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April 2014 Julep Maven Box - Classic With a Twist Plus an Add-On! - Unboxing and Review

Hello! I'm catching up on my blog posts! I'm getting this one up before the window opens to select polish colors for May 2014, so that's pretty neat. I'm kind of excited for the May 2014 box; I believe that's when Julep is going to release the new Plie nail polish wand. I didn't contribute to the Kickstarter (I think it was on a different fund-raising site, like Crowdfund, but I can't remember) so I'm not guaranteed to get it, but if it isn't too expensive I might pick it up to give it a try.

For April 2014, Julep released the Vivid collection along with two blush colors and two new bronzers! I ended up going with the Classic With a Twist box; it came with two polishes and a blush and I added on a third polish. I almost wish I had gone with the Bombshell box instead, but that's my own fault.

Let's see what I got!
Box shot!
As I said, this month Julep released the Vivid collection. As the name implies, all the polish colors are super bright and almost neon.
The quote this month is, appropriately enough, from Cyndi Lauper and I also got a special 30% off code for my next Julep order (I think only Mavens can use it, but if you want to try it's PERK30).
I think Julep is going to make all their info cards open up like this now; this is the third one in a row that's been this way (before, it was just one flat card like in my other subscription boxes). In addition to the polishes this month, Julep released two blush colors, Peach Bellini and Petal Pink, which you got to pick one for your box (unless you got It Girl, which is all polish. I'm not sure if you got to pick your colors for the Modern Beauty box, which had the blush and bronzer). Julep also released two bronzer colors, Light Golden Bronze and Medium Tan, though the only standard box that got the bronzer was Modern Beauty. I think in my video I mistakenly said there was only one new bronzer, but on the site it says there are the two.
On the back of the card it talks about the Julep blush brush and bronzer brush. I actually need to get an angled-bristle brush for contouring/highlighting, but I'm not sure I'm going to pick up one from Julep. I do like the one brush I have from them, but I feel like I can get similar brushes for cheaper from the drugstore (and if I did want to to splurge I could go to Sigma or MAC).
The special extra this month is again candy. Like always (I'm sure they have to for legal reasons) Julep included a little info card with the ingredients and allergy info. I love candy, but I do miss getting more functional extras like nail files. My favorite extra was the set of flower bobby pins we got with the Jazz collection!

I apparently didn't take a picture of my polishes still in their nice boxes, so I guess I'll just jump right in! Starting with the Classic With a Twist polishes, I got:
Mariska, a "juicy tangerine shimmer" and...
Caitlin, a "shocking hibiscus with gold shimmer". Sorry the picture is so blurry, my camera didn't want to take a clear shot of it and this was the best one out of five...

For my add-on, I got Felicia:
a "black speckled mint crème". This polish is very similar to the speckled polishes Illamasqua had last spring (I think). It's a very "Easter Egg"-kind of look, so it's very appropriate for an April collection! I wish the green was a little mintier; in the picture it looks more blue, and if it was actually that color it would be perfect, but in real life it's definitely more green. Julep did release a purple and blue version of this polish, but you could only get them with the spring mystery boxes.
Here are the three colors swatched! Like my other bright polishes from Julep, Mariska and Caitlin have a semi-matte finish when they dry, though I'm sure this can be easily remedied by using a top coat. Felicia still looks a little more blue in the picture than it does in real life, but I really like the effect of the black speckles. Overall, I'm okay with my polish choices; it was a hard choice between this box and the purple/green combo of the Bombshell. I went with Classic since I already have a couple lime greens that I never wear and the purple was described as being sheer, but I also have a hard time wearing orange and hot pink. Hmmm.

For my blush, I went with Peach Bellini, since I thought that would look better with my skintone.
The compact is very square and architectural looking. It has a nice, big mirror and the protective film has an interesting Julep logo.
This is a close-up to give you a better idea of the color. It is shimmery and according to the reviews online it's very powdery. Apparently this blush is supposed to minimize the look of your pores and it has diamond dust to add shimmer.

And that's my April 2014 Julep Maven Box! Overall, once again I think this was a good box. My only issue with it is my color choices and that's my own fault, not Julep's. I love how Julep gives you so many options to customize your box with; surprises are fun, but getting exactly what you want is fun, too!

Thanks for reading! <3

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