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January 2014 Julep Maven Box - Bombshell Plus Add-On - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all doing well (and still here...it's been a while now. The selection window for the February Maven box opened up yesterday already...)! As the title says, this post is going to be all about my January 2014 Julep Maven Box!

This month kind of threw me for a loop; I wasn't expecting the theme nor the type of colors that were selected for the collection. Normally I associate January with either tropical/resort themes and colors or "let's just accept that it's winter and do all blues, whites, and silvers" type of theme and colors. At first I was a little disappointed; I felt like I already had a lot of similar colors and nothing was very innovative or interesting. Then I got my polishes and realized how wrong I was!
If you want to see what I got, and what I thought about it, please keep reading!
So the theme for January 2014's collection was "The Boudoir".
As seen on the info card! This collection was a lot softer and more pastel than I was expecting. Oddly enough, since I love pastels, I already have a lot of them, which is why I was initially disappointed with this collection. Also there was no actual quote, which is kind of lame.
Another disappointment for this month is that, while Julep did indeed release a new product (the Vanish cuticle softener and remover and special cuticle pusher), they did not include it in any of the boxes except Modern Beauty (which didn't come with the pusher, that everyone had to buy separately). The product that everyone got in their boxes was the Ta Da! quick dry drops. I'm not a big fan of quick dry drops; I've tried a couple different brands now and they never seem to work for me. The worst experience I've ever had with quick dry drops was actually with Julep's! In my very first Maven box, I added on a bottle of quick dry drops for $5. When it arrived, it was half-full and yellowed and was basically unusable. Luckily, this time I got a brand new bottle, but the formula is the same and I'm just not a fan. I guess the reason why Julep included the Ta Da! drops in all the boxes instead of the Vanish! cuticle softener was, way back when, they had a poll on Facebook where people could vote to chose which established product they'd like to see included in a Maven box (apparently there were a lot of people asking why Julep always had to come out with something new and why couldn't they throw in current products now and then). I really like new things, so that made me kind of sad.

Since I've been talking about the quick dry drops, I'll just start with them.
They came in a box and they were sealed, which is nice since, like I said, last time I got these they weren't in the best condition. I hear that the best way to store this is to keep it in the box and out of direct sunlight, since that's one of the things that can make it go bad (so why not put it in an opaque bottle, like with the polymer freedom topcoat?). These drops are scented with lavender and ylang ylang; I'm not a big fan of lavender (even though I really, really want to be) so that's another strike against these drops. I've used them a few times and I really haven't noticed any difference in dry time between using these and not using them. In fact, I think I prefer not using them; the top of my polish will feel dry faster, but it will still be very prone to smudging long after it would have been if I had just let it dry on its own.

I feel weird going out of order, but for this months freebie we got buffing blocks!
These have a pretty fine grain, so they're best suited for detail filing (I probably wouldn't actually use these for buffing, but I just like how "buffing blocks" sounds, Much better than "filing blocks"). As far as freebies go, these are probably a step above foil packets, but I wish we got more freebies like the hair ties or the bobby pins we've gotten in the past; things that are a bit less disposable.

As I said above, this month I went with the Bombshell box and I added-on a color from Classic With a Twist. I actually regret not adding on another color from the It Girl box; I'm hoping the next time I hit the 3-months-of-Maven-in-a-row mark, I'll be able to get that one as my free polish.
Julep also introduced two new finishes this month, Satin and Silk (to go along with the Boudoir theme! I almost wish they had introduced another finish that was a little...darker, like a leather or another latex-type finish). Satin is a semi-matte finish and Silk is a semi-matte with shimmer finish. I'm a sucker for different types of finishes, so I picked up one of each (a Satin came in the Bomshell box and I added on a Silk). Silk is my favorite kind of finish because of the shimmer; I just like shiny things I guess.

In the Bombshell box there was...
Mae, a "soft lavender" with a Satin finish and...
Margot, an "Old Hollywood gold shimmer". Margot is my favorite out of these two. I was initially more excited about Mae since I love pastels and purple/blue nail polish, but Margot is just so shiny! I have a lot of golds in my collection, but this one has a very strong metallic finish without having super chunky pieces of glitter.

For my add-on, I picked Abigail from Classic With A Twist.
Abigail is a "light peony pink silk" and by far my favorite polish out of the bunch. In fact, it's the polish that made me fall in love with this collection! I really love the Silk finish and I regret not getting the other Silk finish polish, Farrah, from the It Girl box.
Here they are swatched on my nail wheel. From left to right is Abigail, Mae, and Margot.

Overall, I am very pleased with this month's collection, especially considering how disappointed I was with it at first! What really struck me with this collection was how you can't judge how much you'll like a polish just by looking at a picture; you really have to see it in real life to get a feel for it. There are so many nuances with monitor color settings, brightness settings, the type of lighting the polish was photographed in, how the finish photographs, and so on that can affect how a polish looks when photographed. I also earned a free polish by taking this box, which I will show in a haul post that will hopefully be coming up soon (...it's actually already in video format on Youtube...).

Thanks for reading! <3

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