Saturday, February 15, 2014

Buy All The Things! Another Haul! - Sephora, MAC, Ulta, and More!

Hello! I'm doing it again; more than one post in a day! I'm hoping I'll be able to avoid this as we get closer to summer and there's better lighting and all that. I've been wanting to make this post for a long time now (well, not too long, I had to wait until I made the video since for some reason I can't make a post without making the video first, even though I take all the pictures first. At least normally.) but I had to wait until the weekend since I needed to get pictures of some things that I couldn't during the week since there was no sun (see, all my excuses come together eventually).

So this post is going to be a fairly large haul! I love hauls, both making them and watching/reading about them. I just love living vicariously through other people, just one of those weird quirks I guess. This all wasn't purchased at once; I've been collecting it since about the middle of January. What held this post up was I had made an Ulta order and it took forever to get here. It took 3-4 days to process the order, then it didn't get to my city until Feb. 4th and then I didn't get my package until Feb. 11th due to a looong sorting process, my mailperson, and my leasing office's annoying hours. This haul is a collection of things I bought online and in-person from a handful of different stores. Not everything is beauty related, but most of it is.

This is going to get kind of long...I got a lot of things!

Sephora Favorites Vol.2 Skin Cleanse Kit - Review!

Hello! Hope you all had a great Valentines Day! Mine was pretty okay; it could have gone better, but that's only because the food at the restaurant my husband and I went to wasn't very good. Otherwise, it was a nice night and my husband got me some nice, thoughtful gifts. Unfortunately though, the main gift he got me didn't arrive in time. We're hoping it comes today, otherwise it will have to wait until next week (President's Day on Monday will slow things down even more). We were also going to go see The LEGO Movie, which I hear is really good, but we didn't have time so we'll have to do it sometime next week as well.

But this post isn't about Valentines Day, it's about my Sephora Favorites Vol.2 Skin Cleanse kit! I showed this kit in a haul I did a while ago (a long while ago now, back in mid-January I think...) but I wanted to take some time and look at the products included in it individually. As of today, this kit is still available on the Sephora website (I just checked), so if you're interested in purchasing it, you can!

And yes, I am using the same picture as in my haul. It's just easier that way.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 2014 Julep Maven Box - Classic With a Twist Plus Add-Ons!

Hello! Are you guys getting excited for Valentine's Day? I know, I know, it's a stupid mushy holiday that pushes the idea that you need to be with someone to be worthwhile and to find happiness and it was invented by the greeting card and candy companies to squeeze more money out of us. But you know what? I wouldn't want to live in a world where it doesn't exist. Holidays are important to me; they exist, not to make us spend money, or feel inadequate or lonely, but to give us something to look forward to, to mark the passage of time in a meaningful way. If there weren't holidays, what would be the point of living? Every day would pass and be relatively the same; few things to look forward to, few things to break up the monotony of being a contributing member of society. For me, and I know this might sound sad, holidays are one of the things that make life worth living. No matter which ones you celebrate nor how you celebrate them, holidays are there are fun! And love! And living life to the fullest!

Huh, didn't expect a soapbox rant so soon! Anyways, I'm excited for Valentines Day, and I hope you are too, even if you're just planning on spending a quiet evening at home. I'm really excited for my subscription boxes this month; I hope they have some love/Valentines Day themed items. As usual, my Julep Maven box actually got to me before the month the collection is released began, so, as also per usual, it will be the first box for February 2014 I'll be able to show you guys! Unfortunately, it wasn't as Valentines Day-ish as I had hoped, but it was still a pretty good box.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Haulin'! Ulta, Sephora, MAC, Bath and Body Works, and More!

Hello! Are you having a good day? I hope so! I know I start every blog post (and video) the same way, but it's so hard to come up with unique greetings every single time... But I really do hope that you're having a good day and a fun weekend so far! Today has gone by waaaaay too fast; I was hoping to get a nice, long relaxing weekend but it's been pretty busy.

I bought lots of new things! And I want to share them with you! I really love hauls, since I love living vicariously through other people, and I love sharing my hauls with you. I ended up getting a bunch of different things from my mall, and the other shops around it, last (or was it the one before? I can't remember anymore. I really need to post these in a more timely manner) weekend. I don't know how long this post is going to get, but let's get started!

Let's go!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 Ipsy Bag - Unbagging and Review!

Hello! Hope you guys are having a great start to your weekend! The end of the week was a little annoying, what with the snow storm. It wasn't too bad though, after my initial drive to work (which sucked, but at least I made it alive), and the snow stopped falling, everything got plowed in a timely manner and getting home was easy. I also think I'm getting acclimated to the cold; before, when it was 3°F out I thought I was going to die. Now when it's 1°F, I comment on how much warmer and pleasant it is. So it goes.

But I'm sure you don't want to talk about the weather, especially since the title of this post is not about the weather but about my January 2014 Ipsy bag!
The shiny pink mailer full of possibilities! Also that was cheesy and I'm sorry.