Sunday, May 25, 2014

A More In-Depth Look At Some Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Palettes!

Hello! It's been such a great last couple days! It's been warm and sunny and it smells wonderful outside with all the trees in's been a long, cold, wet winter and it's nice to finally feel like it's summer. I thought it would be fun to do a really quick and dirty review of the randomly large amount of Wet N' Wild eyeshadow palettes I picked up.

I really wanted to give the Wet N' Wild eyeshadow palettes a try since I've heard nothing but good things about them on Youtube; that they're really good quality and really inexpensive and all that. Unfortunately, the only place I could find near me that carried Wet N' Wild was Walgreens, and since the closest one to me is not really within busing or walking distance, I had to pester my husband to drive me there. I ended up buying one eight-pan palette, two five-pan palettes, and four three-pan palettes. Normally, I'm not one to buy a whole bunch of similar products from the same line, even if they are cheap, but since I didn't know when I'd be able to get back to Walgreens, and because they are so cheap, I bought most of them (at least, the ones they had at my Walgreens. I think there are a few more out there).

Overall, I'm not really impressed to the point where I would say you have to go out and buy them right now, but I don't think they are bad, especially for the price. I much prefer my other eyeshadow palettes, but then again, I don't have anything drugstore to compare them to. Some palettes/colors are better than others, and I think the common "drugstore mattes tend to not be very good" sentiment applies here.
I'll start with my eight-pan palette: Comfort Zone.
 Yay for being able to reuse photos! I picked up this palette since it had a lot of colors I didn't already have in my collection, specifically the greens. I also liked that they had a bunch of different looks you could try on the back; it reminded me of a really simple version of a Too Faced Glamour Guide. This is probably my favorite palette I got; all the colors are very pretty and they blend very well. This palette is also all shimmer, which I think contributes to my good impression of it.
Here they are swatched on my arm! I went from top to bottom, left to right, starting on the bottom of my arm (if that makes sense; I think the colors correspond well with how they look in the palette so it's easy to visually figure out which is which). I think this is a very versatile palette, especially since you get a good selection of neutrals on one side and some colors you can play with on the other (and get a green smokey eye!). My favorite color in the palette is the bottom right (the very top color swatch on my arm); it's like a deep, dark brown with a blue color shift to it. It's very unique and this is a palette I would definitely recommend.

The two five-pan palettes I got ended up being the most disappointing (they also had the largest amount of matte shades). I had heard that other people disliked the five-pan palettes as well, so I feel confident saying you should skip these and stick to the eight- and three-pan palettes.
This is Art In The Streets, and it is colorful! I picked up this palette since these are colors I don't really have (my collection of neutral shadows, however, is getting excessive). This palette is also entirely matte.
Again, here they are swatched on my arm. Starting at the orange color (as far as I know, the colors in these palettes don't have individual names), I went clockwise, ending with the yellow. I was pretty disappointed in this palette; I really wanted these colors to be vibrant and strong, but they didn't have a lot of pigmentation (especially the purple and the yellow), and they were chalky and didn't blend well. I think if I really want bright, strong, highly pigmented matte shadows I have to stick with higher-end products, like Urban Decay.

The other five-pan palette I have, Floral Values, was the most disappointing out of all the Wet N' Wild palettes I got. I actually purchased this at a different Walgreens (we went out to eat one night and there was a Walgreens right next to the restaurant) so I don't have a picture of the palette itself, but I do have swatches of it.
 Obviously, this is a very purple-heavy palette, and since I've been so into purple this spring/summer, I wanted to try some different shades of purple eyeshadow. There are five colors, it's just that one of them (on the very bottom) was really poorly pigmented and very similar to my skin tone, so you can't really see it. The colors look really pretty and interesting in the pan, but they have the same problems the shadows have in the Art In The Street palette. At least two of these shadows are matte (the light one you can't see and the purple at the very top) which I think contributes to my poor opinion of this palette. I definitely think you should for your purple eyeshadow fix elsewhere.

Now on to the four three-pan palettes I got! All of the shadows in these palettes are shimmer/glitters, so they overall performed pretty well, especially for the price.
I'll start with Walking On Eggshells since it's the most boring (at least in terms of colors) and the one I've heard the most about. This is a very good, simple neutral palette and I think all three colors work well both together and individually (I like one-shadow looks every now and then).
Since the colors are pretty close to my skin tone (especially the bottom one) they're a little hard to see, but I thought they had decent pigmentation and texture and they would really great as blending colors.

I'll keep going in the order of "less boring colors" and talk about the Sweet As Candy three-pan palette next.
This palette is very, very similar to Walking On Eggshells, to the point where I'd say you'd only need one of the two to feel complete.I grabbed both because I really liked the pink shade in this palette. Like Walking On Eggshells, this is a very easy to use and easy to wear palette and if you only bought one eyeshadow palette, you could do a lot worse than this one.
I feel like this palette is a little cooler, a little more frosty than Walking On Eggshells, but that's really the only difference. Like Walking On Eggshells, these shadows have decent pigmentation and they blended quite well.

Moving towards more color, next is Silent Treatment.
Again, this palette is more on the cool-tone side. The pink and the silvery taupe are both very beautiful colors!
Yeah, if nothing else, I'd say buy this palette for the taupe color alone. These are less than $4, so it's worth it, even if you never use the other two colors.

Finally, I have the I'm Getting Sunburned palette!
Pink! Gold! SHINY! I got this palette because I loved the combo of the gold and pink colors. I also think the brown was a great addition since it would work as a great crease color for both.
This was the first swatch I did and I didn't really think before doing it, so it ended up being upside down so I could get the swatches to match up to the palette. This is a fun palette if you want to play with a little more color than Walking On Eggshells or Sweet As Candy, but still want to be more work appropriate. These are the most glittery colors I got, and I think they're pretty good! They didn't have a lot of fallout (at least on my arm) and they felt similar in texture to the other shimmery shadows.

And those are all the palettes I have! Like I said, overall I wasn't absolutely floored by these, but I think I had really high expectations based on everything I heard about them. If I hadn't heard much and just bought these on a whim, I probably would have been way more impressed since I would have started with lower expectations. I do think the eight-pan and three-pan palettes are definitely worth the money, and if you're looking to buy drugstore makeup, these are a great choice both value-wise and quality-wise. You can do a lot worse for a lot more money. On the other hand, if you already have a ton of eyeshadow that you love, or you're a die-hard MAC/Too Faced/Urban Decay/etc. fanatic, I don't think these are "must have" products.

Thanks for reading! <3

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