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May 2014 Ipsy Bag - Unbagging and Review!

Hello! It's another gorgeous day out, though I've been inside all day... I really should go outside and go for a walk or something. Today is my husband's one day off (he's working six days a week now) and he wants to just laze about, so I might make a solo journey somewhere.

This post is all about my May 2014 Ipsy Bag! This month's bag was a little "meh"; I got some products I couldn't use/didn't like and there were a few others that I really wish I had gotten. I wish there was a better way to let Ipsy know what I like and don't like; not sure if their current system is all that effective.
Cute, pink bubble mailer! Always exciting to get. I really do take a new picture of it every month, even though I probably don't need to...
Quick info dump: Ipsy is a $10 a month subscription service where you get four or five different products every month to try. They can be a mix of full size and deluxe sample size products and there's also a good mix of high-end and drugstore brands. You also get a different makeup bag every month!

The theme this month is Fresh Picks; this is a pretty hair care and skin care heavy month, which is not a bad thing! I like trying different skin care products since investing in full sizes can be expensive and it can be tricky to figure out what works best for you.
I'm pretty sure this contest is on-going without a foreseeable end, but if you post a picture of your Ipsy bag and goodies through a social media site, you can win a free year of Ipsy!
To go with the "fresh" theme of the month, the bag is all organic and naturaly! It's made out of a canvas type of material with a cute green leaf design on one side. This bag is definitely one of my favorites so far. I got five products this month and I'll go through them in no real particular order (actually, this is the order they are in my Glam Room, so I guess there is a kind of logic to my madness) starting with...

An Eva-NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask! This is actually a full sized product; you can buy this size from the Eva-NYC website. Unfortunately, this hair mask has argan oil in it, so I likely won't be able to use it. I wish there was a way to tell Ipsy if you're allergic to something so they can avoid sending you products with it in. It would probably get complicated since people can be allergic to basically anything, but it would be nice to not get any argan products. I'm also not a big fan of hair masks, and I've let Ipsy know that through my reviews of past products, so I'm not sure why they sent me this when there were a bunch of other things I would have much preferred (like the frizz-fighting oil!). This tube is worth $12, so right there my bag is paid for!

Next is a Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo. These were especially made for Ipsy and you could get Duo #1, which is more warm-toned or Duo #2, which is more cool toned and what I got! I'm really glad I got Duo #2; I feel like warm colors are more flattering on me, but I have so many now that I kind of want to play with something different. Also the colors are called Moonbeam (the purple) and Unicorn (the white), which is pretty awesome.
 Uh, ignore my bumpy arm. I was taking pictures in front of our patio and the door was open so it was a little chilly! I thought the color payoff and texture of these shadows was pretty good, considering they're mineral eyeshadows, but I'm heard some people have been disappointed with them and thought they were chalky.

You can get these colors in the Mystical and Charmed palettes (there's one in each) and, going by the price per shadow in the palettes, this duo is worth about $4.85.

This next product is my favorite thing from this month's bag:
This is travel size canister of Avene Thermal Spa Water! I love these kind of thermal spa water sprays; I know it's kind of weird since it's just water, but it's very refreshing and the minerals are good for your skin. This is packaged at the source in a sterile environment according to the packaging, so that's cool. You can use spa water to sooth irritation, itching, redness, and sensitivity. In the info booklet, they even suggest using it for diaper rash, including a little illustration. Neat. The full size is 10.58oz for about $18, making this 1.76oz sample worth $3.

...and then this product was the most disappointing from this month's bag.
This is a rollerball deluxe sample of Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria Eau de Parfum. I really don't like getting fragrance samples in my subscription boxes (unless they're super unique like the Demeter scents or indie made stuff that I can't easy get elsewhere) since it's so easy to go to Macys or Sephora and get a ton for free. This EdP also suffers from what I like to call "fancy perfume syndrome"; there's so much going on that it smells very generic and like all the other fancy perfumes out there. I much prefer perfumes that are either unique or very "simple", with only one or two notes. The top notes are cherry blossom, mandarin, and bergamot, the mid notes are violet, pastel rose accord, and syringa, and the bottom notes are bamboo, sandalwood, and bare musk accord. It's nice, just boring. Based on the cost per ounce of the full sizes, this rollerball is worth about $2.22. At least it wasn't a big part of my bag's total value.

Finally, I got a product from a brand I've never heard of before: Jersey Shore Cosmetics!
When I saw the brand name on my info card, I kind of laughed about it, saying I wouldn't ever want anything from a brand called "Jersey Shore Cosmetics". So of course that's what I got in my bag. But this is actually a really great sunscreen! This is the Sans Tan Pure White Mineral Sunscreen (they say it's anti-aging, but that's a little redundant since it clearly says it's a sunscreen and 95% of the time that's what anti-aging means. Probably more so, actually). It's all natural and has non-nano, certified organic ingredients. It also has vitamin E for hydration and vitamin D3 since people who avoid sun exposure tend to be deficient. How cool is that? The full size is $40 for 2oz, so this 0.05oz sample is worth $10. I wish it was a little bigger since I don't think I'll get more than two uses out of this if I use it on my whole body, but I think I'll just use it for my face to make it last as long as possible.

Overall, I got five products: one was full sized and four were deluxe sample sized. I can't use one of them since it has argan oil in, but that's not a fault of the product so I don't hold it against it. I am really disappointed that I got a fragrance sample though, especially since there were a lot of other things I would have preferred getting. In my reviews, I let Ipsy know that I didn't like hair masks or fragrance sample, so hopefully I don't get more in the future. The total value of my May 2014 Ipsy Bag is $32.07, three times what I paid for it! I love Ipsy, even when it's pretty "meh", and I recommend giving it a try if you're looking for a monthly makeup thrill.

Thanks for reading! <3

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