Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and First Impressions!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great last weekend before Christmas! I love this time of year, even if it can get pretty crazy out in the wild (and by the wild, I mean at the mall). Everything just seems so sparkly and bright and full of potential, and it can be very uplifting!

This post is, as the title subtly hints at, going to be about my December 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box. Blush started shipping these super early in the month, so I've had this for a while now and have been able to try out some of the products. This months box is soooo much better than last months. I was worried that Blush was slipping and going the way of Glossybox (which I do not regret at all cancelling; I've been watching unboxing videos on Youtube and don't think that it's worth the $21 a month when you could get something like this box for just a few dollars more), but they brought things back around!

Blush Mystery Beauty boxes are $24.95 a month if you subscribe, or you can get a one-time box for $34.95 (it's worth it to subscribe) and they have $100+ worth of products (this month they went back to saying it was a $100+ value, instead of a more concrete number like they did last month. I prefer the vague "$100+ value" over any actual number since, as long as it's over $100 I'm happy. If they promise a certain value and then don't meet it, like last month, that really irritates me).

I'm sure you're just itching to see what was in this months box that has me so pleased, so without further ado, let's get started!
Extra big box this month means it's even more exciting!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Another Holiday Haul! - Sephora Black Friday, Ulta, and Kohls

Hello! So, I like buying things. But who doesn't? And I bought more things! Well, these things were bought pretty far in the past now; these are things I picked up Black Friday and the following week or so (the details are a little fuzzy now; I've been buying so much for Christmas and all that, it's hard to keep track of when I bought things). This isn't everything I got; I didn't want to show off any Christmas presents since my family is very keen on keeping Christmas gifts a secret and I don't want to ruin anyone's surprise (this is most likely why I'm such a sucker for mystery boxes).

For Black Friday, I didn't really want to leave my house, so lucky for me there were a lot of great deals online! I actually did go to Target on "Black Friday" (it was like 11pm on Thanksgiving) since we live so close, but I just bought toilet paper. Yup, on Black Friday. Last year I bought ketchup and some Pokemon cards. I find it amusing. Anyways! So, yes, I took advantage of stores offering their Black Friday deals online, one of those being Sephora! I was lucky and got most of what I wanted, but I missed on the Philosophy face cleanser for $10. I guess the Black Friday deals went up 11:00pm my time (CST) so I missed them at first. I thought Sephora might do it like that (so they went up at it Eastern time? I don;t actually know. I could probably Google it but meh), but when I refreshed the page at 11:00pm, I didn't see the Black Friday deals anywhere (there's usually a big banner you click on). It wasn't until about 11:30pm that it finally popped up for me, and by then all the Philosophy face cleanser were gone. Sad times.

I also got some things from physical stores; I went the Saturday morning after Black Friday and it was so nice; the stores were pretty dead but all the Black Friday (well, most of them) were still going on. I never had to wait in line very long and there weren't really any people. The mall did start to fill up around lunchtime, but by then I was already on my way home. I did make one more stop during the week after Black Friday, since I had some coupons that didn't go into effect until December 5th (I think in one of my videos, I talk about waiting for a bus that never came in 5°F weather and my dedication to shopping. It's sad).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 2013 Julep Maven Box - Bombshell Plus an Add-On - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a good weekend! It is very cold here (with windchill it's been below 0°F) so I've been stuck at home. It's also really icy out, which makes going by car treacherous. Luckily, my husband is a very good driver and doesn't panic easily so we haven't gotten into any accidents or anything, but there have been some scary moments (we dropped off some books at the library yesterday and on the way out, the car started sliding and we almost hit a snowbank. Yay). I have a touch of cabin fever, but I might go to Target or something just to go out and do something.

Speaking of Target (and I promise this will be the last aside before I get to my December 2013 Julep Maven box), in the men's section, they have this advertisement/signage thing that has the best Christmas sweater ever. It has a cat on it and the cat is wearing a dollar sign gold necklace with a word balloon that says "Meow-y" and then underneath the cat it says "Christmas", using the dollar sign necklace as the middle "S". Seriously, it is the best sweater ever and I need it and it's not there. My husband even went to a different Target to look for it and it wasn't there, either. He asked an employee who said they have gotten a lot of people asking about it, but they've never had it in the store so he didn't know if they were even selling it or not. There's a pair of socks with the same design so I really hope they do make it and will get it in stock soon so I can wear it for Christmas.

Seriously, I'm going to talk about my December 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell box now...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sylveon Collection Pokemon TCG Boxset Opening!

Hello! This is going to be one of my (now) rare non-makeup posts! I really should make more of these; I feel like sometimes my blog is just a recap of my videos and it doesn't ever provide any additional content. And who wants to read that? No one, that's who! I'm not sure if I want to make this blog more personal and start talking about my everyday life along with my various makeup and "Look what I bought!" posts. In the beginning, before I was as into makeup as I am now (and before I made videos), I feel like there was a lot more variety in the things I talked about. Maybe I'll and get back to that, though I never was very good at keeping up a journal/diary.

This post is going to be about the special Sylveon Collection boxset form the Pokemon Trading Card Game! I got this boxset before it was even supposed to be on shelves; I first saw it in Toys R Us and even though it was $25 (when I buy these box sets, I don't like paying more than I would for individual packs of cards so this is a little on pricey side) I had to have it. When I went to check out, the cashier had to call a manager over since the computer wouldn't let me buy it. He said he couldn't sell it to me before the street date, and that was fine, but for some reason, even though I told him it was okay, he kept explaining to me why he couldn't sell it to me. I had to tell him it was okay three or four times before he stopped trying to explain. I used to work retail, so I know how awful people can be, so he was probably used to people getting really angry and not understanding. He was also dealing with some shoplifters at the same time, so he wasn't having the best time (there was a couple that were apparently being watched and they got SUPER angry about it and started swearing and yelling and just making a scene. It's like...if you weren't doing anything wrong, why get so angry that people were watching you? Nothing is more obvious than getting that mad). I was pretty sad I couldn't get the set, but luckily, another store my husband and I went to that night had them in stock! And were willing to sell it to me! For only $20!


More Holiday Hauling! - Sephora/LUSH/Sigma/bh Cosmestics!

Hello! I bought more things! And I want to show you guys the things I bought! These haul posts are going to be pretty common this time of year; there are so many good deals out there that it's kind of hard to not buy anything. And yes, I know that's kind of sad, but what can you do?

This time around, I bought some things in actual stores, I got some things from bh Cosmetics, and I ordered some stuff from Sephora! ...I don't know why I was ever worried about making VIB Rouge or not. It's nice to have free shipping on everything, though. Otherwise this order probably would have never happened, so there's that. I'm hoping this doesn't get too long, but I have a lot more pictures than I thought I did, so we'll see.

Even though I started with the stuff I bought in-store in the video, I'm actually going to start with my Sephora order because it came in a box and I have a picture of the box and for some weird reason I like to use "full order in the box" pictures before my jump cuts. Don't judge me.
That's a nice, full box there! Actually, it's not all that full...

Winter 2013 Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box - The Nightmare Before Christmas! - Unboxing and First Impressions

Hello! ...I know I shouldn't even say it, I shouldn't draw attention to it. I know this is how I start 80% of my blog posts now...I just don't know why I can't do these in a timely manner! Making videos should be harder than just typing things out but for some reason I get them filmed and uploaded so much faster. But I won't talk about it anymore and we can all pretend that this is all happening efficiently and promptly. Besides, now that everything's up for sale on Fortune Cookie Soap's website, you don't have to wait to buy any of these products (if I posted this as soon as I got, you'd have to wait about a week and a half)!

Yes, this is all about the Winter 2013 Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box! This time, it was The Nightmare Before Christmas themed! This was a very popular box and it sold out quite fast. Not sure if FCS is going to open subscriptions for the spring box, but I assume that a lot of people subscribed only for this box and that they'll unsubscribe before the next box (or that they already have). A quick refresher on what the FCS Soap Box is: it is a quarterly box that's $20 (shipping included) that showcases the new scents FCS has come up with for the season. You also get a special code to get $10 off any order from FCS, so the box technically only costs $10. Most things are deluxe sample sized, though you do get a full sized fortune cookie soap (FCS's namesake) and some other full sized things like maybe an OCD hand sanitizer. This is my third FCS Soap Box and I absolutely love them, so if you're interested, I highly recommend subscribing to it if you're able to.

Without further ado, let's get into this seasons box!
It's both Halloweeny and Christmasy!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sephora VIB Sale Fall/Winter 2013 Haul!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great weekend! I'm super pumped for next week since I only have to work for three days, then get a four day weekend! I definitely need the extra days off; I've been having a hard time lately with stress and what-not, and I feel like a long, semi-relaxing break will do me some good. Minus Thanksgiving because that's probably going to turn out to be quite drama-filled and is one of the things that's stressing me out so we'll stop talking about that for now.

Anyhow! Sephora! VIB! Sale! Yes! Every year (at least, every year I've been a VIB), Sephora has had a special 20% "Friends and Family" type of sale during the fall/around the holidays (I'm trying to remember when the last one was...I think there was snow on the ground and it was cold, but I also may be thinking of another VIB special that was during the spring. It's cold and snowy here from late fall-late spring...). This year, only VIB and VIB Rouge members were given the 20% off coupons (I think this is different from last year because I saw a few comments on Facebook from people who were upset that it was only for VIBs this year, but I don't know for sure since I've been a VIB for a long time now) with another one-time use coupon they could give to a family member or a friend (the 20% coupon for the VIB was reusable during the sale from Nov. 7th-Nov. 11th). These 20% off coupons are a big since it's 20% off everything (I'm sure there's some exceptions, but they are few and far between) and a lot of the makeup at Sephora is high-end and rarely ever on sale. Before the sale, I was about $140 away from hitting VIB Rouge, and, since I'm pretty sure I'll never get that close to it again (you have to spend $1000 in a calendar year...I really hope I never do that again...) I really wanted to use this sale as a way to maximize my spending power and push through.

I can happily say that I am now a VIB Rouge with all perks due to such a prestigious title (in all honesty though I'm kind of embarrassed...that's about $100 a month on beauty products. From one store...).
I made an order on and I bought even more in the store!