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June 2014 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag! - Unbagging and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having an excellent day (or night or whenever, I don't discriminate based on time)! I have a good amount of posting I need to do, so let's get to it!

This post is all about the June 2014 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag! This is a newer subscription service (though you can buy the bags individually without having to subscribe; right now there's no real benefit to subscribing besides guaranteeing you'll get a bag, but I might actually sign up since I really like this mystery bag!) from Rainbow Honey, an indie nail polish company that's branching out into other cosmetics. You can get the mini size (like mine) for $10 a month plus about $4 shipping, or you can opt for the full size for $25 plus shipping (which I think is $4, too, but I'm not sure). I believe both bags have the same items, you just get the full sizes in the $25 bag.
It comes packaged so cute!
Since you get this bag in a bubble mailer, in a tissue package, in another bubble sleeve, everything is well packed and arrives safe and sound.
Every month you get a handy info booklet!
All the fronts look the same (except for the month)...
And all the backs look the same; it has a bit more info about Rainbow Honey and how you connect with them through various social media.
But the inside changes and gives you more detailed info about the products! Since most of the items in this bag are unreleased and brand new, there's not really any information about them on Rainbow Honey's website. This month I got three mini nail polishes, three products, and a little packet of extras!
I'll start with the extras! They came in this mini white envelope that was sealed with a silver heart.
We got some more mini orangewood sticks, which is awesome, and a baggie with some turquoise, lime green, and white nail art pearl halves (I don't know what the official name of these things are, or even if there is one).

Now for the nail polish! As I said, I got three mini 5ml bottles of nail polish. This month, they were all pink themed!
This is Pikake! Pikake is Hawaiian for both "peacock" and "jasmine". This is a glitter top coat with white, pink, dark pink, and yellow-orange pieces of glitter (in various sizes), little iridescent glitter circles, and fine pink glitter. I just want to type glitter again. Glitter. Okay now I'm done.

This is Ichigo! Ichigo is Japanese for strawberry, and this is definitely a strawberry colored polish! It's like a strawberry red jelly polish with subtle flakes of iridescent glitter. When it's on your nails, the flakes are barely perceptible, but they give a nice dimension to the color.

And this is Rose Macaron! This is my favorite from this month; it's a creamy pink polish filled with pink and gold glitter. This is very similar to the Petit Four polish from last month, which makes me think this is going to be part of the same dessert themed collection.
Here they are swatched! Left to right is Pikake, Ichigo, and Rose Macaron. These are two coats each and they are still a little wet because I was impatient.

This is a new product (I think); this is an exfoliating sugar soap in the scent Tea Biscuit. It has the same flower shape as the Shea butter soap from last month, so I think this is just the mold they use for mini soaps. It doesn't show up well in the picture, but there's a ton of orange glitter in this soap. The info card says you can use this for your hands or feet, and my feet could definitely use some TLC.
This is a scented cuticle balm in the same scent as the soap, Tea Biscuit! It smells like cookies. It's pretty awesome. I have a cuticle balm from Rainbow Honey (the Vanilla herb in mini size) and it's great for throwing in your purse and using on the go. It's easy to apply and it absorbs quickly. Did I mention it smells like cookies? Because it does. I'm not sure, but I think this might be the full size of this item; it's a lot bigger than my other cuticle balm and it's the same size as a normal chapstick. I like how the packaging for this is round while the packaging for the lip balms is oval so if you're digging around in your bag for one or the other it's easy to tell the difference.
Finally, we got another rollerball in a potential new perfume! This is Nucifera (which is latin for "nut-bearing" and is part of the scientific names of both the coconut and lotus) and according to the info card, it's supposed to be "reminiscent of the tropics and sitting on the beach". It's a very interesting scent, and in a good way! There's both a fruitiness to this scent, and then there's a watery kind of muskiness. It really does remind me of a beach, but not in a sunscreen-smell kind of way. I smells like a great unisex fragrance, too!

And that's my June 2014 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag! This is my third bag and I'm loving it! For $14ish after shipping, you get a lot of unique products to try out. If you're into nail polish, I would highly recommend looking in to getting this bag!

Thanks for reading! <3

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