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April 2014 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag - Opening and Review!

Hello! Do you ever go on beauty "quests"? Where you hear of an item that you really, really want but you can't find it anywhere? And the more you can't find it, the more you think you need it? That's how I feel right now about the Nicole by OPI Roughles nail polishes. I got the blue one, called "On What Grounds" in my ipsy bag and ended up really liking it. I saw a few Youtube videos of people who bought all four and have concluded that I need them.

And I can't find them anywhere. It is so frustrating. I could buy them online, but I don't want to if I don't have to (I don't want to pay for shipping and/or feel obligated to buy more things to save).

Is it jarring that I start most of my posts with a completely unrelated story? I never know a good way to open the floor for discussion, so to speak, and since I don't really do "life update" posts, there's not really another place for me to talk about things with you guys. Maybe I should do life posts, actually. Not sure; I still haven't really figured out what the true goal of this blog is. Right now, it's a place where I can talk more in-depth about things I make videos about, or post things I don't think warrant videos of their own.

This is a new Mystery bag for me, though I have bought products from Rainbow Honey before. I'm pretty excited about this, and I want to show you guys how awesome it is!
White bubble mailer of mystery!
Okay, I did actually know what was going to be in this bag when I bought it. I got it near the very end of April, after I saw a video on Youtube of someone doing an unboxing. And I knew I needed it! Luckily, since Rainbow Honey was featured in the April 2014 ipsy bag, there was a code (ipsy25) to get 25% off your order! There are two different sizes of Mystery bags you can get; the full size is $25 and the mini is $10. To the best of my knowledge, you get the same things in both, you just get the full sized products in the $25 one. I am more than okay getting mini sizes, so I went with the $10 bag. After using my 25% off code and adding on the $4ish in shipping, I paid about $12 for this bag. And it's totally worth it, even without the 25%! You can subscribe to this Mystery bag and receive it monthly, or you just buy individual bags. I bought the May 2014 bag as well (and I was even able to use the 25% off code again), though I'm still on the fence about subscribing. I love this bag and I definitely want to get it every month, but there's no advantage to subscribing besides guaranteeing you get the bag every month and not having to go through the ordering process, which is not a big deal.

Inside the white bubble mailer, you get a cute little tissue paper covered package! I love the sticker; it's so vibrant! One thing I really like about Rainbow Honey as a brand is that they make very unique colors and they like to theme them off "geek culture" things like superheroes and Pokemon! Yay!
Inside the tissue paper, everything comes well wrapped and protected in a little bubble wrap bag. Everything arrived intact and perfect.
You also get a card that details the items included in your bag.
For $10, you get a lot! I feel like you definitely get your moneys worth, even after paying shipping!
This is the back, thanking you for your purchase and encouraging you to get in contact with Rainbow Honey through social media. Neat!

Now on to the goodies!
This is the item I was least excited about, but only because I generally don't like rose scents (I actually hate how real roses smell and can't be in the same room with them without feeling stuffed up and lightheaded. ...I wonder if I'm allergic...). This is a little rollerball of Rose Nectar perfume. I was surprised to find that I didn't hate this scent; it's pretty strong and there is a roseiness to it, but the honey/melon/fruity notes make it very palatable. Unfortunately, my husband wasn't a big fan of it, and since he's the only person besides myself who's opinion really matters to me about how I smell (I mean, besides if I stank or something), I ended up giving it to his mom, who really liked it.
I also got a full-sized lip balm in the same Rose Nectar scent! It has a lot of good-for-your-lips ingredients, and I think it's vegan as well (no beeswax or another animal products). The rose scent is a bit more subtle and the honey/melon notes are stronger; to me, it kind of smells like really floral lychee berries.
Rainbow Honey also include a mini of their new cosmetic pigments! I'm not totally sure what these are intended to be used for (since "cosmetic pigment" is an incredibly vague term), but it's super pretty and I'm excited to get creative with it!
It's a shimmery blue/green called Sparkling Agave, and it matches a polish Rainbow Honey makes with the same name. It's pretty sheer, but it's super-duper glittery!

And now for what Rainbow Honey is known for! Nail polish! In this mystery bag, I got two polishes and a base coat.

This is "All Your Base", which is a hilarious and nostalgic internet reference. I like trying out different base and top coats, but I do have a lot already, so I'm happy to get this in a mini size.
This is Cameo 18, a super bright neon pink and one of Rainbow Honey's newest colors! In the Mystery bags, you get to see some new colors before they get released!
And this is Stellar Treat, a glittery, pinky top coat. It has little star-shaped glitter pieces!
This is Stellar Treat and Cameo 18 swatched. I didn't swatch All Your Base since I don't think that would do any good. I love the formula of Stellar Treat; it was really easy to get the glitter pieces to stay where I wanted them. Cameo 18 was good, but a little on the thick side. This is two coats of each.

There were also a few fun extras in the Mystery bag!
There was a little bag of gold nail studs...
And some cosmetic applicators to help you use the pigment right away! Very cute and thoughtful!

And that's the April 2014 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag! For about $14 (the bag is $10 plus shipping; I got mine for about $12 since I had a coupon), you get a lot of neat stuff! I think this bag is totally worth it, especially since I'm a big fan of Rainbow Honey! If you're interested in trying out some cute and quirky cosmetics and nail polish, check this bag out! You can buy each month's Mystery bag individually, or you can subscribe to receive it monthly. You can also get a version where everything is full-sized for $25.

Thanks for reading! <3

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