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May 2014 Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! It's sunny and nice here and, after the mail comes (I'm expecting a big package. The tracking says it's almost 10lbs!) I'm going to go for a walk to the mall! Exciting!

This post is going to be about my May 2014 Mystery Beauty Box! Unfortunately, this was a pretty "meh" box this month; overall it wasn't too bad, but it does have the most disappointing product I've ever gotten from a Mystery Box.
I love surprises! Well, this kind of surprise, anyways.
Quick and dirty run down of what the Mystery Beauty Box is: it is a $24.95 a month subscription service (and that includes shipping) where you get a collection of mystery products that are valued at $100+ from,, and Ever since Target acquired, I've had to pay taxes so my box is closer to $27. You can also purchase a one-time only box for $34.95, but I would recommend just subscribing since it saves you $10 and it doesn't seem that hard to unsubscribe. I believe any purchase you make from,, or has free shipping if you're a member/subscriber and every order comes with two free samples. They can be anything, really, and I've gotten the lame foil packets up to actual travel/mini sizes of products.

I'm usually a big fan of this mystery box, especially since I really don't like Glossybox and this is what I subscribed to instead of it, but this month it seems like really dropped the ball. I got a very disappointing, completely unusable product, and now I hear that someone got the March 2014 box instead of the May one! And they've been unable to get in touch with customer service to rectify the issue. I've had good experiences with's customer service in the past, so I really hope they're able to get the right box, but if they're going to give her the runaround, I may just unsubscribe and look elsewhere for my "get surprises in the mail" fix.

You get at least two free samples with every order from (sometimes I get three and I have no idea why, but I'm certainly not complaining!)
I got another sample of Amlactin's body lotion with a $3 off coupon and a Mattifying Fluid sample from Avene. The funny thing is, I actually got a sample from this brand in my Ipsy bag this month as well!

Every month, has a special featured product that is picked by a guest curator and that they make a preview video about.
This month's featured curator is Ronda Wilkin, the CEO of the Beauty Bus Foundation. She chose the glominerals Blush Duo in the color Bare/Hibiscus. Also, for every ten Mystery Boxes sells, they'll donate one to Beauty Bus. So yay!
I should have included my hand or a quarter or something for a size comparison, but this was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, especially for a full sized product (which this is).
Everyone got the Bare/Hibiscus color, though this product does come in two other colors.
It is quite pretty, though I think it works best of people with more fair/light skintones. Not sure how effective it would be on tan people or people with darker skin.
Here they are swatched on my arm (please excuse the goosebumps; I had the patio open and it's still a little chilly out). I'm assuming the bottom color is Bare and the top color is Hibiscus. Very pigmented and they seem easy to work with, but again, I'm really surprised at how small it is and these colors really only work for people with lighter skintones. This product is worth $27.50, so right there is the whole cost of your box!

There are five more products in this month's box, though one of them is absolutely useless, so I only count four of them. Like always, I'll go in the order of the card because I need structure.

First up, we got another sample from Bioxidea!
Instead of a face mask, this time we got a Miracle 24 Hand Mask! I think this is pretty cool; I haven't seen too many hand masks and I am pretty abusive to my hands (I like to craft and bake) so I'm excited to give this a try! I really like the face mask we got from this brand, so I have high hopes for this hand mask. It has olive oil, peptides, rosemary, aloe vera, and lavender. You wear these glove-things for 15-30min and then you see optimum results about 4-5hours later. A full size is a 3-piece set for $58, so this one mask is worth $18.

Next is the most disappointing product I have ever received from a Mystery Box.
This is the Miracle Skin Transformer Broad Spectrum Face SPF 20 in Medium. I'm pretty sure I've used this product before (though I can't remember where I got it from) and I wasn't a big fan of it, but that's not why this is the most disappointing product ever.
Not sure how well you can see it in the photo, but this product expired two months ago. Normally, as long as a product smells/looks/feels the same, it's fine to use regardless of it's expiration date, but sunscreen is one of those things that you really need to replace. The SPF degrades overtime and there's no way to know how much, if any, protection you're getting. For a product specifically made for sun protection, if it's past it's expiration date, I consider it useless. I can't even give this away; it will just end up in the trash. Since this has absolutely no value to me or anyone else, I didn't even calculate what the value of this sample would be. I wasn't going to e-mail about this, but after reading some comments on my video, I think I will.

Next is another kind of "meh" product, but only because it's so similar to something we've gotten before.
This is the Pur-Lisse Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer. This is for normal to dry skin and it's good for sensitive skin and anti-aging.  Basically, this is exactly like the Pur-Lisse sunscreen we got a few boxes ago, but sans-sunscreen. It's a great product; I love using it, but it is kind of lame to get something so similar. Also, there were Pur-Lisse samples in the May 2014 Ipsy bag, though I'm not sure how big they were. This is the full size of this product and, like the other sunscreen we got, it's worth $55.

This next product is kind of interesting...

This is the Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil. This product is 100% Squalane, which is this compound made from sugar cane. It's a very unique type of product; I don't there's anything else on the market like it.
The side of the box has some more info about it! I have a sample of this from a Sephora sampler bag that I like to use on my cuticles. This product functions like any other beauty oil; you can use it on your face, your body, your hair, and your nails. Anywhere you need hydration, really. This is a very healthy sample size; I actually thought this was the full size when I first opened my bag, but it's not! The full size is 1fl oz for $38, so this 0.34floz sample is worth about $13 (I can't imagine ever going through this size, much less going through a whole ounce!).

Finally, we got a deluxe sample of the Laura Geller Beauty Cool Lids Cream Eyeshadow in the color Silver Sands.
Right now, you can get the same size and the same shade as a gift with purchase from Ulta (I think you have to spend $35 on Laura Geller products to get it). It's kind of lame that this is a GWP, though I do still count this toward my box's value since you have to spend money to get it, so it's technically not free. This is a cream eyeshadow which dries down to a smudge-free, wet look finish, so it's definitely appropriate for summer.
Here's a swatch! I do like that we got a silver color; even though warm colors look better on me than cool colors, I'm a little burnt out on gold/brown/cream. It's nice to get something new! This also has a nice, cooling sensation when you apply it to your lids, again, really nice for summer. The full size of this product is 0.26fl oz for $19, so this 0.17fl oz sample is worth $12.

Overall, we got six products in this month's box; two are full size, one is part of a 3-part set, two are very healthy sized deluxe samples, and one is completely useless and is in my trash. Adding up the value of all my products (and this doesn't include the Miracle Skin Transformer), this box is worth $125.50, so I'm definitely getting my money's worth. As I said though, seems to have really dropped the ball this month and I don't know if I can really continue to highly recommend giving this Mystery Box a try. I want to wait and see what next month is like; if it's another disappointment, I may consider moving on to a different subscription.

Thanks for reading! <3

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