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June 2014 Julep Maven Box - Classic With A Twist Plus Add-Ons! - Unboxing And Review!

Hello! I can't believe it's June already! It's been kind of a crummy weekend weather-wise, but it's nice to finally have a summery mindset. I'm also pretty pumped since my wedding anniversary is in June; tomorrow (6/2) in fact! It's been two great years already and I looked forward to many more! I like exclamation points, apparently. I think I've even mentioned this before, but it's so hard to convey emotions through text so I tend to use excessive punctuation.

For this post, I want to show you guys my June 2914 Julep Maven box! I went with the Classic With A Twist box this month and, if you added on three products, you got a free special surprise gift. So...I added on three products!
A box full of fun!
Starting this month, Julep revamped their Maven program. I'm not 100% on the details for new Mavens, but I believe it's now $25 a month (you can pay $40, I think, for the next tier up) and the box is completely customizable. You can switch out products that you don't want for others of a similar value (you can switch out for more expensive products in the second tier), which is nice, but I prefer the old way; $20 a box and you pick which style profile you want. Since I've been a Maven for a while, I can continue with the "old" Maven program. I can change to the new version, but I don't think I can go back to the old, then.

The theme for this months collection is Three Wishes! So it's MAGIC! I really like this collection; I love polishes with shiny and unique finishes and this collection is chock full of them. I also got a coupon for a free polish with any $15 purchase, so that's cool. With the change in the Maven program, I believe Julep is also changing their rewards program; I got an e-mail saying that, instead of earning 1000 Jules (their reward points), you'll get a $15 store credit for every person you refer. Not sure how I feel about that; I like the idea of reward points, but maybe having a store credit will be more versatile (you can only use Jules with Maven boxes; I think you can use the store credit on whatever).
Along with the new polish colors, Julep released a new base coat and top coat. They're supposed to offer the same benefits as the Oxygen Nail Treatment (which I have and is great to use when you don't want to polish your nails but you still want them to look nice. It makes them shiny and healthy looking), but you can use them with polishes. The one downside to using the original Oxygen Nail Treatment is that you can't wear polish with it, so I'm glad I can now get the same benefits with my polishes! Also the quote of the month is fitting per usual.
The special extra gift this month is PixyStix! Or, Children's Cocaine. I don't think there is a child anywhere who doesn't like PixyStix, and it's fun to get some since it's not something you really think about picking up as an adult. Also it goes with the magic theme! Very cute.

As the title says, I went with the Classic With A Twist box this month. I originally was going to go with the Bombshell box because I liked the purple polishes it had, but then I figured I already have a ton of purple nail polishes and it was likely I had something similar, so I went with a box I thought I'd get more use out of.
This is Ariana. Julep describes it as an "enchanted berry iridescent chrome" and it's rather pretty! I'd call it more of a shimmer than a chrome; chromes don't really have obvious glitter specks (they look smooth, like chrome), but it's still a great color.
This is Bergen, a "hazy blue-grey shimmer". I have a few polishes similar to this, but they're either more blue or more grey. I think the polish I have that's most similar to this one if Fina by Julep, and I'm not even sure they still sell it. I've been into these kind of "moody" colors and I think it will feel refreshing to wear in the middle of summer after I get burnt out from all the neons.
This is the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. This was the product that was included in all the boxes (except for It Girl). Basically, this is a base coat that gives you all the benefits of the Oxygen Nail Treatment. It leaves your nails with a milky white, sheer wash and it's supposed to smooth out imperfections. I've only used it once so far, and it seems to perform as a pretty standard base coat. My nails are a little damaged from peeling (...I have a bad habit of picking my polish off at work when I get bored) and you can still see some spots that are damaged near the tips, but it's not too bad.

And then I added on stuff! To get more stuff! Things! Yes!
This is Harlow, a "golden dragonfly iridescent chrome". I almost went with the Boho Glam box for this color alone, but I didn't think I could rock the other red/copper color. I would again call this more of a shimmer than a chrome, but that's just me. But this color. It's so much prettier in real life than I could ever show here. There's so much dimension to it; it's not exactly a duo chrome, but it kind of is. It's like a greenish gold that flashes with green glitter; "golden dragonfly" is a very good way to describe this color. When I went shopping today, three people complimented me on my nail polish, so that's exciting!
I also added on the Oxygen Performance Top Coat. This was the product I was most interested in trying. I really like the Freedom Polymer Top Coat from Julep and I was hoping this would be similar. I ended up paying $10 for this as an add-on, and I'm kind of on the fence about it. I have it on now (over Harlow, over the Oxygen Base Coat) and it's held up quite well, but I'm not sure yet if it's performing any better than, say, my Zoya or OPI base/top coats. Only time will tell! It also apparently has platinum in it, which is cool.
And then I got Kayla! I was soooo happy they had this available for an add-on (and only for $5! Which I didn't even have to pay for because I had just enough Jules to get it for free!) since I regretted not getting it when it came out with the Vivids collection. Julep describes this as an "electric iris sheer with violet sheen" and the reason why I didn't get it when it first came out was that I was worried that it was going to be too sheer. But it's not. And it's gorgeous. And this is the next color I'm going to paint my nails after I get bored of Harlow. And it's just...I can't even express how much I love this color.
Here they are swatched! Left to right: Ariana, Bergen, Harlow, and Kayla. You can see the shimmer/glitter particles in Ariana and Harlow really well here, which is why I really don't consider these as "chromes". Not that they're not gorgeous; I actually prefer this finish over a chrome one, but I don't think Julep's descriptions are 100% accurate.
This was my surprise free gift for adding on three products to my box. I was worried I was going to get something lame like an old product or dupes of polishes I already own (which is kind of my fault since I have a lot of Julep polishes...) but I was pleasantly surprised! With this free gift!
This is Marjorie, a "citrus orange frost". I tend to shy away from orange polishes because, well, orange isn't really my jam. But I actually really like this color! I think it's just bright enough to be on trend for summer, but it's not over-the-top, neon, in-your-face orange. I also really like the subtle shimmer it has. And the fact that I don't already own it.
And this is Veronica, a "modern mauve crème". This is definitely a more "traditional' polish color/finish (it's from the Classic With A Twist collection), but I think this will be a great color to wear in a more formal setting where my glitters may not be appropriate but where I still want to wear color. Again, this is a polish I didn't already own, and it's a newer one, so I'm glad to get it.
Here they are swatched; left is Marjorie and right is Veronica. Lovely.

And that's my June 2014 Julep Maven box! I'm very happy with this box; I love all the colors I got and I was really happy with my surprise gift! This is also one of the most expensive boxes I've gotten due to the add-ons, but I will use everything in it so I think it's totally worth it. I'm not sure how I feel about the changes to the Maven program, so I'm not too sure if I want to go recommending it if you haven't already signed up (if you signed up before the change, you can use the old system) right now. I'll have to wait and see what people think about it.

Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. Great swatches! I was looking for swatches of Harlow because I want to get it with the POLISHPERK code, and I'm going to, it looks so great :) thanks!