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May 2014 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag! - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! ...I have so many posts to make I don't even... Why do I let things fall behind so bad? I used to really love blogging and couldn't wait to have more things to post! Now I feel like I avoid it most of the time... I think I just really like making videos more. Also it does take a long time to get photos and mine aren't even all that great.

But I do really appreciate you reading this! I like having both a written blog and a vlog since I can do different things with each; vlogs are good for being quick (...which I'm actually not. I tend to make long videos because I like being informative) and blogs are good for waxing poetically (which I'm sometimes not very good at either since I want to get posts up as quickly as possible to clear out space around my desk). Apparently, I'm not very good at this whole blogging thing!

For this post, I want to show you guys my May 2014 Mini Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey! This is my second Mystery Bag, and the first one that was truly a mystery. And it's awesome.
This plain white mailer holds some colorful surprises!
Rainbow Honey is an indie nail polish/cosmetic company and they make some pretty cool stuff! What I really like about Rainbow Honey is that they make a lot of "geek-culture" related products, such as Pokemon themed nail polish (yes forever). Not sure how long they've been offering them (I think it's actually been a while now), but they have monthly mystery bags that include new products! You can get the mini size for $10 plus about $4 for shipping, or you can get a full size for $25 plus shipping (which I assume is also $4 but I don't know for sure). I believe the only difference between the two is the size of the nail polish (the minis are 5ml and I think the full sizes are 15ml), so I personally think the $10 Mini is the better value of the two. You can subscribe to this bag, though there's not really an advantage to besides being first in line for the bag every month and not having to worry about having to go through the ordering process. For now, I'm going to remain unsubscribed and just purchase it every month, but it things change, this is definitely a service I'd be happy to subscribe to!

In the white mailer, everything comes all wrapped up in tissue paper with a big, colorful Rainbow Honey sticker!
And under the tissue is more bubblewrap! Everything arrived safe and sound, so I think the packaging Rainbow Honey uses is very effective.
In the bag, you get a little info booklet!
Inside it has information on all the products included in the mystery bag. As you can see, I got a bunch of stuff for only $10!
And then on the back there's some more information about Rainbow Honey and how to get in contact with them through social media.

I'll start with the nail polishes, since that's what Rainbow Honey is known for! Like the April bag, I got three mini polishes.
This is Neon Blossom!
Ignore the dry skin on my index finger; I did a lot of crocheting. This is a very bright glitter top coat; it has a bunch of white and lime green flecks with yellow and pink flowers and hearts and a ton of glitter!
This is Petit Four!
I don't know why this is so blurry. The other pictures turned out fine...

This is a super pretty, creamy yellow full of blue, pink, and red glitter/shapes. I love the effect this type of polish gives; one of my co-workers thought it was the cutest thing ever!

Finally, this is Waves!
This is a aqua-blue/teal green polish just packed with glitter. This is one of those polishes that is absolutely stunning and a nightmare to remove (except if I use my OPI Glitter Off base coat!).
And here they are swatched! Left to right is Waves, Petit Four, and Neon Blossom. There are three coats of Waves and Petit Four, and two coats of Neon Blossom. Very pretty, unique colors!

I also got some more skin/body care products!
This is a rollerball sample of the Summer Juice Eau de Parfum. This is a great blend of fruit and citrus and sugar; it smells very balanced and very bright and summery!
There was also a cute little flower-shaped shea butter soap in the same scent!
So adorable!
And we got another full sized lip balm! I love lip balms, especially these handmade, all natural ones. This is in the scent Queen Bee and it apparently smells like wax and honey. I haven't opened it yet since I do have quite a few other lip balms currently in use, but I'm excited to use it!

Finally, we got another little extra:
Cute little mystery pouch!
Full of mini orangewood sticks and two cosmetic applicators! I like the little orangewood sticks; they'll be quick handy!

And that's my May 2014 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag! For $10 ($14 after shipping), you get a lot of really cool stuff! If you do prefer full sizes, you can get the same stuff in full size for $25. I totally think this bag is worth it, and if you're interested in trying some indie nail polish, this is a great way to start! The bags go on sale on the 1st of the month and remain available until the end of the month or if they sell out, which ever comes first.

Thanks for reading! <3

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