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Yet Another Holiday Haul! - Sephora, Julep, and Fortune Cookie Soap!

Hello! Hope you all had a great holiday! I had a lot of fun with my friends and family, but it was pretty exhausting and now I'm feeling under the weather. BUT, at least it waited until after Christmas to manifest itself, so I can't complain too much. It should be no surprise by now, but I'm falling behind on my blog posts again. Sad. I actually purchased these items far before Christmas (my FCS order was made Black Friday, but it took a bit of time to get to me, which is fine. They warned people that due to the demand, orders could take up to two weeks just to get sent out), and I do have a video that I got up in a timely manner, but I put off blogging about it for many, mostly lame reasons.

But no worries because we're going to talk about it now! Yay! This haul will include an order from Sephora, an order from Julep, and my Black Friday order from Fortune Cookie Soap.

I'll start with my Julep order because it's the smallest and kind of sad...
Why is my Julep order so sad?
I bought one polish. And I paid $1 for it. And then they shipped it to me in this huge box! I know Julep has smaller boxes for purchases of one or two polishes because I've gotten them before, so I don't really get why they sent it in such a big box. For Black Friday, Julep had a handful of polishes you could purchase for $1. You could only get one $1 polish, and I assumed that you needed to buy something else first, and then you could add-on the $1 polish. Apparently I was wrong! For fun, I tried buying just a $1 polish because they had a color I really wanted and they let me place my order. Free shipping and everything. Neat!
My order came with a card promoting the Maven program, and it included a code to get your first Maven box for free! It's DDFREE and I believe you only have to pay shipping, which I think is $3.99 (at least it was for my first box).
And this is the color I got! This is Kai, and it's described as a "baby blue sea salt". "Sea Salt Finishes" are Julep's version of OPI's Liquid Sand or Zoya's Pixie Dusts, except without any sparkle, just texture. I love this color of blue and funky polish textures, so this was right up my alley. It's actually on sale for $2.99 right now for Julep's Warehouse sale, so if you want to get your own, I suggest getting it now.
And here's a swatch. It's a little brighter in real life, but you can really see the texture in this swatch.

Here's an order that's a little more exciting:
For being a VIB Rouge (I think VIBs got the coupon, too), I had a coupon for $20 off a $50 purchase. I had something special in mind for it, but I wasn't sure if it was going to come out in time (the coupon was only good until 12/16). Lucky for me, it did! And I got it! What was awesome about the coupon was that it counted as a gift card, so I could still use a promo code on my online order, which means I got free things, too!
Mr order came with a little card promoting an after Christmas sale for sale items. I actually got an e-mail a little before Christmas with a special code that let me get 20% off sale stuff early because I'm a VIB Rouge, but now anyone can get 20% off sale items, until January 1st! The code is "EXTRA20" if you're interested.
Sephora also threw in another one of these fragrance sampler booklets. I have so many fragrances, I'm not sure if I will ever have to buy another perfume... One thing I do want to do is smell Chanel No. 5. I don't think I ever have, or if I have, I don't remember. For being such an iconic scent, I feel like it's my duty to sniff it. Not that that sounds weird or anything...
With every Sephora order, I got my three samples. This time I got Clinique's Universal Face Primer, Nars' Pure Radiant Tinited Moisturizer in Alaska, and DevaCurl's Styling Cream. I was really surprised how big the styling cream sample was, but I also really appreciate it and it shows DevaCurl understands their customers; curly haired people need a lot of styling cream!

Since the $20 off coupon counted as a gift card, I was able to get a five-piece mystery sampler bag as my promo item!
This is officially called the "Cyber Monday Sample Bag", but I guess Sephora had a lot left over since I ordered this stuff later in the week. This bag included five mystery samples; not sure if they are completely random or if they have different versions or what, but it looks like they used these bags as a way to clear out old stock of deluxe samples.
Here's what I got! Two fragrance samples (Escada's Cherry in the Air, which I did want to try so I was happy to get and Lancome's Treson, which I was pretty "meh" about), a foil packet sample of Living Proof's Prime Style Extender hair primer, a deluxe sized sample of Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, and a deluxe sized sample of Korres Quercetin & Oak Eye Primer. I was really excited to get the Almost Lipstick in Black Honey because I've always wanted to try it, so that made the bag worth it since normally you'd just get the lipstick as your promo item. So it's like getting the other four things as a bonus!

And now for the big reveal (well, not really, especially if you've watched the video), what I was waiting for to use my coupon on...
The Naked3 Palette by Urban Decay! I was super excited to get this palette; it's been all over Youtube, everyone has it, and everyone loves it. Including me! I also have the Naked2 palette, but I never really use it. I like the eyeshadows, but I'm not a big fan of the colors. I probably should have got the Naked1 instead (is that what it's called? Or is it just the Naked palette?) since the colors would probably suit me better, but oh well. But the Naked3! Is gorgeous! And has colors that look great on me! Yay!
Here's the back of the box. I've seen the palette all over Youtube, but nobody ever shows the box and I felt that the box needed some love, too. It shows all the shades in the palette, all of which are "rosey" or "goldy" or both! It also shows the double-sided brush included and the four shades of primer.
This is the palette shut. As you can see, it has the same kind of metal packaging that the Naked2 has.
And here it is open! You can see all the beautiful shadows and the included brush. The mirror isn't foggy, I just left the protective film on it. I didn't do any swatches because there are tons of swatches on blogs and in videos that are far better than what I could do.
Instead of a deluxe sample like the other palettes had (Naked1 had a deluxe primer, Naked2 had a deluxe lipgloss), Naked3 comes with foil packet samples of their four available eyeshadow primers.
You get the original, Eden (which is matte), Sin (which shimmers), and the anti-aging one.
Each sample supposedly will last one week, so you get about a month of primer, but I really would have preferred a deluxe sized sample of just one of the primers. I just don't like the idea of one of these packets being open for a week and it really limits traveling possibilities.

And that's my whole Sephora order! It's pretty small (I mean, it's one item so it can't get much smaller than that...) but I was really excited to get it and I can't wait to play around more with my new palette.

Finally, I have my Black Friday order from Fortune Cookie Soap!
For Black Friday, Fortune Cookie Soap had some really good "buy 2, get 1 free" deals which I took advantage of. I also had my $10 off coupon from my Winter Soap Box so I saved a lot of money! I picked up three body butters (which were "buy 2, get 1"), three lip balms (same deal as the body butters), an OCD hand sanitizer, and a bar soap. For about $35! I think...I threw my invoice away. It was between $30-$40.

Anyways! FCS also included a free sample!
This time I got a sample of their Hazelnut Cappuccino bar soap. I got a sample of this soap before with my Soap Sampler Set, but I like how it smells so I'm happy to get another.

I'll start with my body butters since they're the biggest! I got two from the Nightmare Before Christmas winter collection and one that's available all the time. I really wanted to get some of the fall scents, but alas, they were all sold out.
I got Easter Town, which is "an ooey gooey treat of pink sugar with a smear of black licorice". I bought this scent blindly (erm, unsmellingly?); this is one of the four Holiday Town themed body butters that FCS released for winter. Everyone got a different scent in their Winter Soap Boxes and I ended up with Thanksgiving Town. I liked Thanksgiving Town, but it was a little too...powerful for me (it really smells like raisins and I'm not a big fan of raisins). FCS says the Christmas Town scent was by far the most popular, but it sounded too fresh smelling for me and I think I prefer more "foodie" scents. I was torn between Easter Town and Halloween Town; I was a little worried the black licorice scent would be too strong in the Easter Town body butter and I wasn't sure I would like the combination of cookies and bubblegum promised by Halloween Town. I haven't smelled Halloween Town so I can't say for sure, but I am really glad I went with Easter Town! I love how this body butter smells; it's very sugary and bright, but there's just a hint of darkness to it from the black licorice. It's hard to explain, but I think it works on a similar principle to the perfume "Angel" (there's sweet, vanilla notes tempered by a hint of darkness).
The second body butter I got was Sandy Claws, described as "melted chocolate and chai and yumminess." If you read/saw my Winter Soap Box unboxing, you'll know that I loved this scent. I was a little worried that it would be more chocolately than chai-y, but it ended up the other way around, which is perfect! There is a delicious hint of chocolate, but the chai spices really shine.  It's leaves a very soft, almost milky kind of spiced chocolate scent to your skin. This is probably my favorite body butter scent so far.
For my third, and free, body butter, I got Cupcake. Cupcake is an all-the-time scent and was the one I liked the most out of my body butter sampler set I got way back in the summer. It just smells like a vanilla cupcake, or to be more specific, it smells like vanilla cupcake batter. It has that "tang" the cupcake batter has; I don't know what it is or a better way to describe it, but if you've ever made cupcakes and sniffed (or eaten, like me) the batter, you'll know what I mean. This is a great stand by, every day, "I don't know what I want to smell like" kind of body butter.

As I said above, the other "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" deal I took advantage of was for FCS's lip balms.
And...I got three Cupcakes! I thought about getting a couple different scents (they're not flavored), but since I already know I love this lip balm/scent combo, why branch out? I go through these so fast, especially since it's winter and dry and awful (I also have a bad habit of chewing on my lips), that I almost regret not getting three more...

The last two items I got from FCS were part of their Hunger Games: Catching Fire collection. I'm actually kind of surprised that FCS can carry a line such as this (or like the Disney/Fairy Tales line and the Harry Potter line. Hell, even The Nightmare Before Christmas line!). I wonder if they actually partner with the companies who own the intellectual properties or what. Regardless of how FCS gets permission, I'm glad they do! Also, I just realized that both things I got from the Hunger Games collection are bread scented...weird.
I got the Daily Bread OCD Hand Sanitizer, which smells of "bread, lightly buttered, with a pinch of creamy sugar". I use a lot of hand sanitizer at work, so why not have some that smell fun? This really does smell like bread; it's actually quite soothing.
And for my final item, both in my FCS order and for this haul, is the Golden Cornucopia Bar Soap. This soap smells like "a sweet, warm funnel cake scent with top notes of buttery cream, milky caramelized sugar, and powdery sweet confectioner’s sugar topping a sweet bread pastry", though I think the caramelized sugar notes stand out the most. I really like this soap; for one thing, it has a built in hand hold! My only problem with it is that it's kind of glittery, and there's a thin gold coating that gets everywhere until you rinse it off.

And that concludes my Fortune Cookie Soap Black Friday haul and my holiday haul! Not the biggest haul, but I'm really, really happy with the items and got and look forward to using them!

Thanks for reading! <3

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