Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 2014 Julep Maven Box - Classic With a Twist Plus Add-Ons!

Hello! Are you guys getting excited for Valentine's Day? I know, I know, it's a stupid mushy holiday that pushes the idea that you need to be with someone to be worthwhile and to find happiness and it was invented by the greeting card and candy companies to squeeze more money out of us. But you know what? I wouldn't want to live in a world where it doesn't exist. Holidays are important to me; they exist, not to make us spend money, or feel inadequate or lonely, but to give us something to look forward to, to mark the passage of time in a meaningful way. If there weren't holidays, what would be the point of living? Every day would pass and be relatively the same; few things to look forward to, few things to break up the monotony of being a contributing member of society. For me, and I know this might sound sad, holidays are one of the things that make life worth living. No matter which ones you celebrate nor how you celebrate them, holidays are there are fun! And love! And living life to the fullest!

Huh, didn't expect a soapbox rant so soon! Anyways, I'm excited for Valentines Day, and I hope you are too, even if you're just planning on spending a quiet evening at home. I'm really excited for my subscription boxes this month; I hope they have some love/Valentines Day themed items. As usual, my Julep Maven box actually got to me before the month the collection is released began, so, as also per usual, it will be the first box for February 2014 I'll be able to show you guys! Unfortunately, it wasn't as Valentines Day-ish as I had hoped, but it was still a pretty good box.
 As you may have concluded, February's collection is all about drama!
This is another month where the collection theme was a bit unexpected for me. I kind of assumed (hoped?) that Julep would do a pink/red/love/bittersweet type of collection, so when I saw these dramatic colors I was surprised, but pleasantly so. You can see the quote for this month (yay quotes again!) and the special extra card talking about Love, the polish that was included in everyone's box this month. It also has a special offer for the Julep website; if you use the code BEMINE you get two polishes for the price of one! It's good until March 1st, so you have some time to think about what colors you want to get.
These are the backs of the cards that have backs (the Love card is blank on one side). The info card shows how to use the new Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadows and the quote card is just letting me know that I can refer people and get things for free. I never include my referral link here nor on Youtube (mostly out of laziness), but I might start to; free Maven boxes do sound nice. There's also a code for an extra 10% off any Eye Sheen: SHEEN10.
The info card is extra info-y this month and opens up to show how you can use Julep's Ink Gel Eyeliner and Angled Liner Brush to create different eye looks. This also includes a code, ALIST20, which will give you an extra 20% off the eyeliner and brush. Julep included the eyeliner and brush in their Modern Beauty box this month (along with an Eye Sheen and Love) and I really regret not getting that box instead of the one I did get (Classic With a Twist). I've never used a gel eyeliner before and I think it might be a nice middle ground between liquid eyeliner (which I can't do very well) and pencil liner (which I also can do very well, but for different reasons).

I'll start with the newest, but least dramatic product: the Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow.
I'll start off by saying that I really like this stuff! It's a liquid/cream eyeshadow that has a ton of shimmer and it dries very quickly to a smudge-proof finish. Julep was also kind enough to let us pick which of the four colors we wanted, regardless of which box we went with. I wish they had done the same thing with the new lip glosses; you were stuck with whatever color they chose to go with your box. With so many different skin colors and preferences, I think it works out much better to let people mix and match. I went with the "pale nude shimmer" since I thought it was the prettiest and would be the easiest to wear.
Here it is swatched on the back of my hand. You can see how shimmery it is, but it isn't glittery so it still feels very day appropriate. I think the pale nude color will be perfect for days when I want to add some pizazz to my look without having to do anything to garish.
And here are the polishes I got! Everyone got at least one polish this month, Love, and the two in the sleeve are the ones that came with the Classic With a Twist box. I threw in another color from Boho Glam because it was a special finish and I can't resist a special finish polish.
Here's Love, the gift from Jane! It even has its own special gold cap. It's described as a "gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter", though it's mostly gold. It's surprisingly opaque for a glitter; the particles are very fine and I think you could cover your nail completely in three coats.
This is Cameron, the polish I added on. It's from the Boho Glam box and I needed it. It's a "stardust finish", which is basically the same as Zoya's Pixie Dust finish. It's described as a "silver lilac stardust (matte glitter)" and it's suuuuuper pretty. I thought about just getting the Boho Glam box, but I really didn't like the other color (a "walnut bark crème").
 This is Greta, a "loganberry multidimensional microglitter". I've never seen a loganberry before (at least not knowingly), so I thought it was an interesting way to describe this color. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with it; I was expecting it to be more pink based on the blog swatches and I was expecting the "multidimensional microglitter" to be, well, multidimensional. To me, this is just a magenta with silver glitter. Which is boring.
And this is Octavia, a "smoky indigo crème". Another pretty boring color. I'm not super into the cream colors; if I do wear one I tend to use a glitter top coat on it because I have to be blinged out all the time apparently. I also have another color from Julep really similar to this that I don't think I've ever used. Sad.
And here they are swatched: from left to right is Love, Cameron, Greta, and Octavia.

Overall, this was a pretty meh box, but that's my fault for not picking a different box! I really like the new Eye Sheen liquid eyeshadows and Cameron is a gorgeous, if not very unique, color and finish. I think if I had gone with the Modern Beauty box instead, I would have been much happier. Oh well, there's always March!

Thanks for reading! <3

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