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More Holiday Hauling! - Sephora/LUSH/Sigma/bh Cosmestics!

Hello! I bought more things! And I want to show you guys the things I bought! These haul posts are going to be pretty common this time of year; there are so many good deals out there that it's kind of hard to not buy anything. And yes, I know that's kind of sad, but what can you do?

This time around, I bought some things in actual stores, I got some things from bh Cosmetics, and I ordered some stuff from Sephora! ...I don't know why I was ever worried about making VIB Rouge or not. It's nice to have free shipping on everything, though. Otherwise this order probably would have never happened, so there's that. I'm hoping this doesn't get too long, but I have a lot more pictures than I thought I did, so we'll see.

Even though I started with the stuff I bought in-store in the video, I'm actually going to start with my Sephora order because it came in a box and I have a picture of the box and for some weird reason I like to use "full order in the box" pictures before my jump cuts. Don't judge me.
That's a nice, full box there! Actually, it's not all that full...
I wasn't really expecting to place another order with Sephora so soon, but I got an e-mail from them showing off the newest 500-point reward and I had to have it. I've never tried it, but I'm pretty sure that Sephora won't let you just order a reward, so I picked up a couple small things (very small things; I am very, very happy I have free shipping!).
These are the three samples I picked! The Gucci fragrance is going to be a stocking stuffer, I like tarte's maracuja oil, uh, oil so I thought I'd give the eye cream a try (I've been using this for about a week; you get a pretty good amount, especially for a foil packet. I like it.), and I got the Algenist primer because it wasn't another fragrance (Sephora loves to give out fragrance samples).

In this order, I only bought two things, for a combined grand total of $8. I can't say enough how happy I am to have free shipping; there's no way I would have paid shipping on this order (I think it's like $7 when you actually have to pay).
I picked up this Sephora Nano Lip Liner in the color Queen Quartz. It's kind of a dusty, mauvey pink. I picked this up on a total whim; I have no lip liners (well, had no lip liners, now I have two) and with all the lip products I've acquired in the last month or so, I thought it would be a wise investment. I didn't know that Sephora made these little lip liners; I've used their Nano eyeliners before, but this is a whole new product for me (though I'm sure they've been around forever and I've just never noticed). I picked this color because I thought it would go well with lip colors that I already enjoy wearing, but looking back I'm kind of sad I didn't pick up a red one since I really want to start wearing red lipsticks more and you really need a lip liner to make them work.

And this is the other I paid money for, a Sephora by OPI crackle nail polish in the color "Blasted Black", which is just black.
Crackle nail polish is old news; I don't think anyone even wears it anymore. I bought another crackle polish from this collection a long time ago and I've never even opened it. I had a very specific reason for buying this, though, and I was so happy when it was back in the Sale section on (it was there for a while but then when the VIB 20% off sale was going on, it and all the other Sephora by OPI polishes mysteriously disappeared. I would have gotten it then if I could have). I found a cool nail tutorial on Youtube for...LAVA NAILS!
Fierce, right? I don't know why my hand is a weird red color. I don't really like my hands; they're always a weird color and dry and just bleh. But lava nails! This was the first time I'd ever used a crackle polish, and it was actually really fun to watch dry! I can see why this was a big deal when they first came out. The tutorial I watched for comes from KlairedelysArt and can be found here:

And now for the reason why I placed this order in the first place...
This Dior Addict 500-point reward set! I've always wanted to try Dior products, but I never felt justified dropping the cash. While I do have some high-end makeup products, I don't really have anything "designer" level (only my YSL Touche Elcat). There's just something about Dior that feels so...haute couture, I guess. Not a very good description, but I think you get what I mean. This is a three piece set consisting of a lipstick mini, a fragrance mini, and a bracelet!
This is the lipstick! It's smaller than a full size, but it looks exactly the same, which is awesome! I really like the uniqueness of Dior's lipstick packaging. The irridescent plastic shell, the somewhat impractical's gorgeous. This is in the color 578 Dior Kiss and it's a sheer dark pink; very wearable and pretty.
Now, when I ordered this, the description said I would be getting a sample size of Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle Eau du Toilette. I was excited to try it out since the notes it had (jasmine, lilac, rose, and white musk) sounded appealing (well, besides the rose, but I find that when it's playing second fiddle to other florals it's more tolerable). This is not Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle Eau du Toilette. This is...
Dior Addict Eau Delice Eau du Toilette. The notes in this perfume are cranberry, ylang ylang, and white musk. Very different from the promised Eau Sensuelle. But not bad! I wasn't sure what to expect with a top note of cranberry, but this is a very wearable fragrance. I still want to try Eau Sensuelle, but I'm not devastated that I got this one instead.

Now, the most interesting part of this three-piece set, the bracelet!
I think this is what made me really want to get this set! I'm not used to getting non-make up things as rewards from Sephora, and I kind of like the idea of having something that will last a lot longer (hopefully!) then, say, a lipstick. I was worried that this was going to super cheap, Forever21 tier jewelry, but it actually feels pretty sturdy, like something you'd find at JCPenney or Kohl's for $19.99. It's one big, long chain that you can wrap twice around your wrist (I do it three times because I have tiny wrist syndrome), and even though I'm not sure how it would look, you could wear it as a necklace as well. It has a bunch of charms on it including a big fake pearl, a black fabric ribbon, a silver star, and big gaudy rhinestone, and a flat metal circle stamped with the CD logo. This is definitely an interesting and unique reward and I'm really glad I got it!

Since I'm already talking about things I bought online, I'm going to continue the trend and talk about my order from bh Cosmetics next. I hadn't really heard about bh Cosmetics until xSparkage talked about the Galaxy Chic palette on Youtube (video here: ), but they sell pretty good quality makeup for dirt cheap. For the November 2013 ipsy bag, they gave out samples of the eyeshadows from the Galaxy Chic palette along with a promo code for 20% off, which I took advantage of. I didn't want to pay for shipping, and I didn't want to spend $50 on cheap makeup that I may not like, so I put off buying the palette for a while, until my mom decided that she wanted to order some things from bh Cosmetics. With the combination of her order and mine, we were able to get free shipping! I'm not going to show the things she bought since some of them were gifts, but I got the Galaxy Chic palette and the 3rd Edition 120-color eyeshadow palette.
I'll start with the Galaxy Chic since everyone and their mom (including mine) own/want/have talked about it. It's an 18-color baked eyeshadow palette and it's GORGEOUS.
The colors are bright, multidimensional, and have great color payoff. My only complaint with this palette is how cheap the palette itself is; I've been storing it in a slot of a mail sorter (I recently got one to help store and organize my palettes and it's been a godsend) and it's started to warp. It doesn't close all the way anymore (there's actually a pretty huge gap...) so now I can't travel with it. Which is sad because it's so pretty. I'm going to try and stack something heavy on it to see if it goes back to normal, but I'm not sure if it will work.
I had a hard time deciding which edition of the 120-color palettes I wanted, but I ended up with the 3rd. I liked this one because it had a mix of matte and shimmer and I feel like it had a really good mix of brights and neutrals. I do want to get the 2nd and 5th editions, and maybe the 4th, but I'm going to wait and see if my mom wants to do another combined order again so I can get free shipping.
My box came a little dinged up, so I was worried that I'd have some broken eyeshadows. Mailing palettes like this always makes me nervous since I feel like they got tossed around a lot in shipping.
Here's the actual case of the palette! It says it's new and improved, but I can't tell you what they improved since I've never had anything by bh Cosmetics before.
And finally, what you've probably been waiting for, the shadows! They come on two removable trays, with the brights collected on one and the more smokey neutrals on the other. I like how this palette is visually split between day and night. I did have a broken shadow, but one broken shadow out of 120 isn't bad (it's the purple color five shadows in the first column on the left of the smokey/night tray). I haven't played around much with this palette, nor have I swatched it, so I can't really speak for its quality or pigmentation or anything, but I've heard good things and it was only $15 so I'm not too worried about it.

So those are things I got online! Which means it's time for the things I got in actual stores from LUSH and Sigma! I went shopping with my mom at our big mall to get some things for Christmas (it's easier to get little spur of the moment stocking stuffer gifts when you're with the person who's going to give them to you. I know it sounds weird, but it's better than trying to describe some little $2 item to my mom and have her go out and try to find it. Plus, there's a lot of stuff that's in the big mall that my mom can't get at home) and I picked up some stuff for myself. Because I'm cool like that. Actually, I just wanted to take advantage of being able to go to the big mall; it's been hard since I started working "normal" Mon-Fri hours to find time when my husband and are off work together and the mall isn't crazy busy.
I picked up this lip scrub from LUSH since my current one, Bubblegum, is getting all dried out and old. I went with Popcorn this time because I like the ingredients in it better than the ones in Bubblegum. You're supposed to lick these off your lips after using them to scrub and while Bubblegum is very tasty, it has some stuff in it that I don't think it needs to have, while Popcorn doesn't! I also wanted to try the new Santa scrub that tastes like cola, but I didn't really like the smell of it. I've used this quite a bit now and I'm still on the fence on how it tastes. It's a very unique taste; it's not necessarily bad, just very...different. It's salty (from the salt), sweet (from the sugar), and grainy (from the cornmeal). I prefer how Bubblegum tastes, but I'm going to stick with Popcorn just because of the ingredients.

Now, in our big mall, we get a lot of unique stores. One such store that opened fairly recently is Sigma's! I've always wanted to go in, but there's never anyone in there and the shop people look so eager to talk to you that it's kind of intimidating for someone awkward like me. With my mom with me, I felt much better about going in and I finally decided to check it out. What I really wanted to see was Sigma's F80 Flat Kabuki brush since I've heard a lot of people talk about on Youtube (and I needed a better way to put on my liquid foundation than just my hands). My mom and I went in and were greeted by a very nice and very cute shopgirl. She was super friendly and helpful and made my first experience in Sigma's store a good one. I was a little unsure if I wanted to spend $21 on a brush, but after feeling how soft it was I knew I couldn't go home without it.
Also, how cute is this bag? If you said "super cute", you'd be correct! I think they may be on commission, or at least get some kind of reward for selling, since the girl who helped me out made sure she was also the one to check me out (which isn't a bad thing; I didn't feel pressured or anything at all to buy while I was shopping).
Mmm, brush. I want to get more Sigma brushes, but they're a little out of my price range right now. There's a really cute set that's blue and comes in this cool travel case, but it's $155. Maybe after Christmas I'll have the extra cash...we'll see (though I did just pick up some new Ecotools so I don't think I really need anymore brushes right now, even if they are really nice ones). I also got some extras!
She threw in some pamphlets that showed the whole brush collection and the whole makeup collection.
Makeup! I am interested in getting one of their eyeshadow base sets. Maybe that's where my Christmas money will go since they're only like $38 for a set of three with a brush.
I also got these two little sample booklets. They don't say what they are on the outside but...
One is a sample of their brow powders and the other...
Is a sample of some of their eyeshadows! Generally, I find that flat samples like these aren't the best way to try out powder products, but they're fun to get and I'm really glad they threw them in my bag!

That's that for this haul! And now I can put everything away, whew! There's going to be at least one more haul before Christmas (...I already have everything and I even made a video about it, I just have to post it here) so if you like reading these, stay tuned! Exclamation points everywhere!

Thanks for reading! <3

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