Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some Random Toys I've Gotten! - Monster High, My Little Pony, Zelfs

Hello! Today is "Do ALL The Things" type of day, so I am just getting these posts up left and right! Which is good, since I had fallen a little behind and my space around my computer was getting cluttered (I like to keep things out until I blog about them).

This is a random, most likely short little post about some of the toys I have picked up! I'm not very good at taking pictures of things like this since I never know if I'm going to actually post about it or not (I fall so far behind on things like my subscription boxes that I don't feel like making a post that aren't about those things). I really do want to make other posts that aren't just "look at my subscription box!" since there are a lot of them out there and some boxes, like the Blush.com Mystery Beauty Box, don't gave out different items (well, I suppose they do since sometimes you can get different colors of things).

I got a few Monster High dolls, some more My Little Pony blind bags, and this weird little thing called a "Zelf!" I don't have a video about these, but click below if you want to read more and see what I got!
I'll start with my Monster High dolls since one of them I've had for a while now so technically they're the "oldest".
So this is the "oldest" item I have to show you guys. I got this on Black Friday from Target! This is the other new character from the 13 Wishes series, the other being Twyla (who I personally like more and who was also more abundant). This doll took me forever to find, though admittedly I haven't been trying as hard as I used to. I have so many dolls now, I'm starting to be a little more "choosey" on who I purchase and who I don't. This is actually one of the last dolls I bought not because I necessarily like her or her design but out of a sense of completeness. What makes her unique is that she is very tall (I haven't taken her out of the box due to laziness and lack of display space so I don't know how much taller but I think she's the same height as Nefara) and she has a kind of exo-skeleton design; her skin looks jointed, like she has a carapace. Also her hair is pretty neat! Her "monster" (Mattel uses a pretty creative description of "monster") parent is a genie.

And now for some new dolls!
This is Honey Swamp, from the Hauntlywood series. There were quite a few new characters introduced in this series and this is where I'm starting to draw the line and only buying the dolls that I think are cool looking/interesting/unique. I also have no idea what's going on story-wise since I don't watch the movies and web-isodes but apparently there's something to do with Hauntlywood and the Queen Vampire. Or something. Honey Swamp is a swamp monster (her parent is the Honey Island Swamp Monster, which is an actual thing so that's pretty cool!) and has some fierce hair. She also has a lot of sculpted vine detailing on her body, which is one of those unique things I really love about Monster High dolls. I am a little disappointed in this series, though, since it makes me concerned that Mattel is getting a little lazy, especially since they seem to be putting a lot of effort into the Ever After High series which I think is lame and boring. Honey doesn't have the most interesting outfit, and her shoes and body vines aren't colored (all the previous dolls have some paint on their shoes). These dolls aren't very cheap (they're about $22 each, depending where you get them) and if they continue to lack interesting details, I might stop buying them.
And this is Viperine Gorgon, also from the Hauntlywood series. She is the daughter of Stheno, who is the sister of Medusa, which is neat! And educational! I really wanted this doll and was very excited when I found her! I love her color scheme and she's a makeup artist! How awesome is that! She has a very boho-vibe about her (her hair snakes are like a flower crown and she has some trippy glasses). Her body has sculpted scales, but like Honey Swamp her shoes are uncolored and she just feels like she's missing some detail. I don't know if I'm just being excessively picky (which I probably am; I think I'm starting to feel kind of..."guilty"? about buying so many of these dolls. I have a lot now and at $20 apiece, it's a pretty significant investment) or expecting too much, but, like I said, I am getting worried that Mattel is moving away from Monster High and focusing their energy on Ever After High.

There are a few more dolls in the Hauntlywood line, including another sibling for Howleen, but I don't think I'll ever purchase them since they don't seem that interesting or unique to me. I've also seen the Jane Boolittle doll in stores and the new Sweet Screams dolls and...I don't know. They, too, just don't interest me anymore. At least not to the point where I'd want to spend $20+ on them. Maybe I'm just moving away from Monster High and onto to other things, though I am happy I have the dolls I do have!

Onto The My Little Pony blind bags! These are another toy that I'm starting to move away from purchasing. I'm still buying the new characters in the "big" ponies, but I'm not buying the different versions (if that makes sense. There's a new series out called the "Rainbow series" and they released the main six ponies with glittery hair. I kind of want them, but what's the point if I already have them all, sans glittery hair?). Until I saw these Rainbow series blind bags!
I found these in Target; they were so new they weren't even in the system yet! I got these two and I wanted to get some more, but when I went back the next day they were all sold out and they only had the neon ones left. Which are kind of ugly.
Here's a (crappy) shot of the ponies you can get in this series. A lot of them are the same, but some have special "rainbow" paint on them. Also they're using some of the newer models for the ponies, so now Fluttershy actually has long hair instead of being a sad repaint of Rainbow Dash. This may be the first series where I actually WANTED Rainbow Dash since she has the special paint, but the one I want the most (obviously) is Princess Cadence.

In my first two bags, I got...
Applejack and Fluttershy! I was really excited to get Fluttershy since she is one of my favorites and it's the new model so it's like one that I don't have! Applejack was okay; I don't really like her, but it's better than getting Pinkie Pie.

I was able to snag two more of these bags the next time Target had them in stock. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anymore since but next time I spot them I'm going to pick up a few more. In my second round of two I got...
Sprinkle Medley and Nurse Snowheart! Sprinkle Medley is just a repaint, but her name is funny so that's a win. Nurse Snowheart is kind of cool since she's a non-standard model, but her eyes are painted really weirdly; with the other ponies, their eyes are painted so that if you're looking at them head-on they still look okay, but Nurse Snowheart's eyes are going in two different directions if you look at her from the front!

To round out this post of random toys, I got a random blind bag thing! My husband and I were at Toys R Us buying Skylanders (...we have way too many Skylanders. I think we have over 50 now; I'd have to go recount to make sure. They have a very good (and unfair) system for making you want to buy more; they lock content behind special doors that only certain types of Skylanders can open.) and I saw these weird little things called "Zelfs". They're like more wild-looking troll dolls. You can buy big ones or sets of little ones, or they come in little blind boxes so you can get mystery ones! They were only $3, so I figured why not, it'd be a cheap thrill. There was no indication of what you could get besides there being "3 types", which, before I got one, I wasn't sure what it meant.
And this is who I got! I guess her name is Pega Sue and I got the glitter-type (the "3 types" refers to the three different finishes you can get, standard, metallic, or glitter). I think it's lame when blind boxes expand the number available in the set by doing the "different finishes" thing; I'd much prefer more characters, even if they were just repaints, than three Pega Sues in different finishes. There was a little info sheet that came with her, but I threw it away without taking a picture because I didn't expect to talk about it! These things are kind of neat and I like how "wild" they look so next time I spot some, I'll probably buy another one or two.

And that wraps up this random toy post! I'm not sure if I should try and do more of these, if I should focus on beauty products, or if I should do more life blogging...I'm just not sure where I really want to go with this blog. Regardless, I always appreciate you guys sticking around and reading my rambles!

Thanks for reading! <3

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