Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 2014 Ipsy Bag - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Once again, I am posting about a March subscription box in least this time my April Ipsy bag hasn't come yet (though I wish it had; I get very excited)! I'm trying to clear out my work space since I have so much still to do to get ready for the convention this weekend; especially since, for some reason, I decided it would be a great idea to try and sell things at it...
Pink bubble mailer! I actually find these kind of amusing; we get the Uline catalog at work (Uline is like a business supply company, especially when it comes to shipping/storage products) and every time I see these in there it makes me giggle. Weird, I know.
For those of you who don't know, Ipsy is a $10 a month subscription service where you get about five different beauty-related products tucked inside a (generally) cute make-up bag! I used to think that you always got five different products, but this month we only got four. Some people on Youtube seemed surprised like me, but others seemed to take it as being normal so I don't know (I haven't been subscribed for too long). I think Ipsy is an excellent subscription service; I always get more than I pay for and it's fun getting a surprise every month.

Ipsy doesn't really have an info card per se; they do have these little cards that talk about the month's theme and have a cute graphic (this month it's Destination Beauty and the island is shaped like an eyeshadow compact!).
On the back, instead of any info about the products you receive, they list the brands you could get products from that month as well as the contest they have where you can win a free year of Ipsy. I think they do this since everyone gets different products and making a card for every combination would probably be a nightmare, though I have noticed that people seem to get certain "sets" or "versions" of the bag; there are different items, but they seem to go together in specific groups, if that makes sense. There's always a good mix of drugstore and high-end brands, as well as very familiar brands and brands you may have never heard of.

The bag this month is extra special since it's based an the work of a known artist! Apparently, it's supposed to represent the city of San Francisco, which is neat! I really just like the bold colors and shapes; they look kind of like candy to me.

The first product I'll talk about is the one that didn't actually fit in the bag (which happens every now and then).
This is a travel-size of Pacifica body butter in Indian Coconut Nectar. It has shea butter, almond oil, and safflower oil and it's paraben-free! I go through hand lotion like crazy so I'm always happy to get another tube. I love the sweet, coconut smell (it has kind of a Play-Doish undertone, but in a good way!) and think it's a perfect way to start off spring/summer. The full size is 8fl oz and sells for $15, making this 2.5fl oz travel size worth $4.70.

Next, I got a sample-sized Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in the color Get Ready.
I don't have a picture of it, but it also came attached to a little card that had a special offer where you can get a free mascara sample and free shipping on your next bareMinerals order. This creamy lipstick has minerals (obviously), abyssinian oil, and omega fatty acids. The color is described as a "warm, rosy pink" and it really is quite pretty:
I like how this lipsticks feels and looks on my lips and, while this is a pretty tiny sample, I have so many other lip products that I don't mind (and I doubt I'll even go through this size!). The full size is .12oz for $18, so this .05oz sample is worth $7.50.

I was pretty excited about this next product! This is a Roughles (pronounced "ruffles") by Nicole by OPI nail polish in the color On What Grounds.

This is a special texture polish (which I love) in a gorgeous turquoise color (which I also love!). The texture is very similar to Julep's Sea Salt; it's bumpy and matte, but it has no shimmer unlike Zoya's Pixie Dusts or OPI's Liquid Sand. It also has specks of dark brown and blue, which adds another interesting dimension. I'm just so happy to get this! This is the full size and it is worth about $7 (it can vary, depending on where you buy it).

Finally, I got a Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad in Bora Bora.
I hadn't heard of the brand Be A Bombshell before I started watching Ipsy unbagging videos on Youtube, and I never owned any products from them until I started getting Ipsy myself! I think Be A Bombshell is a good brand, but I'm not so sure they're worth the prices they charge. That being said, I really dig this eyeshadow quad!
On the back of the box it lists the colors, which can be kind of hard to interpret if you're terrible at spacial relations (like I can be). The dark brown shade is Starlet, the blue is Bora Bora, the gold is Risky Business, and the orangey-red is Rock Bottom (I think). I wish they had this diagram on the back of the compact itself since I'm probably going to throw this box away and then will likely forget the names of the colors. All four colors are shimmery and the quality feels really nice! They're smooth and buttery, they apply nicely, and they're highly pigmented.
Here they are swatched on my arm, in the same color order as the back of the box. I like how they included two easy to wear neutrals (the brown and the gold) and two fun colors (the blue and the orange). I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with this quad and mixing it with my other shadows. As I said, this is a full sized eyeshadow quad and it's worth $16. Which is $6 more than what I paid for the bag itself, which is awesome.

Overall, I got four products this month, two full size and two deluxe/travel sized. I am disappointed that I didn't get five products (though it seems like no one else did, so I suppose that's how things go) but the value of my bag far exceeded what I paid for it and I'm very happy with all four of my products this month! The total value of this month's bag was $35.20!

I continue to love Ipsy and I highly, highly recommend that you sign up for it, too, if you're interested in beauty subscription services.

Thanks for reading! <3

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