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Julep Memorial Day 2014 Mystery Box #4! - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you guys are having a good day! It's rainy and gloomy here (I think it was last weekend, too...) so I'm staying indoors and getting some blogging/vlogging done!

For this post, I'm going to show you guys what I got in my Julep Memorial Day 2014 Mystery Box #4! I kind of stopped getting Julep mystery boxes since I have so many Julep polishes and products and always get dupes and super old, ugly colors. Enough people complained and Julep seems to have stepped up the quality of their boxes, which is great. Unfortunately, you never really get as much as you think you will since, when Julep calculates the value of their mystery boxes, they use the full retail value of the products. Julep is one of those companies where you never, ever want to pay full price for anything since A. Mavens get 20% off everything in general and B. everything will go on sale eventually.

For Memorial Day, Julep offered...6 (actually, I just heard that there were 10...)? I think different mystery boxes, in their different price tiers! They also revealed one to two products included in each box, which was what got my attention and lead me to purchase one. #1 and #2 were $40ish and had $100+ "value", #3 and #4 were $25ish and had $60+ value (I think, I don't remember 100%), and #5 and #6 (and beyond!) were $10-$15 and were worth $30 (again, I'm only 95% sure about this). The two products that were revealed for box #4 were the Vanish cuticle softener and remover and the cuticle pusher, which are two products I don't have and wanted to try, and since the two products are worth about $22 on their own, I figured why not!
Check out this super, fancy box!
Seriously though, the box is actually really cool! doesn't look like much open, since everything is hiding in the worms! The box is super cute and sturdy and it even has a magnetic closure! I'm currently using it to store a bunch of my nail art supplies (including my Plie Wand! Yay for recycling!). I ended up getting the two non-mystery products and then five polishes.
I'll start with the things I knew about! This is the Julep Vanish Cuticle Softener and Remover! I didn't get a chance to try this out because I was too cheap to add it on to my box when it first came out, but I'm excited to try it now! I don't generally have an issue with my cuticles since I keep my hands pretty hydrated and my nails are in good health, but they do sometimes need a little maintenance.
And this is the cuticle pusher! I probably should have just taken a picture of the box since it's a little easier to see than when it's against my floor, but oh well! I have orangewood sticks, which is what I normally use for cuticle clean-up, but I thought this would be interesting to try since it's supposed to be German-crafted (yay Germans!), bacteria-resistant (yay resistance!) Teflon-coated stainless steel (that is a lot of material magic going on right there). It just feels a lot more high tech than wood!

Along with my two products, I got five nail polishes!
They're all fairly new, hence the boxes, except Barbara, which, even though the sticker says it's a 2013 polish, it's from 2012. I did end up with two duplicates, but I'm not too sad about it since, if I didn't already own the colors, I would have been more than happy to receive them since they're super pretty!

I'll start with my dupes!
This is Lois, a "dusty rose frost". This is such a gorgeous color and, like I said, if I didn't already have it, I would have been happy to get it!
And this is Tania, a "multdimensional mermaid teal glitter". Again, another beautiful color that I would love to have and conveniently already do! I've worn this a few times (not this particular one; I didn't even swatch these duplicates since I want to give them away) and when people see it, they think it's a pretty mermaid color, so the description is very apt!

For my three new colors, I got...
Ava, a "ballet slipper pink frost"...
Barbara, a "full coverage" purple glitter (it's not really full coverage, but there is a lot of glitter)...
and Fiore, an "Espresso brown crème".

Here they are swatched:
Left to right is Barbara, Fiore, and Ava! I have a few purple glitters similar to Barbara, but I don't really have any colors like Fiore or Ava (which I find surprising; shouldn't everyone have at least one ballet slipper pink in their collection?) so I was happy to get them. Since I got this box mostly for the cuticle products, I'm pretty pleased with what I got, even if I did get some duplicates. I was hoping for some more hand/nail care products since the theme of this box was "a healthy high five!", but since I already have a ton of Julep products, I would have gotten mostly duplicates anyways!

Thanks for reading! <3

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