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December 2013 Ipsy Bag - (A Very Late...) Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Welcome to 2014! I'm pretty excited to be here, if for no other reason than I don't have to write "2013" when I write the date anymore (I have mild triskaidekaphobia so it was a struggle). Well, that and the fact that I'm still alive is pretty exciting, too, but I wasn't expecting it to be otherwise.

Is this my first post of 2014? I can't actually remember if my last holiday haul post made it in before hand or not. I know I started it before 2014, but I don't think it posted in time. As a first post of 2014, this is a little disappointing considered how late I am... As the title says, this is my December 2013 Ipsy bag unboxing/unbagging! I got this way back in December, before Christmas, but I haven't gotten around to getting a blog post written about it.

For those of you who don't know, Ipsy is a $10 a month subscription where you get a cute make-up bag filled with five products. They're mostly drugstore/mid-range and lately have been almost all full sized. Overall, I think Ipsy is a great value and a really fun way to give yourself a little surprise treat every month.
What came in this month's pink bubble mailer? Let's find out!
Like most subscription boxes, Ipsy comes with a little info card that talks about the theme of the box and lists what brands participated.
Apparently the theme was celebration. Or they were just celebrating. Either way, very appropriate for the holiday season.
And here's the back, listing all the brands for this month. Instead of listing the products you get, Ipsy just lists brands since everyone gets different things. You can go to your Glam Room on Ipsy's website and there you can get more specific info on the items that you got, where to buy the full sizes, and all the extra discounts and coupons available to you that month.

This is the bag for the month of December! It's very classy and feels well made; I'd happily pay $5 at least for this bag alone. It was a cool zipper placement and the texture of the plastic studs is interesting. The zipper pull has the Ipsy logo, and the inside is red!

The first product I got in my bag (and this is in no particular order), was a pair of Ardell lashes.
I was really excited to get these; I've always wanted to try Ardell lashes. These are the 120 Demis in Black (...obviously). They come with some lash adhesive, but I might just go out and get a tube of Duo Eyelash glue since it's cheap and very versatile. I tried putting these on, but since I've never put false eyelash one (except one time for Halloween ages ago) I didn't go very well. I'm going to have to practice, but at least I have a good pair to practice with. These retail for $3.99.

Next up is The One Stick in Girl Crush from Be A Bombshell.
This is one of those multi-use types of products; you can use it on eyes, lips, cheeks, and really anywhere else you want. There were three different colors you could get, Girl Crush (this one), Sunset, and Flustered (at least I'm pretty sure those were the ones. I don't want to go look because I don't want January's bag spoiled). Girl Crush is a "light, pearlescent pink", and I think it works best as either a highlighter or an eye color (it's SUPER shimmery so I'm not sure how good it would be as a blush). This is a full size product and is worth $16.

The next, and tied for most disappointing, is the Nicka K New York nail polish in the color Classic Taupe.
Sorry for this weirdly lit photo, my apartment gets terrible natural light. I was disappointed in this product because I really don't like this brand. At all. I've gotten a couple things from Nicka K in my Glossyboxes and they've been pretty awful. Taupe also isn't a color I really reach for, though the other one you could have gotten was Ripe Apple, a red, which I don't think I look good in. Here's a swatch:
There were two other nail polishes you could have gotten; a purple Gumdrop finish polish from Julie G and a black and yellow glitter polish from Starrily, either of which I would have been much happier to have gotten. This is a full size bottle and is worth $4.99.

The other product that disappointed me was the NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in the color Cream.
What disappointed me about this product was the color, not the product itself. I like the formula and how this lipstick felt on my lips, but the color made me look dead and washed out. I really can't pull off browns and this is a very brown-toned lip color. There were a ton of other colors you could get (I don't remember them all but there were at least 10) and I think I would have been happy with almost any other color. I can try to make this work by layering it either over or under another color, but we'll see. This is another full size and is worth $4.

Here's a somewhat off swatch of the lipstick and The One Stick; the lipstick is on top and the The One Stick on the bottom.

The final product I got in my box was an eyeshadow trio from Pop Beauty.

These are three different shadows from the Smokin' Hot eyeshadow palette, which includes ten shadows in total. You could also get three shadows from the Naturally Bare palette (another ten shadow palette) which were more warm/brown in tone.
The shadows were nicely pigmented and they swatched well, even without primer. I almost wish I would have gotten the other set since I think it had a gold in it, which would have been awesome. The ten shadow palettes are $24, making each individual eyeshadow worth about $2.40, so this trio has a value of approximately $7.20.

So overall, in my December 2013 Ipsy bag I got four full sized products and one "deluxe sample" (kind of), at a total value of $36.18. For $10, including shipped and the make-up bag, this was well worth the money and I'm very happy, even if I found two of the products to be slightly disappointing.

Thanks for reading! <3

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