Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lolita And J-Fashion Haul!

Hello! ...I have so many posts to do and so little time to do them in! This weekend was Anime Detour and my very first Artist Alley table. It went very well (despite the fact that I got violently ill Saturday night and was convinced I was going to die) and I had a ton of fun; I'm for sure going to do it again next year (though I'm going to be much more prepared and I also hopefully won't almost die again).

I have so much stuff building up around my desk that I really, really need to get posts up, so I'm trying to break them down into more manageable chunks (you know, instead of one gigantic haul that's way too long to read). For this post, I'm going to focus on my recent Lolita and J-Fashion purchases!
I'll start with my magazines. Generally, I like to get the Gothic & Lolita Bible, KERA, Zipper, and egg. I think they're the most interesting and informative. I also really like Nail MAX but I don't get it often since it drives up my shipping costs. That's kind of the big downside to getting Japanese magazines; they're really cheap, normally under $5, but shipping can be brutal. In my most recent order, my total is $50, but shipping cost $30. And that's not even GOOD shipping, that's for slow, may take over a month to get to you shipping. However, unless you actually live in Japan, purchasing magazines online and having them shipped overseas is the cheapest way to get them since you're only paying retail price and shipping. Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore that has locations in the U.S. is the second cheapest since they don't add on too much extra beyond retail and shipping. I've seen places charge upwards of $40-$50 for Japanese magazines and that's just ridiculous.

For this round of magazine, I picked up two GLB's, a KERA, a Zipper, and an egg!
GLB's come out quarterly and I fell a little behind! I think this came out right after our trip to Seattle, which sucks since I could have picked it up at the Kinokuniya if it had come out sooner!
I also got the special 50th issue! This one was exciting to get, not only because it is the 50th issue, but you also got a lolita-theme day planner with it!
When this first came out, it sold out pretty quickly and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it again. Lucky for me, I checked the site again and it was in stock! I didn't want it to slip through my fingers again, so I purchased it right away.
For some reason, Japanese magazines come out really early; I bought the March issue of KERA way back in February, and I think they were just about to release the April issue. Not sure why they do this, but it seems to be pretty common. I really like KERA since it focuses on a bunch of alt-fashions and not just lolita, like GLB does.
Zipper is also a magazine I like to pick up because it focuses on a bunch of different fashions, though the ones in Zipper are more mainstream. It's kind of like the Japanese version of the magazine Nylon, minus all the cultural stuff. If that makes sense. Also, there is an actual Japanese version of Nylon so the comparison isn't perfect. Regardless, I love this magazine, especially since it was where one of my favorite mangas ever was first printed (Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa). This is the March issue as well, and it came with a couple extras; some cute branded wrapping paper and a little extra magazine that has a bunch of recipes for Valentine's Day presents!
Very, very cute! And useful! Well, once I get around to translating it...

Finally, I also got an issue of egg.
egg, like the GLBs, focuses on one type of J-fashion, in this case Gyaru. Gyaru is basically "dress like a rich white girl", though one of my favorite brands of clothing, Liz Lisa, is considered Gyaru and it's more "soft and cute" and less "spoiled brat". There are different kinds of Gyarus, but it's basically about dressing cute/sexy with big hair, ornate makeup, and looking fabulous. Also, it's one of my more "racy" magazines; there's lots of sexual innuendo and there's even a section called "Animal Talk" where girls write in about their sexy experiences.

Along with my magazines, I ordered some super cute earmuffs from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright! These are more of a novelty item and are less expensive than actual BTSSB earmuffs you'd buy from their store. I was a little disappointed in the quality of them, but they were only about $20 and they're cute, so I'm pretty happy!
They came in a really big box! Unfortunately, even though the box was huge, it was still a little snug so the earmuffs came a bit bent out of shape.
This is the back of the box; the teddy bear is one of BTSSB's mascots, Kuma Kumya (their most well known being Usakumya, the weird bear/bunny thing). This was called an "e-mook", which usually means a special magazine-book hybrid that comes with an extra, but this just came with the earmuffs.
And here they are in all their glory! They're very soft and warm, though a little uncomfortable since they are bent out of shape. You can kind of see how they don't line up perfectly.
Seriously, how cute is that? I'm really happy I was able to get these (I was so upset when I missed out on getting the blanket...) and I can't wait to make an outfit with them.

I also got some more lolita shoes! I have two pairs, but they're a little on the childish side, so I wanted to pick up some more versatile ones. I think the best way to describe my style is "classic-sweet"; I love the elegance of classic lolita but I also love the colors of sweet. Normally I'm not too big a fan of Bodyline (though they do have some cute, inexpensive things!), but I really like their shoes. They're cute and cheap and you can get them shipped for a flat fee of $10, which is awesome.
I got a pair of light pink flats with bows since a lot of my wardrobe goes well with pink and I like the comfort of flats.
I also got a pair of off white heels with a ton of bows, for when I'm feeling fancy! I also think the white compliments my wardrobe well and is an easy color to coordinate with. If you look at a lot of street snaps of lolita outfits, a lot of people wear white shoes and they generally match with whatever dress/skirt they're wearing (exceptions being if you were wearing all black or something).

Unfortunately, one of the issues you come across when ordering from Bodyline is that your items don't always get to you in perfect condition. Both pairs of shoes shipped in boxes, and the pink pair were perfect, but the off-white pair suffered a little in shipping.
Not sure how well it shows up in photos, but a few places on the white shoes got stained red by the box they were shipped in (Bodyline's colors are red and yellow so the shoe boxes are a deep red color).
I tried to clean it off as best I could, and I did get most of it, but if you look close you can still see faint red spots. It's a little frustrating, but that's the risk you run when you purchase (relatively) inexpensive lolita shoes.
The bows on the white shoes also seemed to have suffered a few scrapes, which is unfortunate since I think it's a bit more noticeable than the red marks. Overall though, I am still happy with my order and I would highly recommend purchasing shoes from Bodyline!

And that's that for this Lolita and J-fashion haul!

Thanks for reading! <3

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