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More Hauling! - Sephora, Ulta, MAC, and Target!

Hello! Hope you're having a great June! It's been warm and sunny this week so far, and I've been taking advantage of the great weather and going for walks over my lunch break at work! I've been having a hard time with staying motivated and happy at work and I think part of it is feeling so cooped up at my desk; after we moved offices in January, I lost my big windows so I spend 8+ hours staring at my computer or a beige wall. Neat.

I have another haul for you guys! There's always so many great deals out there that I want to take advantage of...I do have to stop purchasing so much, though. I'm at a point of saturation with my makeup collection and am now considering doing a Project 10 Pan type of thing. We'll have to see, though. At the very least, I'm going to try and cut back my spending to only the items I "need" like foundation and concealer and limited edition stuff that I will probably die if I don't get.

That being said, let's get to the haul! I went to a bunch of different places and got a large variety of items, so hopefully this will be an interesting read.
Box shot!
I'm going to go in a little bit different of an order than I did in my video, mostly so I can open my post with a box shot. I don't know, but they make these posts feel so much more complete. It's weird, I know. Which means I'll start with the stuff I got in Sephora!

I made an online order and I got some things in store as well. Lately, I've been finding myself more inclined to order things from over since they offer a lot more gifts with purchase. With Sephora orders, you can usually only add one deluxe sample per $25+ order, though sometimes they have special "sets". With Ulta, you can get a ton of deluxe samples and gifts with purchase, all depending on which brands you purchase and how much you spend. I've gotten some pretty awesome gifts with purchases (see my hair care haul) and I'm always checking the site to see what's new. This time, Sephora had a special offer where you could pick three deluxe sized samples with any $25+ purchase, so, since I needed to pick up some more concealer anyways, I went for it!

I don't know why I took pictures of these individually; I normally do one big group shot...These are the three samples I went with for this order again, most of the time I pick my samples based on them not being perfumes, though I do really like the Marc Jacobs line of perfume so I was glad to get a sample of Daisy (amusing enough, it smells like violets).
I got another surprise fourth sample; not sure if VIB Rouges just get four samples now or if Sephora is just throwing random things in to get rid of them, but getting more stuff for free is cool with me. I don't actually like Prada Candy so I'll be giving this to my mom.
This is the concealer I picked up! This is the Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil in the color DEA.
It is a little bit light than my skin tone (also wow my hand looks gross), which generally isn't what you want for a concealer that you use for blemishes (though it's good to have a lighter concealer for your undereye area), but this works well with my skintone and after blending it in I can't tell the difference. This is the third time I've purchased this concealer and I definitely like it. I like that it's in a pencil form for it's easy to travel with and I love the creamy consistency. Even though the casing is plastic, you can sharpen this; Urban Decay suggests you use their Grindhouse sharpener, though I have one from NARS that works great.

Since my concealer was only $19 and I needed to hit $25+ to get the three deluxe samples, I grabbed some eyeshadow from the sale section.
 This is Prom Queen, a matte pink color. I actually read about this in a magazine at work and they said it was a great way to wear pink without looking too childish or twee. I was happily surprised to find it on sale for $5! I've never really used any Sephora eyeshadows before, but I was pretty impressed with the quality of this shadow. Normally, I write off store brands, but that was pretty nice. I wouldn't spend $13 on it, but for $5 it was a great deal.
 I also got Midnight Swim! This is a shimmery, peacock color and again, I was pretty impressed with the quality of this shadow.
Here they are swatched! This is just over my bare skin, so you can see that both of these colors have great pigmentation. Now, why did I buy two? (Besides the fact that just one would have left me a dollar short of the $25 mark...)
 With the purchase of two Sephora eyeshadows, you got a customizable three-pan palette for free! Admittedly, this is kind of cheating since I only paid $10 for the two shadows and the palette itself is worth $12, but I'm glad I was able to get one! This is actually a really nice palette, too! It feels very sturdy, it has a big mirror, and it comes with a convenient little key to help you pop shadows in and out of it. I would highly recommend picking up some Sephora shadows on sale and then snagging this palette for free! If you get...four shadows, I think, you can get a six-pan one for free!

And now for the whole point of this order: the three deluxe samples I got! You could choose any three samples you wanted from a selection of...ten? maybe, I can't remember. I was luckily and was able to get the extra three that I wanted!
This is the Miracle Worker Overnight face cream by Philosophy! I like face creams and skincare samples in general, and I think this is an overall well-liked product that I've never tried before.
I was really curious to give this a try! This is the Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water! I really like the Dr. Brandt line of skincare products and have been very pleased with all the samples I've tried so far. This is a no-rinse cleanser for your eyes, face, and neck and you get a really decent sample size!
Finally, I got a sample of Benefit's Fake Up in the color light! I've been curious to try this product ever since it first came out since it seems like it has the potential to be a holy grail product for me! My eye area tends to be very dry and I have horrible undereye circles due to genetics (yaaaaay, thanks German ancestry) and since this is both a moisturizer and concealer, it sounds perfect! For some reason, I've never gotten my hands on a sample of this product before, so I'm glad to get one now. But look at how tiny it is! That is all you get; I have it pushed up all the way. It seems like a lot of excessive packaging for such a wee little sample.

For my in-store Sephora purchase, I went to my Sephora inside of JCPenney. I love going to the Sephora in JCP; they have a ton of stuff on sale (and super sale!) that they don't have at the big Sephora or even online. All of the best deals I've gotten on high end makeup has come from my Sephora inside JCP.
 This time, I was able to get two Deborah Lippmann polishes for $4 each. $4 each! These polishes are normally $15-$20! The green one on the left is Shake Your Money Maker and the blue one on the right is Va Va Voom. Va Va Voom is such a gorgeous color, and I thought Shake Your Money Maker would be fun to wear around the holidays. Granted, these are last year's colors, but still. $4 each.
Again, left is Shake Your Money Maker and right is Va Va Voom. These are super glittery, jelly polishes so they're not totally opaque on their own, but I think they would would fab over a solid base color.
And I was shocked to find a bunch of the Sephora + Pantone Universe line on sale! They had this lip balm, the matte lipstick, the brush kit, the nail polish kit, the eyeshadow palette, and even the cheek palette all on sale for half off! I wanted to get the eyeshadow palette, but the two they had looked like they had been opened and used and since I'm a huge germaphobe...that's not cool.
But this looked safe and clean and new! And pretty! I went with the lip balm over the matte lipstick since it was a dollar cheaper and I thought a balm would be more wearable. This is definitely a color outside my comfort zone, though it is super pretty!
You can see how sheer it is, so it's super wearable. Unfortunately, even though my lip balm was new and unused, it had some issues with it (it smelled kind of funky and the lipstick bullet kept trying to fall out of the container, making it difficult to apply) and I sadly ended up returning it. When I went back, pretty much everything from the Sephora + Pantone Universe collection had sold except for a couple of the matte lipsticks and the used eyeshadow palettes.

While I was at my mall, I also hit up Ulta (which is technically across the street but it's like in the same complex) and the MAC counter at Macy's!

I had a couple coupons I wanted to use, so at Ulta I picked up some interesting things!
This is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge! I didn't have a coupon for this, but I've heard this is the closest dupe to the Beautyblender on the market right now so I wanted to give it a try! I love my Beautyblender and have no idea how I lived so long without it in my life, but it is kind of ridiculous to spend $20 on a makeup sponge every three-four months, so if this turns out to be just as good, I will definitely be purchasing it again ($6 is much easier to part with).
This is a 10-count box of 2Chic Avocado and Olive Oil Touch-Up Hair Towelettes by Giovanni! This is both a product and a brand I've never used before, but I was so impressed by the sample I had received that I wanted to get a whole box! Plus I had a $1.00 off coupon from that sample so that helped. These are kind of expensive at $6ish for a box of ten, but these towelettes are so easy to throw in your purse and use in hair emergencies and it really does work! I used my sample at work one day when I decided to wear my hair down and it nixed all my frizz and tamed my hair. My co-worker also used it (you can either rub the towelette on your hair directly, or you can rub it with your hands and use your hands, which is what we did) and she said her hands and hair smelt amazing for the rest of the day. This was a favorite product of mine for the month of May!
 And then kind of randomly I got this Covergirl lipstick in Bombshell Explosion! I had a coupon for $1.50 any Covergirl lip product, and I thought this color was ridiculous, so I got it!
Seriously I have no idea when I am going to wear this, but since I got it for $1.50 off, if I never wear it it won't be a big loss. I'm actually trying to push myself out of my lip color comfort zone; I tend to go for really pinky peachy natural looking colors because I think they're pretty, but I'm starting to think I look better in more dramatic colors, especially since I tend to have very natural looking eyes. I might go crazy one day and decide to rock this color!

Over the last year or so, I've been slowly and steadily increasing my MAC collection. I'm not a MAC fanatic, but I do really like their limited edition collections, especially when they have special edition packaging, since they feel like collectors items and I like collecting things! So, when I saw the Alluring Aquatic collection and the amazing packaging it had, I knew I had to get some things from it!
And I did! Look at how gorgeous even the boxes are! That metallic aqua is so pretty! I got two items:

I was able to get an Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Lorelei, which is the color I wanted! This is my first Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, and I have to say, I'm impressed! The depth of color you get is stunning! And seriously, this packaging is amazing. I'm sure you're seen/read a ton of reviews on this collection, but the fact that MAC went that extra mile by adding on the 3D water droplets really makes this collection special.
I can't get over how pretty this is! I was really surprised the MAC counter in my Macy's still had this color in stock since I thought this would be the most popular, but they had only sold out of two other ones (I can't remember which, sadly).
This picture really doesn't do this shadow justice, but you get an idea of just how much is going on with this shadow! Again, I am so, so happy I was able to get this!
And then, on somewhat of an impulse, I also got a Lipglass in the color Water Deities. I definitely don't need anymore lip products, but again the packaging sucked me in (though the water droplets on the Lipglasses are a little less pronounced, it still has an interesting texture).
As I said before, I find myself really attracted to these pinky peachy kind of colors, and this has a beautiful metallic finish to it as well. Totally worth it.

I also got some things at Target! One time while I was at checkout, the lady in front of me got a ton of those printed store coupons that she didn't want so she gave them to me and they had some nice deals! I had one for $3 off a $15+ clothing purchase and $4 off a $20+ beauty purchase! I also had a $1.00 off coupon for any Pantene product that I wanted to use as well. Just because. Coupons are addicting!
This was part of my $15 clothing purchase! This is one of those all over print Disney pullovers; Bambi themed! Normally, I think these are kind of tacky, but I like that only the front has the characters and everything else is just background print. Also it was $6 on sale. I did get a $10 dress as well (to reach the $15), but it didn't fit so I ended up returning it.

For my Pantene product, I went with the Ultimate 10 BB Cream.
Uh, for some reason, I can't find the photo I took of it so I got this one from the internet. I just Googled this product and grabbed the first image that looked nice, so I do apologize if this is yours and I claim no ownership to it whatsoever. When I was little, Pantene was my "luxury" brand but it never really did anything for my hair. I've heard that it's actually not good for you hair, with all the waxes and silicons and whatnot in it.
I don't really have high hopes for this product, but it was the only thing that sounded interesting and I wanted to use my coupon. Time will tell if this is any good or not. If not, I'll just give it to my mom or something.

For my beauty purchases, I got some boring stuff like sunscreen and lotion that I won't bore you guys with here, but I did get a couple products on clearance from Covergirl!
This is the Covergirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in some kind of cherry-themed color. They don't put the name on the actual product, just the packaging, which is stupid since I threw that away. It's apparently number 217, if that helps. This was on sale for half off! I don't normally use Covergirl products, which is funny since I got another Covergirl lip product in this haul as well. Weird!
...There was no way for me to get this swatch to not look weird and disgusting. I'm holding my hand in a funny way so it doesn't look like I have a thumb so I thought that I could crop it to just the swatch but now my skin looks dewy and just...ugh. Anyways, that's the color! I like that it's sheer, though I haven't tried it on my lips yet.

Because I like buying things on sale, I also picked up a couple of the Hunger Games Glosstini nail polishes by Covergirl!
This is Scalding Emerald; it's very dark and it's hard to see the green, but it's there, along with a ton of shimmer!
And this is Flamed Out, It's just a bright glittery orange and I thought it would be great to have for the Fall.
Here they are swatched! They're at a weird angle since this is actually a swatch for a different color. I apparently forgot to take a picture of these two... Flamed Out is the orange on the top and Scalding Emerald is on the bottom.

I made a few additional trips to Target where I got a couple other things!

I've heard a lot about the Wet Brush on Youtube and was pleasantly surprised to find that Target carried them. They have had them before; I don't usually hang out in the hair product section but they had a big endcap with these mini Wet Brushes and the full sized ones. I wanted to try this brush out, but I was skeptical since using a brush with curly hair is generally a big "do not do". I got a small one since I wasn't ready to drop the $9 for the full size, but after trying this little guy out, I might just go back and get it! It's amazingly flexible and gentle; I can see why this would be good to use with wet hair. It feels really nice on my scalp, too. Definitely impressed!

I was on a bit of a beauty "quest" for this next item! It's available pretty much everywhere now, but at the time I couldn't find it anywhere, so when I spotted it at Target I was estatic.
This is the Miss Manga mascara in Blackest Black by L'Oreal! It also comes in regular black and brownish black; I wish I had grabbed the brownish black one since I think that color looks better with my coloring, but I was just so excited that I finally found this product that I didn't even think when I grabbed it. I'm not even sure I'm going to use it! I just thought the idea was so hilarious...this is really more of a collectors item for me.

Finally, I got a great deal on an OPI nail polish mini set from Marshalls.
I tend to walk through Marshalls to get inside my local mall, and as I was doing so, I spotted a special "mani needs" display. They had a ton of these sets on sale, along with a bunch of Sephora by OPI polishes. I'm really surprised at how quickly the Brazil collection from OPI went on sale; first the regular polishes were buy one get one free at Sally Beauty Supply, then I found this four piece Liquid Sand mini set on sale for $6 (about half off)! Not that I'm complaining; it's a great, summery collection!
Liquid Sands aren't my favorite textured polishes (that award goes to Zoya's Magical Pixie Dusts because shiny!) but I'm a big fan of any type of special finish and the colors, especially Samba-by Loves Purple (the purple on the left) and I'm Brazil Nuts Over You (the pink second from the left). Very happy to get this set on sale!

And that's it for this haul! I'm really excited about this products (then again, when am I not excited about my hauls?) and look forward to giving them all a try!

Thanks for reading! <3

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