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Ciaté Mini Mani Month - All Polish Colors Swatched And Reviewed!

Hello! Hope you all had a great week! It was nice and sunny all week and very warm, which is fantastic! It's finally summer. Finally.

I wanted to take a more in depth look at the Ciaté Mini Mani Month holiday Advent calendar that I got on super mega ultra sale at the Sephora in JCPenney! You may or may not be able to still find this at your Sephora in JCP, but I believe most, if not all, of the polishes and glitter/bead/sequins toppers are still available in full size (everything in the calendar is mini size, but when you get eighteen polishes and six toppers all at once, you really don't need full sizes. I don't have a corresponding video for this post, so this one is super secret blog only!
Look familiar?
Quick recap time! This set of eighteen mini nail polishes and six mini bottles of toppers originally retailed for $58. I got mine for $17 because sales.
This was released during the 2013 holiday season and, as you can see, it's an advent calendar with a new polish/topper every single day! (If you don't know what an Advent calendar is, you poke open a door every day to count down until Christmas and there's a little gift behind it. I usually get ones that are filled with chocolates. They're also getting oddly kind of hard to find. My mom gets them from Aldis now since they're a German chain and I think Advent calendars are a German thing. Also I am approximately 3/4th+ German which is why my family does them in the first place). You also get an instruction booklet with some neat nail art ideas and a teeny black funnel to help you put the caviar beads on.
They do spoil what colors you get on the back, but you don't know what you'll get on which day, so there's still a surprise! (Advent calendars should always be a surprise.) I'm very, very happy I was able to snag this set, especially for such a good price! I only have a couple other Ciaté polishes (...all of which I also got on sale. I don't think I've ever paid full price for a Ciaté polish/set) but overall I'm pleased with them; I think the formula is good and they last a long time on my nails.

I'll show you each of the colors in this set, in the order they are in the little doors (so I'm not going to go in numerical order, but left to right, up to down), as well as swatches on my nail wheels!
First up is Ivory Queen! This is a gorgeous polish; it's a pale, warm pinky beige with gold glitter throughout.
This is Snow Globe; it's a very sheer , translucent polish with a ton of glitter and medium sized chunk of holographic cellophane. I think this polish is very appropriately named!
This is Tweed And Tails. It looks a little weird on the bottom since this was right out of the box and it need a little remixing. It's all better now! When I first saw this color I thought it was pretty ugly; it's like a khaki-olive green, but it's starting to grow on me. I might wear this when fall rolls around again.
This is Play Date! (I'm so happy I named these the polish colors when I was saving the pictures...) This is a bright pinky-red color! It looks a little more pink in the picture, but I think it's more on the red side in real life. A very fun and wearable red!
Here is the first row swatched! Left to right is Snow Globe, Ivory Queen (At first I was going to take the polishes out in numerical order, Snow Globe is under #1, but I decided it would be easy to go by rows), Tweed And Tails, and Play Date.

Next row! Again, I'm going left to right, top to bottom, so I'm starting at #10 this time.
This is Pillow Fight; this is another stunning color! It's a dusty grey-purple (it's a little greyer in real life than in the picture). I love this color of purple for pretty much anything.
And now we have our first topper bottle! These are caviar metallic pearls in silver. Honestly, I could have done without these toppers and would have preferred six more bottles of polish. I'm not very good at using these (...I never have used any, actually) and I've heard they can be tricky. At least Ciaté was kind enough to include the mini funnel.
This is Hoopla! It's a pretty standard, yellow-based pink, but it's nice that this set includes a little bit of everything (not everyone is as into glitter polish as I am).
And this is Chinchilla! It's a very lovely greyish blue; another standout in this set. I actually already have a mini of this polish (it was in the feather mani set), but I like the color so much I'm more than happy to have two.
Here are the swatches for this row: left to right is Pillow Fight, Hoopla, and Chinchilla. Very lovely cream polishes.

Next row down! Starting from #2...
This is Boudoir, a classic, sexy red.
This is Members Only. This is kind of like the cool-toned version of Ivory Queen; it's a cooler pinky beige base with pink/silver glitter.
This is Sugar Plum! It's a less dusty, less grey version of Pillow Fight. I love these types of lilac colors as well.
And this is Starlet! This is another color that caught my eye in this set; I do have a color very similar to it (Blakely by Julep), but I seem to be drawn to duo chromes. This is a forest green with a purple shift; I think they describe it as an oil slick kind of color.
Swatches! Left to right we have Boudoir, Members Only, Sugar Plum, and Starlet (sadly you can't see the beautiful color shifts it goes through as you move).

Now I'll move on to the top of the other side; starting at #3...
This is Amazing Gracie; this is the most sheer polish in this set and it's a very pale pink.
This is Hopscotch. This is another polish that's not really my cup of tea, but I am glad Ciaté included it in this set since it is nice to have such a large variety of polishes. This is a bright orange, though it shows up a little more muted in the picture than it is in real life.
This is Encore! (the exclamation point is a part of the name!). This is a standard brick red color.
And this is Candy Floss! This a very cool-toned, bubble gum pink.
More swatches! This is probably my least favorite row (after the all topper row...), though I do really like Candy Floss. Left to right: Amazing Gracie, Hopscotch, Encore!, and Candy Floss.

And now for the all topper row! If you were going in numerical order, I think these would be more spread out, but it is kind of odd Ciaté put four toppers in a row and then put the other two in random places.
These are caviar pearls in Metallic Gold (that's how it was written on the back on the bottle. Not sure why it's different from the silver ones). Again, not sure if I'll even ever use these, but even for a mini size, you get a ton of beads, so that's nice.
These are caviar pearls in Midnight in Manhattan. I really like the colors of these pearls; there are black and silver pearls with iridescent blue and purple ones mixed throughout.
These are caviar pearls in Cupid's Arrow. These are also quite pretty; they're a mix of purples and pinks in varying tones.
And this is a bottle of glitter in Twinkle Toes. I made a mistake of opening this when I was messing around with this set. That was a terrible idea; there is still glitter all over my carpet. But I do really like just looking at this bottle because seriously. Look at how shiny it is. Shiny!

No swatches for this row! I thought about trying out some nail art on a nail wheel, but I decided it would be better if I didn't waste them since I have no idea what I'm doing.

Final row! Starting from #7...
This is Main Stage. This is another (surprise) purple that I love; it's very similar to the color of the year, Radiant Orchid. Gorgeous!
This is the final topper in this set; Dallas Dolly sequins. These aren't really sequins; they're more like big flat glitter pieces with smaller pieces of bar glitter. The reds and golds remind me of Autumn; it would be fun to do an Autumn-themed look during, well, Autumn!
This is Pepperminty. I love mint greens, and this one is no exception. It leans more on the blue side, which is what I prefer with my mint greens (so closer to Tiffany blue than a true mint. Also I got glitter everywhere from that bottle...). Very pretty!
Finally, this is Fit For A Queen. This is a super shiny, glittery pure silver. I do have a few polishes similar to this, but I have similar colors because I love polishes like this so much.
Final swatches: left to right is Main Stage, Pepperminty, and Fit For A Queen (which for some reason likes to photograph blurry).

And that's everything included in the Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent calendar! A lot of these colors are quite pretty, though not really unique. Then again, I have a ton of polish already, so it's getting harder and harder to find unique colors. I think this is a great set, and while I'm not sure if I would have paid $58 for it, it is more than worth the $17 I paid. If you can find this for sale at Sephora in JCPenney, I would recommend grabbing it!

Thanks for reading! <3

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