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Fortune Cookie Soap Spring 2014 Soap Box - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Whew, I'm marathon posting again so I'm kind of running out of things to say in these little intro paragraphs! (Edit: I am completing this post 10 days after starting it. I don't even know.) How likely do you guys think it is to get a fake eyeshadow palette from an Ulta? Not very, right? I ask because I recently picked up the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (because I am a sheep. Also, chocolate) from Ulta and I don't know if mine is a dud or what... The colors just don't seem to swatch very well and are very powdery and get everywhere! When I first brought it home, I thought one of the colors looked used (it had a swipe on it and the texture pattern was flattened) but I brushed it off as a shipping issue. Because I am incredibly paranoid, I started to feel like yes, someone had touched my palette, but that going all the way back to Ulta to exchange it was too bothersome (it's definitely a quest in this weather). I sprayed it with alcohol, brushed off the top layer, and called it sanitized. Soon, however, I started to get the feeling and ANOTHER one of the shadows looked used and that one I sprayed and scrapped as well. Then I started to notice other faults, like glue leaking in the top right corner, and now I just don't know...

I swatched all the colors for the first time, and I have to say, I'm not very impressed. A lot of them seem very, very powdery and dusty and they don't have a lot of color payoff (especially the glittery ones; Gilded Ganache, Black Forest Truffle, Candied Violet, and Cherry Cordial. Strawberry Bon Bon has poor color payoff as well). I don't want to bring it back because I am lazy and the palette's been clearly used by me, but I can't shake the feeling that mine is inferior somehow. And I was so excited for it to...

Uh, but that is not at all what this post is supposed to be about and I am sorry I went off on a tangent like that! This is about the Spring 2014 Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box!
A box filled with springtime-scented goodies!
Some quick background info about the Soap Box since I don't get this one every month: This is a quarterly subscription box by Fortune Cookie Soap (who can be found at fortunecookiesoap.com); every season they release a series of new scents and sometimes new products and they give people previews of these new scents/products in the Soap Boxes. This box is $19.99 every three-ish months, which includes shipping, and it comes with a coupon code for $10 off a purchase of $10 or more from Fortune Cookie Soap (either online or in-store). When you subscribe to this box, you don't have an account or anything with FCS, so it's can be annoying if you have to update an address or your billing info (which I have to do and I've been avoiding...).

My very first FCS Soap Box was the summer box from last year (I just missed the cutoff for the spring box) so I feel like I've been subscribed for a year now! For this years spring box, FCS has a "Garden of Good and Evil" kind of theme, with scents that are "Good" and ones that are "Evil".
This is the front of the info card; it shows all the products that are included in this seasons box. I believe everything is sample-sized except for the Fortune Cookie Soap, which is included in every box (everyone gets the same items in the same scents generally; the soap is the one type of product that is in every box for every season) and possibly the cuticle cream, though I think that might be full sized as well.
The back of the card goes into greater detail about the products/scents and as you can see, there are three "good" scents and five "evil" scents; FCS said they had a much easier time coming up with "evil" scents. In my first two boxes, the $10 off coupon code was on a separate paper but in my last two it's been pasted on my info card, which is why it's cut off weird in the picture. Since I like to go in the order of the card, we'll start with the "good" scents.

This is a sample of body wash in "Native Nectar". I believe this is the first body wash I've gotten from FCS, so I'm interested in giving it a try (though I normally don't use body wash. I use bar soap because I think I don't go through it as fast and I don't use a washcloth/loofa/scrubby because I am a germaphobe). Fortune Cookie Soap describes this scent as straight up coconut, which is fine by me. I love the scent of coconut, especially in the summer, and this might be a scent I buy in body butter form.

Next is an OCD Hand Sanitizer in "Afternoon Delight". This is a full sized OCD Hand Sanitizer and I love this stuff, especially for work (again, germaphobe, which Firefox wants to auto-correct to "geographer" for reasons I don't fully understand). This is a pink watermelon scent with notes of apricot and white florals (the FCS description is much more poetic but I'm paraphrasing). I'm not a big fan of watermelon scents, nor do I like glittery hand sanitizers, so this isn't one of my favorites, but it's still pretty nice.

And finally, what may be my favorite product in this seasons box, the Marshmallow Dreams Cuticle Butter!
This may or may not be the full size; I'm not really sure. But you use very little of it at a time so even if it isn't, this is going to last me a while. I believe this is a whole new product for FCS (I've only really known about them for a year or so, so I can't say for sure) and I love it! It's kind of like a solid cuticle oil; it looks like a big white lump of lotion, but it's actually pretty solid and when you touch it it melts right away. It makes my cuticles soft without being greasy and I love this scent! When I first read the description I thought it would be super gross, but the notes work together beautifully. It's a combination of lavender, sage, basil, and vodka mixed with marshmallow fluff; the marshmallow smell is strong and sweet, but it's tempered and softened by the herbs. The vodka gives it a wonderful brightness and it just has this clean, fresh, sweet smell that is hard to describe but is amazing. This is another scent I really want to get in body butter form,

And that wraps up the "good" scents! Now for the "evils"... Not sure how FCS decided which scents were "good" and which were "evil"; a lot of the scents have similar floral notes and the only real difference I can find is the addition of heavier notes like musk in the "evils".

First up is the "Make It Rain" whipped cream.
It's not secret that I love FCS's Whiped Cream body butters; next to their Cupcake lip balm, I think it's their best product and one that everyone needs to try at least once. Make It Rain is a very appropriately named scent; it smells fresh and watery with an undertone of heavy florals. It's a combination of citrus, jasmine, musk, and cedarwood. While I don't dislike the scent, it's pretty heavy and floraly and not something I would generally like to smell like.

Next is the product that's included in every Soap Box, the Fortune Cookie Soap!
This soap is in "Forbidden Fruit", which is verbana with blueberry and lemon zest. The blueberry and lemon are very strong (especially the lemon) and I have a hard time picking out any verbana (which I don't like; it smells like suntan lotion to me). This scent is a little too sweet and sharp for my liking; it almost smells artificial, which is especially bad since artificial lemon equals cheap cleaner.

Up next is the "Me So Thorny" Steam Me Up Scotty Shower Steamer.
These usually come in packs of three, and they are the one product FCS makes that are specifically for the shower (yay!). I'm going to straight up quote what FCS has on their website to describe what a shower steamer is:  "Soooo, what exactly is a "Steam Me Up Scotty!" and how do you use it? Basically, it's a heavily scented fizzy designed for an aromatherapy type shower experience."

This scent, "Me So Thorny", really reminded me of a perfume I once had from Hot Topic. It was based on Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and it smelt like wet, decaying flowers. I think it had a lot of patchouli and sandalwood in it, which are scents are now associate with Hot Topic. This scent is a combination of citrus, lavender, french vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood. I find the patchouli and sandalwood to be a little overpowering, but the scent might be better balanced in a different form.

This next product is another type of fizzy, the Bloom Bloom Room Bath Fizzy.
This is basically a bath bomb; I think the full sized ones are bigger, though I'm not sure since I've never gotten one from FCS. I think the flower-shape is adorable and very appropriate, and this is definitely a scent I like.  I tend to use these like the shower steamers, though you only get to enjoy the smell that way. It's a combination of jasmine, lilac, lily of the valley, peach, citrus, and sugar (which sounds so much more boring compared to how FCS put it). It's florally, but not in a heavy way, if that makes sense. I think the sweetness of the sugar and peach and the crispness of the citrus balance everything out. This is another scent I'm curious to try in a body butter.

Finally, we have the "Venus Fly Trap" Perfume Oil.
This is a very tiny bottle of scented oil; since you barely have to use any, though, I feel like this will last me a good long while. Unfortunately, the packaging is kind of annoying; getting the stopper off is tough and I'm afraid I'm going to get it everywhere or break the glass vial. So afraid, in fact, that I have yet to even open and smell this! This scent is a mixture of bergamot, narcaisse (which I assume is a flower) and musk with water orchid, lemon, and pink jasmine. It sounds like it might be a pretty heavy scent, especially with the musk and jasmine. I really wish FCS had sent us something similar to the rollerball they had in the last Soap Box. Much more user friendly. (Note: I just tried opening it again and I just can't do it without breaking it).

And that was the Spring 2014 Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box! I love getting this box; it's one of my favorites and I'm sad it only comes out four times a year. It's a great way to try scents that you might not normally think to try (if I had just read the description of Marshmallow Dreams and not smelt it, I never would have tried it). It's also a great way to experience all the different products that FCS offers; many of which I love and would highly recommend. Also, the boxes are just plain adorable. Case in point:
It's the little things that matter.

Thanks for reading! <3

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