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More Haulin'! Ulta, Sephora, MAC, Bath and Body Works, and More!

Hello! Are you having a good day? I hope so! I know I start every blog post (and video) the same way, but it's so hard to come up with unique greetings every single time... But I really do hope that you're having a good day and a fun weekend so far! Today has gone by waaaaay too fast; I was hoping to get a nice, long relaxing weekend but it's been pretty busy.

I bought lots of new things! And I want to share them with you! I really love hauls, since I love living vicariously through other people, and I love sharing my hauls with you. I ended up getting a bunch of different things from my mall, and the other shops around it, last (or was it the one before? I can't remember anymore. I really need to post these in a more timely manner) weekend. I don't know how long this post is going to get, but let's get started!

Let's go!
Ugh, I have so much stuff to include in this post. I think that's why I avoid doing these sometimes; it's pretty easy when it's just a subscription box/bag since you have a fairly limited amount of items to talk about. With these hauls, they can start to gather together and eventually I want to do just one huge post to get things out of the way but there's just so much stuff that I get intimidated and then I put it off. Which only makes the problem worse.

Also I totally bought a ton of yarn.
This is actually only about half of what I ended up with. Both Michael's and Joann Fabrics had good yarn sales early in January and I took advantage of them. I needed a bunch of yarn for some crochet projects. I forget if I posted about this before or not, but I got accepted into the Artist Alley of a local convention that's coming up in April so...I need to make all the things. It's only two months away and I really don't feel like I've made anything at all so I'm starting to panic a little. Not cool.

On my most recent journey to the mall, I had a few things in mind that I wanted to pick up. First, I hit up Ulta, since that's the most annoying to get to (I have to cross a couple busy roads since it's not actually apart of the mall, but across the street in a different mall. There are a lot of shopping opportunities around here). Recently, I've been trying to go through all my samples and I finally got around to using up a sample I had of Benefit's Fine-1-1. It's this cheek stick that has three different colors that you sweep on and combine. I didn't really like the product, but I loved how the color looked. It was a super bright corally pink and it was definitely a color I never would have ever picked out for myself. I was looking for something similar, especially in a cream form, but I wasn't having much luck. That is until I watched a video on Youtube where someone was doing a review of the new Maybelline Master Glaze blush sticks and lo and behold the color she had was perfect! It was everything I wanted and possibly even more. I was hoping my Target would have them, but my Target is a little slow to get new things (and restock old things, which is weird because it's very huge and popular). I hoped that my Ulta would have them and especially that it would have the color I wanted, but I didn't hold out much hope since my Ulta tends to be pretty picked over. All the time. Actually, I wonder if stores in my area are just bad at restocking in general. Hmm.

But no! It was to be my lucky day since not only did they have the blush sticks, they had one left in the color I wanted!
And here it is! This is Maybelline's Master Glaze blush stick in the color Coral Sheen. And it is gorgeous and I am so so happy I got it!
This is a pretty heavy swatch (I don't think I'd ever wear it built up this much), but you get the idea of the color. I really love cream blushes now; they're easy to put on, they can be built up as sheer or as opaque as you want, and they don't look all powdery and fake. This product is a little on the pricey side at $8.99, but I don't mind since, compared to the higher-end stuff I usually buy, it's inexpensive to me.

Since I was close to hitting the $10 and being able to use my $3.50 off coupon, I figured I'd pick something else up that looked interesting. I don't know a lot about drugstore makeup, mostly just what I see on Youtube. There's soooo much of it out there it's kind of overwhelming. I ended up with this:
This is Maybelline's Colossal Cat Eyes Volum'Express Mascara in the color Glam Black (which I have no idea what that means but that was the only color I could find that this particular mascara came in). I've heard a lot of good things about Maybelline's mascaras, and I really like they big, fat, colorful tubes they come in so I wanted to try one out! I ended up with this one for two reasons: 1. I like cats and it has leopard print (yes, this was one of my actual reasons) and 2. my eyelashes are in a flared/cat eye shape naturally so I thought this would work well. This mascara has one of those super curved wands and at first I wasn't very good at putting it on but after some practice I started to like the curve of the wand and how it made my lashes look. I really like this mascara; maybe not as much as some of my higher-end ones, but it's cheap and looks nice.

After Ulta, I decided to check out my Macy's, specifically the MAC counter. I've been trying out a bunch of different MAC products out of curiosity since everyone seems to really like them. My brother-in-law gave us a giftcard to Macy's for Christmas and since we don't ever shop at Macy's, I figured it'd be a great way to try out MAC without having to spend a lot of my own money. This time around, I picked up a Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the color Painterly.
I feel like this is one of those products that everyone who likes MAC has and uses and swears by. So far, I do like it as an eyeshadow base (which is what people rave about it for) and I even like to use it as, well, I wouldn't say an eye color, but kind of an eye enhancer since it covers up any discoloration and just makes my eyes look more awake. I do like this product, but every time I shop at MAC (whether it be the counter in Macy's or the actual MAC store) I realize more and more how much I don't like physically shopping there. The artists are always super busy and I hate how they have to get your things and bring them up to the cash register. It makes it kind of tricky to get in and make a quick purchase if you know exactly what you want.

After MAC I went into Sephora because it's just down the hall from Macy's and I have a makeup addiction. The first time I went in (and yes I did go twice), I only picked up one small item: a Jack Black Lip Balm in Grapefuit & Ginger.
I've heard a lot of good things about this lip balm, and even though it's kind of pricey (it's $7.50 a tube), it's super hydrating and it performs even better than more expensive kinds. I had a hard time deciding what scent to get (I don't think these are flavored); I knew I didn't want mint, but I couldn't choose between Black Tea & Blackberry, Lemon & Chamomile, or Grapefruit & Ginger. I went with Grapefruit & Ginger because one of the associates who helped me said it was her favorite and I figured why not. I don't really like the scent, I've come to the realization that I don't like the scent/flavor of grapefruit, but the balm itself is really nice and the scent doesn't last that long anyways. This is a super thick, gel-like balm and it really makes my lips feel hydrated. My only issue with it (besides scent but that's my fault) is that it's full of parabens. I also got a couple skincare samples with my itty bitty purchase.
They were going to give me a sample of Josie Maran's argan oil, but I told them I was allergic so they gave me two of Dr. Brandt's XYY facial cream, which I've tried before in-store. I've used one packet already and I did like how it made my skin feel so when I blast through my back-log of skincare (which I've made worse by buying the kit...), I'd consider purchasing a full size. I also got an employee-made sample of tarte's Maracuja Oil. While I was checking out, another associate came up to me and said she'd give me a sample of it since it's great for improving skin texture. ... I never know whether or not to be offended when Sephora employees offer me random samples like that. Are they saying, politely, that I have gross skin and this product will help with it? Hmm. I actually have a bottle of tarte's Maracuja oil and I do like, but it's getting a little old so I just use it as a cuticle oil.

As I said, I did go into Sephora twice. When I was browsing the first time, a couple skincare sets had caught my eye. I was trying to save money so I told myself I didn't need it and I walked out without getting it. Which was a mistake. When I see something I want, if I don't purchase it right away, one of two things will happen (and I'm sure this is not unique or anything): I will either get over it and not think about it and be content without own it it or I will obsess about it and my need for it will increase exponentially until I get it. The skincare set ended up falling into the latter catagory. So I went back and bought it. Because I have problems.
I'm such a sucker for these "Sephora Favorites" kits. I love trying new things and I love deluxe samples so these sets are pretty much made for me to buy. Since Sephora likes to focus on skincare for January (which makes sense in the whole "get clean get fit get better at life" theme of the New Year) they release a couple skincare sets. This is the Vol.2 Skin Cleanse set (the other is Vol.1 Skin Bender) and it includes a lot of detoxifying/exfoliating/cleansing types of products. Since I've been struggling with acne and somewhat gross skin for a while now, I figured why not.
Here's the back for no reason; I think it's too small for you to really read anything. I'm not going to talk too much about this bag since I want to do a much more in-depth review post about it (and I also made a video just about it as well).

Moving along my mall back towards the bus stop (I like to be efficient...), my next stop was Bath and Body Works! I wanted to catch the tail end of their semi-annual sale and pick up a candle or two. They had a whole bunch left that they were trying to sell for $8, but the scent selection was pretty thin. In the end I decided on Blueberry Pumpkin Patch because I love the smell of blueberries and pumpkins.
I really love this candle since the blueberry is strong but not too sweet. It smells a lot like blueberry pie; I don't think you get much pumpkin in it, but that's okay. For $8, you could do much worse. I was thinking about getting a Red Velvet Cupcake candle as well since they were also only $8, but like I said, I was trying to save money so I didn't.

Finally, I went to the Asian import store. I like going here to get candy and stationary. Which is exactly what I picked up!
This is just some random, peach flavored candy that I picked up. It's like a hard, peach flavored Starburst and it's very tasty. I like Asian candy a lot more than American candy since they seem to focus more on flavor and less on sugar, if that makes sense. American candy can be waaaay too sweet and end up just tasting like sugar.
I also picked up some Black Black gum! This is a minty-clove tasting gum that's packed with caffeine and other special ingredients to wake you up and give you energy. I also like how each piece has a different wrapper.
I also got a ton of stickers! I love stickers, especially super cute ones! They had a sale where if you bought two sheets you got one free so I couldn't pass them up! I bought these to put on the price tags of the stuff I'm going to sell at the convention to make them more cute and fun.

Finally, I got this random gumdrop lollipop thing as a gift with purchase.
I don't know what it is, or what it tastes like, but I appreciate it and it's oddness.

And that's my haul! I feel like I got a lot of really neat things and I hope you enjoyed reading about them. And now I can finally put them all away. Yay!

Thanks for reading! <3

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