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March 2014 Julep Maven - Boho Glam Plus Add-On - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Uh, so, yeah. Wow. It's been a while. I always forget if Blogger uses the date you started a post or the date you finished a post (I think it's the latter), but I'm definitely writing a post about my March 2014 Julep Maven box in April. After I've already gotten my April box. I don't know why I've been avoiding blogging, I really do like it! I mean, I like making videos more, but I still think it's fun.

I have a lot of posts I'm going to try and power through (I also want to make a few videos today as well, not to mention the fact that I have a ton of crocheting to do for the Artist Alley at the convention that starts tomorrow. What have I gotten myself into?!
Hopefully this will be as interesting and as informative as any of my other posts (...which I hope are, in fact, interesting and informative).
For March 2014, Julep released the "Riviera Collection"; a collection of very spring-y themed colors as well as some lip glosses and lip treatment goods! I love spring colors, so I was very excited about this collection. I knew immediately what box I was going to go with the second I saw the swatches on the blog, and what do you know? It ended up being the Boho Glam box! As you may or may not, when I took Julep's style quiz many moons ago, it pegged me as a Boho Glam girl. Honestly, that's probably different now (I have my suspicions that I am a Bombshell gal), but in the end it's kind of a moot point since you can just pick whatever box you want anyways. Julep was also nice enough to let us pick what color of gloss we wanted, regardless of what box we picked (before, the gloss color was tied to the box so it was tricky picking which one you wanted; did you pick based on the polish colors or the gloss color?). I was sad that Julep didn't include the new lip treatment goods, a scrub and a balm, in any of the polish boxes, especially since I have waaaaay too many glosses the way it is and really didn't need another one.

It seems like Julep is also making more in-depth info cards now; instead of just being one piece of cardstock, they fold open and have more info inside. Here you can see the whole collection on the front.
And this is the info inside! This month it talked about the new scrub and balm, which, once again, I'm sad they didn't include in the polish boxes. I know you can add them on, but I feel like they were a little pricey, especially since I wasn't sure what kind of quality they would be (though I do like the potted lip scrub Julep came out with in the Jazz collection).
Annnd the back showing off the new lip gloss shades! I believe you could pick any of the five new colors and one of them, Fearless if I remember right, actually sold out.

Like every month, Julep included a little extra surprise! We've gotten things ranging from nail care goods like files to different kinds of candy (though mostly candy), with my favorite being the flower bobby pins we got in the Jazz collection boxes (which I think was last May). This month, we got candy!
Unfortunately, I don't like cotton candy flavored things (but I like cotton candy, go figure), but it's still nice to get a sweet treat.
They also provide the ingredients list and allergy information, which I think they have to do for legal reasons. Still nice to get, though.

Again like every month, there's also a special inspiration quote!
...except that this isn't a quote. Though it is inspirational, so I'll let it slide.

Finally we get to the actual goodies in my box! As I said, I went with the Boho Glam box and I added on an extra polish, so I got three this month:
In the Boho Glam box you got:
Elisa, which Julep describes as a "soft wisteria shimmer", and...
Harriet, which is a "guava coral crème". The moment I saw these colors, I knew I needed them. I've been suuuuper into purple this spring, especially pastel lavender/lilac colors and Elisa was just so pretty I couldn't pass it up! I've also been into coral colors, especially for my cheeks and lips, and Harriet seemed like the perfect coral-but-not-too-coral color. I also added-on one of the special extra (meaning not included in any box) colors, Tania, a "multdimensional mermaid teal glitter":
which is very aptly named since the first thing my co-worker said about it was that it reminded her of a mermaid! It's a very pretty top coat and I'm glad I got it.

Here they are swatched!

You also got to pick a lip gloss shade for your box; I went with "Enchanted", a "sheer watermelon" since I was on a very coral kick.
And here's a swatch on my hand:
I'm sorry it's so veiny and happens because I have to lean on my arm to take pictures. Overall, Julep lip glosses are okay; they're nothing special, but they're not bad, either. They pretty comparable to my other mid-end lip glosses and now I have a coral one, I suppose.

So that's my Julep Maven box for March 2014! Overall I'm very happy with this box; I think I picked the best colors in the bunch (which is definitely a very personal opinion) and the formals of both the polishes and lip gloss are up to par. The only really disappointing thing about this month's box is that I wasn't able to get the special Pantone color-of-the-year polish, Rae. Not only do I love being trendy and a sheeple, I really, really dig purples right now and Radiant Orchid (the color of the year) is so pretty! I really, really hope Julep brings it back in stock (it is currently out) so I can possibly get it with the free polish I should be getting soon (right? After my April box? I think that's my third...)!

Thanks for reading! <3

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