Saturday, May 10, 2014

J-Fashion Haul! Angelic Pretty Mooks And More!

Hello! How are you guys doing? It's gorgeous and sunny right now, though it sounds like it's going to rain later, which is lame. I'm still waiting for spring/ just doesn't feel like we're there yet! I feel like we're going through Fall 2.0 and it's a real downer.

I have a lot of stuff to go through that's been sitting around my desk for a while now, so this is likely going to be a post-a-thon (unless my husband wakes up and we decide to go out and do something. This is pretty much his last weekend of freedom until he starts working his 6-day-a-week job and he wants to fully enjoy it). For this post, I'm going to show you guys my most recent J-Fashion haul; specifically, some Angelic Pretty mooks and fashion magazines I picked up!

No sexy box shot this time so I have nothing to entice you visually to click below, but I think I got some neat stuff, so you might think so, too!
 I'll start with the one item I didn't order directly from Japan. I actually included it in a haul video (for the haul I will likely post after this), but I think it fits in better here.
This is a little stuffed bear that comes with a pony tail holder for you (the "skirt" the bear is wearing) and the bear has a little matching one on its ear! These have been in my local import store for a while now and I've really wanted one, but they're $9, which was a little too rich for my blood. I finally caved in and got one and, admittedly, not sure it was worth it. It's still super cute, though!
There are four different colors you could get...
I thought the pink bear was cuter than the purple, but I liked the scrunchie the purple bear comes with better, so that was my deciding factor.
It also came with a little piece of candy! I like the cute instruction illustrations. I wouldn't buy another at $9, but maybe if it was around $6 (which it probably is in Japan, maybe even less).

Now on to what I got direct from Japan! I really like ordering magazines direct from Japan since the only surcharge I have to pay is shipping (which is ridiculous and does add a lot but it's the cheapest way to get these magazine except maybe getting them on sale at a Kinokuniya. I mostly just get fashion magazines, but on my last trip to Seattle, and thus my last trip to a Kinokuniya, I discovered that getting magazines for children is a really great way to work on my reading skills!

For this order, I didn't go too crazy, but there was one item I really, really wanted to get...
And it's this! This is the Angelic Pretty Spring/Summer 2014 mook. Last time, the mook came with a Sugary Carnival print tote in black and I was really impressed with the quality, especially for something was only about $25-$30 after shipping. This time, Angelic Pretty included a bag in the Day Dream Carnival in dark blue! I love Day Dream Carnival (thought I think I like Crystal Dream Carnival more. Because unicorns.)and I'm pretty sure this is the only way I'd be able to get my hands on it.
It's so pretty! I love the way Angelic Pretty centered the print; it looks very complete and purposeful (if...that makes sense). I was a little disappointed since I don't think this bag is of the same quality as the Sugary Carnvial one (also I just realized that Angelic Pretty seems to really love the word "Carnival"), but I am really happy to have it, and I do think it was worth the $25-$30 (with shipping, it's like $15-$20 on its own) I paid.

Continuing with the theme of "Angelic Pretty mooks that have items in prints that I love and will likely never get in dress form", I also got this umbrella mook!
I opened it before this picture and didn't feel like fighting with it to get it back together, but the umbrella was displayed in the clear part. I love the Cinema Doll print; it's a more "mature", elegant print. It also has cats. It's even in lavender, my favorite color this spring!
Here's the back of the box, showing off a Cinema Doll coordinate and the full print of the umbrella. This mook also came with a very, very thin little photo book, but all the photos in it are in the Spring/Summer 2014 mook so I didn't take a picture of it.
And here's the umbrella all folded up next to it's carrying case! I like how this is a travel-sized umbrella and that it folds up so neatly! My only issue with it is that, since it does fold up, the handle is a little shorter than normal and the umbrella itself is a little flimsy feeling, at least compared to my big Victoria's Secret umbrella that I normally use (which is super sturdy but it's also huge and kind of annoying to carry).
Look how pretty it is! The print looks gorgeous, and it's a little larger than it is on the dress (at least I think it is. I've never seen the dress in real life so I'm not 100% sure) so you can really see and appreciate all the little details! I'm a little afraid to actually use it since I don't want it to get damaged, but what's the point of having something so pretty if you don't show it off?

I also got two magazines since, if you play the "how much does my package weigh" game correctly, you can save a little on shipping (it is a complicated and mostly frustrating game).
I got the 51st issue of the Gothic and Lolita Bible because, if I can't actually own it, it's nice to look at all the new lolita collections and...
the May issue of egg! I really like egg; it's my favorite gyaru-themed magazine! It has a lot of fun photoshoots and there's an amusing section called "animal talk" (which includes adorable little drawings of people in sexy situations; it's really funny).

And that's my J-Fashion haul! Very short and seriously lacking in actual clothing, but I'm really excited about getting both the Day Dream Carnival tote and the Cinema Doll umbrella!

Thanks for reading! <3

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