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Sylveon Collection Pokemon TCG Boxset Opening!

Hello! This is going to be one of my (now) rare non-makeup posts! I really should make more of these; I feel like sometimes my blog is just a recap of my videos and it doesn't ever provide any additional content. And who wants to read that? No one, that's who! I'm not sure if I want to make this blog more personal and start talking about my everyday life along with my various makeup and "Look what I bought!" posts. In the beginning, before I was as into makeup as I am now (and before I made videos), I feel like there was a lot more variety in the things I talked about. Maybe I'll and get back to that, though I never was very good at keeping up a journal/diary.

This post is going to be about the special Sylveon Collection boxset form the Pokemon Trading Card Game! I got this boxset before it was even supposed to be on shelves; I first saw it in Toys R Us and even though it was $25 (when I buy these box sets, I don't like paying more than I would for individual packs of cards so this is a little on pricey side) I had to have it. When I went to check out, the cashier had to call a manager over since the computer wouldn't let me buy it. He said he couldn't sell it to me before the street date, and that was fine, but for some reason, even though I told him it was okay, he kept explaining to me why he couldn't sell it to me. I had to tell him it was okay three or four times before he stopped trying to explain. I used to work retail, so I know how awful people can be, so he was probably used to people getting really angry and not understanding. He was also dealing with some shoplifters at the same time, so he wasn't having the best time (there was a couple that were apparently being watched and they got SUPER angry about it and started swearing and yelling and just making a scene. It's like...if you weren't doing anything wrong, why get so angry that people were watching you? Nothing is more obvious than getting that mad). I was pretty sad I couldn't get the set, but luckily, another store my husband and I went to that night had them in stock! And were willing to sell it to me! For only $20!

Like everyone who like Pokemon, I love the Eeveelutions! They're adorable cat/dog creatures and they come in many different types. My favorite Pokemon from the first 151 is an Eeveelution; Vaporeon. It seems every game or so now, Nintendo comes up with a new Eeveelution. For Pokemon X & Y, the new Eeveelution was Sylveon, a Fairy-type. This boxset celebrates Eevee and all it Eeveelutions, including the brand new Sylveon and Fairy-type (which was also first introduced in X & Y).

In this set you get:
four booster packs of Pokemon cards, including two from the newest (I think) expansion Black and White Legendary Treasures,
this cute Sylveon figure, which is really well painted and modeled,
special foil cards of Eevee and all its evolutions, and...
a foil Sylveon card and Fairy energy! I like the idea of a new type, but I always find them kind of irritating in the TCG. I started playing the Pokemon TCG when it first came out; I had the entire Base set, the entire Jungle set, and the entire Fossil set. My interested kind of waned after the Fossil set and I stopped collecting the cards until fairly recently. My local comic book shop still has a Pokemon League on Saturdays, but I'm kind of afraid to go. A lot of things have changed and I'm no where near as good as I used to be. Also I'm pretty sure I'd get my ass handed to me by ten-year-olds and that's just embarrassing. Anyways, when Pokemon first came out, with the Base set, in every pack you got an energy. You need energy to power a Pokemon's moves, without it, and especially without the right kind, you can't attack. Energy is so important that you used to need at lest 20-25 in a deck (Pokemon decks are 60 cards). Times have changed and I know people can run decks now with much less, but it's still important. If you bought enough packs to make a 60 card deck, you were more than likely to have enough energy of the correct type to power it. You can also buy theme decks, which are pre-made decks that generally aren't very good but they give a lot of duplicate cards to help you build other decks, including energy. Now, when Dark and Steel types came out, they had their own energy cards to collect. But these were so few and far between, it was hard to get enough energy to make a viable deck! I ended up having to buy a theme deck just to get enough dark energy! I'm not sure where the new Fairy energy is going to come from; I don't think the Black & White Legendary Treasures packs have energy, but since there aren't any Fairy-type Pokemon in the Black & White games, it's not a big issue. Hopefully, if Nintendo releases a new expansion that includes Fairy-type Pokemon, they'll include a lot of energy!

I think this was a very lucky boxset since I got some nice cards in my booster packs!
This is what I got in my Next Destinies (does that make grammatical sense?) pack! Pretty good, a lot of duplicates, but I've been collecting this expansion for a while so that's to be expected.
This is my Dragons Exalted booster. Check out that Mew EX card!
Here's one of the new Legendary Treasures packs. This set has a different kind of card; if you look at the Growlithe in the lower left corner, you can kind of see that it has a holographic flowery pattern. All cards in an expansion are labeled with what number they are out of the set in the lower right corner (so you'll get cards with 23/115 for example. There are super rare cards that are things like 125/124 but those are, well, rare), but these have "RC" in front of their number and a separate count from the other cards (so a normal card will be 55/120, but these cards are RC 2/45). I haven't been following Pokemon TCG news, so I have no idea what it means, but it's very interesting and appealing to me as a collector!
And this is my other Legendary Treasures booster pack. Mmmm...full art Reshiram (this is one of the RC cards; it's very beautiful!). And then a holo Reshiram with some creepy artwork. AND a White Kyurem EX! Very nice!

I'm super happy I was able to get this boxset! It has a great collection of Eeveelution cards, an adorable Sylveon figure, a special Sylveon and Fairy-type energy card, AND I got some great pulls in the boosters! If you like Pokemon, especially the Eeveelutions, I say get this set!

Thanks for reading! <3

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