $5. The selection wasn't as big as the Warehouse Sale and it only lasted for twoish days, so I didn't seem all that exciting. But I am very happy with what I got! I placed two orders; I bought two polishes first, then the second day Julep added a few more things to the sale so I bought two more and a product. Both orders were shipped free since I'm a Maven, but Julep uses DHL so it took forever. Those "estimated delivery dates" they show? Add on one or two days to that and you have a much more realistic estimate.
This is Emerson, a dusty blue polish with black glitter. It came out around Easter/spring, along with a purple (which came in a mystery box) and a green (which I got as an add-on with a Maven box).
Annnnd, this is Kimberly, the purple with black glitter! This is my favorite out of the trio, and I'm really glad I was able to get these without having to buy the mystery box. I like these kind of polishes since they're more unique (and since I have so many polishes...I need unique ones).
This is Shoshanna, a holographic yellow glitter. This is one of those "kind of ugly but kind of awesome" colors; it's a weird, bright yellow, but it's so holographic and glittery...I just like looking at it in the bottle.
And this is Shannon, a silk finish honeydew green color. I don't remember ever seeing this polish (though it is from the It Girl collection and I don't usually pay that close attention to that collection since I don't think it's usually worth it to go with a three polish Maven box), especially since this color is pretty much made for me. I love Julep's silk finish polishes (they're matte shimmers and they're gorgeous) and I love pale green nail polish...regardless, I got it for $2! Yay!
Swatches! Left to right is Shoshanna, Kimberly, Shannon, and Emerson. My camera just couldn't capture the majesty of Shoshanna nor Shannon and they are much prettier in real life.
And for no real reason except that it was a good deal, I got the Moisture Mask Trio! When this first came out, I wasn't very impressed with it; I thought (and still think) it was way over priced for three one-use masks. I was interested in trying it, but not for $20. But it was on sale for $5 and I can justify that! You get a mask for your nails, your hands, and your feet; I haven't tried these out yet, and I'm most interested in trying out the foot mask.

I made a teeny tiny order from Sephora! Very teeny tiny; in fact, this is the smallest order I've ever made and the first time I've ever gotten an order from Sephora in a bubble mailer. I wanted to snag something from the sale section and was paranoid it was going to sell out again. Since I'm a VIB Rouge, I get free shipping on anything, and you better believe I'm taking advantage of that! ...I do get worried that Sephora will revoke my free shipping privileges if I make too many of these mini orders, but it's a fun way to get stuff in the mail without having to spend too much.
Even though it was a little order, I still was able to get my free samples and the extra info stuff. This time, the fragrance sampler was for Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. I really like Marc Jacobs' perfumes, especially since the bottles are so cute!
For my three samples I got some night cream from Bliss, a foundation for Hourglass, and another Good Genes Treatment from Sunday Riley. I still have no idea exactly what this is or what it does.
And this is all I ordered! This is the Bright From The Start hair tie set in Warm. It was on sale for $5 and $5 for eight of these hair ties is a good deal. I love this type of hair tie since it's gentle on my hair and I can wear them as bracelets (except not really; the knot and little tails kind of bug me). This went in and out of a stock a few times and I finally just decided to go ahead and order it to make sure I got it.

I'll continue with Sephora-purchases with what I got in store! Specifically, what I got in the Sephora in JCP since you can get some awesome deals in there, Which I did! And I even had a gift card from a return!
I got a Formula X nail polish in the color Hyped. This is an electric purple with blue glitter in it. Also it was $2. Two. Dollars. Yes. There were a few more colors, but they were creams and kind of boring. I like the Formula X polishes and now kind of regret not getting more, even if they were boring.
Here is a terrible picture of it swatched! Like most neon colors, it dries pretty matte, but if you want a shiny finish, all you have to do is add a top coat. You also can't really see the blue shimmer, but it's there and it's pretty.
I also got two more Sephora eyeshadows! Ever since I picked up a few of these on sale online, I've been kind of obsessed with them. I've never given Sephora-brand eyeshadows a chance since they're kind of pricey ($13-$15 a shadow) and there are brands I like more. HOWEVER, on sale, these shadows are an amazing deal! I've been buying them online since, with two shadows you can get a three-pan palette for free and with four shadows you get a six-pan palette for free, but I found these on sale in store for less than they are online!
 I got My Boyfriend's Jeans, which is the bright blue on the left...
...and Space Odyssey, the black with blue glitter on the left. They had a few other colors available as well, but I had already gotten them online. But these are only $3 in store! $3! That's drugstore prices! And these are really nice shadows, especially for $3.
Left is Space Odyssey and right is Boyfriend's Jeans. These are swatched over bare skin. They have great pigmentation and texture, though Space Odyssey does have a bit of fallout from the glitter. If you have a Sephora in JCP near you and you're interested in trying out some Sephora shadows, go check out the sale section!
Since I'm in the Sephora in JCP so often, the associates there know me pretty well. They are always super nice to me and they like to chat about the things I'm looking at/purchasing. They also now hook me up with specials that I might not be aware of! When I was checking out, the associate asked me if I had gotten their flier, I told her I hadn't and she said she'd give me the deal anyways (I don't even know exactly what it was...). She left me choose between a deluxe sample of Murad's Acne Spot Fast Fix or StriVectin's SD Advanced Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks. Obviously I went with the StriVectin sample, though if I hadn't already had two deluxe samples of the Acne Spot Fast Fix I probably would have gone with that.

And now for some more random things! I got some nail polish at Sally Beauty Supply since Orly polish was buy one get one free! I got four...
This is Lush, from the Baked collection. This was the main polish I was interested in getting; I really wanted Ablaze from this collection, but they were all out...unfortunately, this polish looks much better in the bottle than it does on the nail, but I'm going to try layering it over a lime green cream. It's a lime green jelly with yellow and gold glitter and holographic bar glitter.
This is Shine On Crazy Diamond, and it's pretty much a chunkier version of China Glaze's Fairy Dust. Again, I love these holographic glitter polishes and this is a fun layering polish!
Then I got one of the French Manicure sheer pinks in Des Fleurs; it has an iridescence to it that's quite pretty! These polishes are supposed to make the pink parts of your nails look pinker and the white parts look whiter. I thought this would be nice to have for when I have a conservative type of event to go to (you know, if I get a Nobel Peace Prize or something...) and want my nails to look polished but not, well, polished.
And this is Naked Canvas! This was already on sale for $3.99, but I really wanted it and I was still able to use it as part of the buy one get one free deal. It's such a weird color, but it looks really, really good on my nails! It's a super pale, almost white cream color with this interesting and subtle violet shimmer. I know it doesn't look like it, but it kind of looks natural on my nails; you don't really notice the color at first.

I also got some stuff at the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale! I bought a couple bras, which I won't show here, but I did get some mists for 75% off which I will show!
This is Passionate Kisses, which smells like cherries and vanilla. Which are two scents I love! The first time I used this was when my parents came down to visit, and my dad asked me why I smelt like cherry cigars. ...not sure how I feel about that, but I still like the smell.
And this is Forbidden Fantasy! This is a passionfruit and jasmine scent and I got it mostly because I just like jasmine! It's a little more fruity than I expected, but it's still a good scent that I think works well for summer.

And then totally out of left field, I got some nail polish remover pads on clearance from Bed, Bath, and Beyond!
I found a gift card for BBB left over from our wedding (which was over two years ago now...) that still had $2.50 left on it. Unfortunately, my BBB isn't cool (or big) enough to have a nice drugstore makeup section which is what I was hoping for, but I found these on the clearance table and just went for it. I got a third one, but I gave it to my coworker. I have clue if these even work or if they're just going to be awful, but I only paid $0.50 for the three of them, so I'm not worried.

Is that it? I think that's it! I hope this wasn't too long; the video got pretty long so I'm worried this might be even more dull. I love sharing my hauls with you guys, since I can get a little proud of the deals I find. My mom is a big deal hunter and she passed her knowledge down to me. I could definitely step up my game (I'm no crazy coupon-er or anything. In fact, I always forget to use the coupons I do have...) but for the minimal amount of effort I put into it, I think I do pretty well and I want to pass that on to you!

Thanks for reading! <3

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