Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Angelic Pretty 2014 Lucky Pack - Candy Sprinkle JSK Set - Unboxing/Unbagging!

Hello! Hope you guys are doing well! I'm really blasting through my blogging backlog today; it's very exciting! I'm not sure why I'm so motivated, but I won't question it.

For this post, I'm going to show you guys my 2014 Lucky Pack (also called a Fukubukuro) from Angelic Pretty! I was lucky enough to get a Candy Sprinkle JSK Set in the color lavender from the San Francisco Angelic Pretty; I think this set in this colorway sold out in like 15-20 minutes! I was really sad last year when I missed out on the Dream Fantasy sets, which I think sold out in like six minutes...

Just some quick, basic info (I don't want to go too in-depth, otherwise this post will get long and boring) about Angelic Pretty and lucky packs: Angelic Pretty is a brand of clothing from Japan that specializes in a fashion called "Lolita". It's basically wearing frilly, elegant dresses. There are plenty of good resources of information about lolita fashion online, but I do want to make the disclaimer that it does not have anything to do with the novel "Lolita" (which is a very, very good book so read it). Lucky packs are something that a lot of Japanese companies do around the New Years (and some also do them at different times, like the Meta summer packs) to help clear out old stock and make room for the new! Lucky packs are a great way to save money since you get a lot more value (usually) than what you pay. The only catch is, you don't always know what's going to be in the bags so you might end up with stuff you don't want.

Some brands will release "lucky bags" where you know what everything inside is. These are somewhat less fun (surprises!) but since you know exactly what you're getting, there's not really any chance you'll be disappointed. This lucky pack from Angelic Pretty is this latter type; they revealed everything that was in it.

This pack ended up costing me around $220, which, while being a bit more expensive than if I had bought a pack from Japan (this set was about $160 in Japan and the San Francisco store sold them for $200 plus $22 for shipping. After adding EMS shipping and PayPal fees and what not, the prices are about even) was still totally worth it. Jumperskirts alone can sell for more than $200 new and in this set I was getting five things: an original, made-only-for-this-lucky-pack print JSK, a blouse, a headbow, matching socks, and a bag. There were three different colorways (pink, black, and lavender), as well as a more expensive set with a different style of JSK, a different style of blouse, a cardigan, a bonnet, a coat, a bag, and matching socks, a salopette set which included a salopette, cutsew (a hooded long-sleeved shirt), barrette (is that really how it's spelled? It looks weird), socks, and a smaller bag. There was also a non-print set which indluded a JSK, blouse, headbow, socks, and bag which would have been cute, but I didn't want to push my luck.
Everything came wrapped in plastic inside of this super cute tote!
I want to start by saying that pictures don't do these items justice. I've heard that you can't really appreciate Angelic Pretty's dresses until you've seen them in person. And it is very true. To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure I even liked the Candy Sprinkle print when I first saw it. It was cute, but it didn't seem all that special. I did want to get a set since I don't really have anything from Angelic Pretty (I have a couple dresses from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, some Meta skirts and blouses, and a blouse and cardigan from Innocent World) and figured this would be the best (cheapest) way to get my hands on some. I am sooooo happy I bought this set; it's so gorgeous and detailed in person!

I'll start with the bag, for no reason really.
The pink and lavender sets came with a pink bag and the black set came with a black one. I like the contrast of the pink bag with the lavender dress, plus, the pink is way more versatile with my wardrobe than a lavender bag would be. It has a very soft, buttery feel and it's pretty roomy inside. I love the pearl detail on the bow!

This is the blouse! I wish I had taken more detail shots, but if you're interested I think the video does a better job of showing off the finer points of this blouse. It's white, which goes well with the pastel colors of the dress and it has so many little details to it! There's a couple different kinds of lace (including two different kinds on the cuffs) and the buttons have glitter! There's no shirring so I was worried it wouldn't fit mybust, but this blouse fits me perfectly.

These are the matching socks. I haven't tried them on yet, but they look like they're OTKs (which is good; I have weird knees...). They match the dress well and really complete the set.

This is the headbow, and the most disappointing part of the bag. It's great that Angelic Pretty gave us a matching bow, but it doesn't feel like it's "up to snuff" so to speak. I don't have any Angelic Pretty bows to compare it to, but I have heard other people saying that it's wonky and not up to the same quality as other bows. It definitely looks wonky to me, but I'm hoping a little ironing will help.

And here's the jumperskirt! This picture is probably very underwhelming, but I assure you this dress is stunning in person! I'm so happy I went with the lavender; sometimes I think I look weird in pink and I don't really like black sweet lolita dresses. They seem like a paradox to me.
Here's a detail shot of the bodice; there's glittery heart buttons!
And here's a few close-ups of the print. I love the color they used for this horse's mane and tail!
This carousel bunny is adorable!
I really hope these pictures show some of the detail that I'm talking about; I wish I had more Angelic Pretty dresses in my collection!

And that's a quick rundown of my Candy Sprinkle JSK Lucky Pack! I am just over the moon and ecstatic that I was able to snag one of these in the colorway I wanted! It was such a good deal and totally worth my $220. I plan on wearing this set to convention coming up, so I may get some pictures of it worn to show you guys.

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Very very cute, I'm so jealous of everyone who got a lucky pack :)

  2. if you ever want to sell it ;D I'm here friend ^^