Thursday, April 3, 2014

Super Duper Belated Valentine's Day Post! Also Some Random Things I Baked!

Hello! So...I know Valentine's Day was almost two months ago now (time goes way too fast sometimes!) but I realized I never showed you guys what my husband got me! I was going to make a short little post about it, but one of the gifts he got me was delayed in shipping due to the ridiculous amounts of snowstorms we had. By the time it got here, I had already moved on to other posts and didn't think it would be worth going back and actually making a Valentine's Day post.

Why am I doing it now? I was going through the pictures I have on stand-by for my blog and saw the ones of the things my husband got me, which rekindled my desire to tell you guys about them. And if that isn't the most convoluted line of reasoning ever about whether or not to make a blog post, I don't know what is!

Click below if you want to see what I got! Also, I'm including some random tasty things I baked since I don't really know where else to put them...
I'm going to keep this short and sweet since this is basically old news now and I'm not even sure if anyone cares anymore (though I suppose you do since you clicked the Read More hyperlink, and for that I thank you!).

I told my husband he had to get me one "traditional" Valentine's Day gift because I like adhering to stereotypes. It could be either flowers or a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and my husband opted for the chocolates:
I'm one of those people who prefer dorky things over sappy, mushy ones, so this little box is perfect! Though that "dinosaur" looks more like a dragon to me (I got my husband one with a dog on it. I wanted to get him a Ninja Turtle one but they only came in Leonardo and his favorite is Donatello).

He also got me a pack of Pokemon cards!
These are from the X&Y series and it's nice to get some more metal energy.

He also got me the best coffee mug ever (well, not ever, but it is still amazing and I love it):
On one side is a cute pink kitty...
And on the other it says I'm purrfect! This mug is from Target; for Valentine's Day this year they had a dog/cat/bird kind of theme and, since I love cats, I needed this mug. My husband said he had a hard time finding it; it wasn't in stock at our Target and I think he ended up having to get it from the Target near where he works.

And finally, the piece de resistance and what we were waiting for in the mail...
The Shizue (Isabelle) Nendo! My husband and I collect a lot of figures and I personally love Nendos; I think they're so cute and petite, but still really detailed and fun to pose. I only had two, Haru-Chan and Ironman (my husband has a couple as well), and now I have Shizue! She's from the game Animal Crossing, which I was really obsessed about for a while. I was even going to cosplay as her at PAX last year but ran out of time... She's super cute and I wanted her really badly and now I have her and yay! My husband also had a really cute way of giving her to me; he wrote a letter pretending to be her and inside put a drawing of a leaf. In the game, you can send items to people in letters and they appear as leaves in your inventory until you drop them in the world. He told me to drop the leaf, then gave me Shizue! Very cute and unique!

I didn't get this for Valentine's Day, but I picked it up on sale the day after so I figured it would fit with the theme of this post.
I love tea and I've heard really good things about Harney & Sons, but I've never tried it since it always seemed a little expensive to me. I picked up this tin of Valentine's Blend on sale for $4.50 from Barnes and Noble and it's so tasty! It's a black tea with chocolate and vanilla flavors with rosebuds! I normally really hate anything to do with roses, but I find eating them/drinking them in teas to be quite pleasant. I love this tea, and I especially love the really luxe packaging of the reusable tin and fancy teabags (they're like a silky mesh in the shape of pyramids). When I run low on tea, I'm going to definitely splurge and try another blend from this brand.

And now for no reason, things I baked!
These are dark chocolate cherry almond cookies I made for Valentine's Day! I really liked them and all my co-workers said they were good, but my poor husband doesn't like cherry so he wasn't too big a fan of these guys...

But he does like cinnamon bread!
I really like baking bread; I find it relaxing. I have a really good recipe that's basically foolproof and I like to add cinnamon and brown sugar and make cinnamon swirl bread! The only problem is that my swirls tend to be structurally unsound so while it still tastes delicious, it can sometimes look a little collapsed on the inside. I think next time I make cinnamon bread, I'm just going to make cinnamon rolls instead since it's the same thing, just cut differently.

And that's my totally random, horribly out-of-date, Valentine's Day post!

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. What's the measurement of that cup from target please ???

  2. What's the measurement of that cup from target please ???

  3. I just need to know the measurement of the beautiful cup from target that one says your purfect please