Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Haul Time! - Sephora, Ulta, Target and More!

Hello! Be forewarned, this post is probably going to be really, really long. I have a lot of things to show and talk about; my desk area is getting cluttered and out of hand! No opening banter here, I want to get right to it! This is going to be a big collective haul over the last few weeks from the usual suspects: Sephora, Ulta, Target, MAC, and a few extras.

I'm going to start with my Sephora orders because I like starting with box shots!

Double box shot bonus time!
As you can see, I placed two Sephora orders. I know I say this almost every time, but I'm so happy I'm a VIB Rouge and get free shipping! I placed two different orders since there were some bonus items I wanted to get and you can only use one promo per order.

For my first order, I got some samples like usual, with another bonus one!
Nothing too special here, besides the fourth sample, which is some man perfume I think.

For my promo item, I got a Fresh lip sampler set! I also got an extra deluxe sample for being a VIB Rouge, which is awesome. I'm not a big fan of Fresh lip products, especially the tinted lip balms since they taste/smell weird (they're a natural product) and the colors are kind of off, but I do really like the lip scrub so why not?
The set came in it's own white envelope and the VIB Rouge extra sample was loose in the box. The extra was a deluxe lip balm sample in the color Rose, which is one I think I've used before.
The Fresh set came with a sugar lip polish, which I really like, an Advanced Therapy lip treatment which, while it still has a weird smell/taste, it's clear so there's no color to bother me, and a Sugar Shine lip treatment, a product I haven't tried before! I've only used it a few times, but so far I'm liking it.

In order to get the Fresh lip set, you had to spend $35. I have a lot of single eyeshadows and blushes now, so I thought I'd pick up a Z-Palette!
Sephora has it's own branded Z-Palette you can get online (not sure if it's in stores or not) and they have the small size and the large dome size. They're a little more expensive than other Z-Palettes, but it works out in the end since I didn't have to pay shipping on this and I would have if I ordered it direct from Z-Palette (I did end up ordering more metal stickers direct from them, but shipping on that was like $2, which I can deal with). I went with the large dome size since I have a lot of stuff I want to depot, including some mineral products, which are taller than regular shadows/blushes. The dome palette is a little deeper than the regular ones to accommodate the dome shapes! I also like that these palettes come with a metal spatula tool to help pry out shadows and some circle and square metal stickers. I find that the metal stickers work better than using magnets since the palette itself is magnetic and you can't get as tight of a fit when you use magnets (since it repeals in places).
Here's my palette filled! I depotted all of my Wet N' Wild shadows (except for the two five pan palettes I have since I don't like them and I'm just going to give them to my mom) and my MAC mineral eyeshadows (there's also a benefit Dandelion mini blush in the corner). ...as you can see, my Wet N' Wild shadows got a little beat up, but that's because I was lazy and didn't care too much about them. There are two methods you can use to depot your shadows/blushes/etc.; you can either just pry them out using the little metal spatula (which is what I did for my Wet N' Wild shadows) or you can use a heat source (Z-Palette suggests using a hair straightener, but I used a candle) to help melt the glue/plastic and you can then either try to pry it out or, like I did, use a blunt object to pop it out from the bottom (does that make sense? There are a lot of good tutorials on Youtube if you're interested in visuals). I used the candle method with my MAC shadows so they depotted perfectly, but, like I said, my Wet N' Wild shadows are easily and cheaply replaced so I just pried them out. I only broke two shadows, which is pretty neat! It's easy to fix if you do break one; just mix in some rubbing alcohol, mix it up, press it down, and let it dry.

Since the palette was only $28, I threw in some sale items to bring my order up to $35.
 I got more Sephora eyeshadows! For $5, I think these are totally worth it. This time I got Purple Rain and...
 Walking in the Sand!
Here they are swatched; it's a little hard to see Walking in the Sand since it's similar to my skin tone, but it has a ton of glitter in it and it's quite pretty! Purple Rain looks patchy in this picture, but I didn't use a primer and also I think that's my arm hair that's throwing it off...I definitely think it will look better on my lids.
I also got another three-pan palette for free since I bought two Sephora eyeshadows! Yay!

For my other Sephora order, I got three more samples...
I got another of the Nude eye cream because I like eye creams, I like Angel so I thought I'd try Alien, and I've never heard of Sunday Riley (is that even the name of the brand?) so I figured I'd give it a try. I was kind of sad I didn't get a fourth random sample; I have no clue what the criteria is to get another one, or even if there is one and that there's not just a person packing orders who can't count. I also got a 100-point bonus item!
I've never tried a tarte cheek stain before, so when I saw they were offering a mini of Flush for 100 points, I jumped on the chance. I really like cream/gel cheek products, though I didn't expect this to be so jelly-like! It's a lot more sheer than I expected, but that's good since it will make it more user friendly.

For the promo item, Sephora was offering a deluxe sample trio of some Buxom lip products! Because I need more lip products...
 These are supposed to be new, summery shades of three of Buxom's lip products, two of which are plumping.
This is Nicole, a Full-On Lip Polish. It's pretty shimmery and it's basically a plumping lip gloss.
 This is Sweet Thing, a Full-Bodied Lip Gloss; it's more similar to a NYX Butter Gloss than a true lip gloss with some plumping properties.
And this is Mistress, a Full-Bodied Lipstick! This is the product I was most interested in trying since I really liked the color and I believe it originally was an available in the lipstick sampler set (I'm not too knowledge about Buxom products so I'm not 100% sure).
Swatches! ...I'm not totally sure, but I think the top is Sweet Thing, the middle is Nicole, and the bottom (which I know for sure) is Mistress. I like getting minis of lip products since, like mascara, they tend to get germy faster than other products so it's better to replace them more frequently.

I only had to buy one item to reach the $35 mark to get the promo and that was the Murad Acne Cleaning Solution!
I got a sample of this product in my Murad trial size acne kit and I really, really liked it! Unfortunately, this is a fairly expensive product at $39 a bottle, but I figure if it works to keep my acne under control, it's worth it. I had good results initially, but it seems to have plateaued. I'm hoping that I'm still just going through the purging phase but if I don't start seeing some improvement again, I might end up returning this. Not sure!

...I also went to both the big Sephora and the Sephora in JCP. BUT, I didn't actually spend any money at either, so it's okay! At my big Sephora, I traded in my voucher from my Last Stash To Go kit and got...
A full size Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara! This is worth $22, so I "lost" $3, but I really did like this mascara the most. I had high hopes for the Blinc mascara since I love Too Faced's Lash Injection mascara so much but it didn't live up to my expectations. I thought the Better Than Sex mascara made my lashes both look and feel the best.
I also picked up another 100-point reward! This is a deluxe sized sample of the Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream. ...to be honest a lot of the appeal of this product comes from the fact that it's Japanese, but it really does make my hands feel soft and smooth. My only issue with it is that it smells exactly like Carmex due to the camphor in it (also camphor can be irritating if you have sensitive skin/allergies).

At the Sephora in JCP, I ended up returning my Venus Lip Balm from the Sephora + Pantone Universe collection since it kind of smelt funny and it wasn't very stable in the tube (when I used it it would smoosh against the tube and get everywhere and it just wasn't worth it). I ended up getting another Deborah Lippmann sale nail polish and then the rest of my return credit on a gift card.
I grabbed Boom Boom Pow this time since the packaging said it has real 24k gold in it. Considering how this was only $20 full price (and my other gold flake polish was originally $30 and only have 18k gold) I'm not sure how much 24k gold is in it. Probably not much. It's still a pretty gold glitter top coat and hey, it's a full size Deborah Lippmann nail polish for $5.

While I was at the mall, I also made a stop at the MAC counter in Macy's because I needed a lipstick from the Alluring Aquatic collection. Needed it. Just for the packaging.
And I got one! They were sold out of the color I originally wanted, but I think I ended up with one that's even better.
 I got Goddess of the Sea! It's a lot darker than what I normally go for, but I discovered that I actually look good in dark lip color! The lighter colors I've been getting always seem to look kind of off, so imagine how surprised I was that I ended up liking this so much. Also. Seriously. That packaging.

I also got some stuff from Ulta! I keep stopping in there hopping that they will A. get the Nicole by OPI Roughles in stock and B. get the Zoya Summer collection in and to hide my disappointment that they don't have either I hit up the sale section.
I got two of these Sally Hanson Insta Gel Strips sets for 90% off. I don't even have an LED/UV light to cure them (which I should probably invest in one of these days...) but I couldn't pass that deal up. I grabbed a cheetah one because I like cheetah print and I got the flower one because it was the only other pattern I could find on sale.
I also got this nail art set on sale for $1! I got it mostly for the fimo pieces; they're black circles with a skull and crossbones and black hearts with white bows and I'm probably just going to give the polish away. I tried it out and it looks like a sand textured black. Nothing too interesting.
 Ulta also had a lot of these NYX Love in Rio trios on sale for $3 each. I wasn't going to get one, but then this trio caught my eye! This was the only one in this color that I could find and I really liked how soft and gentle the shadows looked.
Very pretty and girlie!

Time for an abrupt jump! I got another $10 promo gift card from Kohl's, so I got some more clearance shirts. I got three this time since I needed to have a $10 minimum purchase to use my gift card.
I got a Cali-themed crop top...
a My Little Pony (old school style) baseball raglan...
And this totally random and lame workout shirt. It's so bad I thought it was kind of funny! Also it's pink.

Here's some random Target stuff! I don't have time for logical and well written transitions! I love going to Target and wandering around the beauty section looking for stuff on clearance.
 I got these two Maybelline Mega Plush mascaras on clearance for $3.14 each! One of them even had a $1.00 off sticker so I saved even more! These were on sale since they're colored; I got the navy and purple ones and there was also an emerald one. I've been using my black version and I really like the definition it gives me lashes.
This wasn't on sale, but I had a $1.00 off coupon for it and I've been meaning to give the Color Tattoos a try. I had a hard time choosing between Bad to the Bronze and Tough as Taupe, but taupe won in the end since I already have a couple bronzey shadows that I like more.
 Continuing with Maybelline, I also got a Color Show nail polish on sale for $2.00! This is Gilded Rose, and it looks very similar to a Formula X polish I've been lusting after.
 I also picked up two of these Sally Hanson Sugar Shimmer polishes on sale for $1.64 each. I got Mint Tint...
 and Work of Tart, which for some reason I just really hate the name of. These are sand textured polishes with just a hint of glitter in them. They've very pretty, though Work of Tart stained my fingertips when I removed it...
Here they are swatched; left to right is Work of Tart, Mint Tint, and Gilded Rose. Work of Tart is a little more saturated in real life, and you can't see the glitter well in this picture. They were so pretty in fact...
 That I went back and bought another! This is Berried Under and it's a pink with gold glitter.
Again, you can't really see the glitter in the picture, but it's there and it's very pretty! I also grabbed a few other Sally Hanson polishes that were on clearance...

These are Luster Shines and left to right is Lava, Firefly, and Scarab. There were a couple other shades, but I went with these three for now. ...I know I shouldn't but I might go back and grab the others. They are on clearance for...$2.30something I think, which is a steal since they're originally close to $8.
Here they are swatched in the same order as they are above; Firefly was kind of disappointing. It looks like it has a really pretty duochrome finish, but you don't really see it on your nail. I thought it would be similar to Julep's Harlow, but it's not (and I like Harlow better, too).

Here's a random pack of Pokemon cards I bought!
I mostly just wanted the coin and the promo Skiddo because I think Skiddo is cute. It's a goat!
Here's the rare and holo I got; not too bad. I don't really like these new pokemon cards; the artwork is kind of boring and generic. I want to keep collecting the Legendary Treasures set, but I can't find boosters of it anywhere anymore.

Continue with childish things, I also got two new Monster High dolls.
 These are from the new Freaky Fusion line (I think they go back in time and then when they try to come back something goes wrong and everyone fuses and I don't even know anymore). There's one more new character, Bonita Femur, but she was kind of boring (skeleton moth. Meh. Her hair is fierce, though). But seriously, how could I pass up a Harpy Centaur and a Ghost Mermaid? I couldn't. So I bought them. Awesome.

Finally, I got an e.l.f. brush at the dollar store.
There's a Dollar Tree near where I work and since it's been so nice out I've been making shopping excursions over my lunch. A Studio brush for $1 is a good deal (they're normally at least $3) and I like e.l.f. brushes so why not?

And....that's everything! Hmm, this feels shorter than I expected. I think it's because I stacked some photos (I had over 60 this time!). Hopefully it wasn't too boring! Now I can finally clean up my desk.

Thanks for reading! <3

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