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Sephora Inside JCP Exclusive - Lip Service Lip Sampler - Review!

Hello! It's been such a dreary day today; I was hoping to get some videos filmed (I. Have. So. Much. Stuff. And I want to show everyone!) but with the poor lighting, I thought maybe I'd catch up on some blog posts instead! I really do need to invest in some kind of extra lighting. I was thinking about getting one of those ring light mirrors from Target, but I'm not sure if they would work with my set-up (if you don't watch my videos, I film on my carpet and only show my hands; I think the ring-light-mirror only really works when it's your actual face being filmed). I might have to move things from my carpet to my desk or something, but that would mean I'd have to rearrange some of our big floor lamps. Or, you know, I could just start actually filming myself, but that highly unlikely.

But that's not what this post is about and I'm sure that's not what you were expecting to read about when you clicked here! What I actually want to talk about in this post is my Spehora Inside JCP exclusive Lip Service Lip Sampler! If you've been on Sephora's website or to an actual store, you'll probably have seen the "Sephora Favorites" sampler sets. They release them every year around the holidays, and they usually have a mascara one, an eyeliner one, an expensive one with a bunch of different types (it's called the "Superstars" set this year), a fragrance one (there are like four of these this's weird), a special glitzy party look one, and two lip product ones (one's smaller than the other, by a lot). These sets are really nice to get if you're interested in trying out a lot of different products at once, or if you want travel sizes of some favorites. Most of the products in these kits are "deluxe sample" or "travel size", but you do get full sizes as well. This year, the favorite, and most often sold out set, seems to be the big "Give Me Some More Lip" set which retails for $59, has 16 products, and is worth $209 (compared with the smaller "Give Me Some Lip" set which is $25, has 6 products, and is worth $90).

I have found a somewhat secret, third lip sampler set - the Lip Service set! It's a little more expensive than the Give Me Some Lip set at $28 for 6 products (it also seems to be worth a little less, too, valued at $83), but what really drew my attention to it was that, unlike the Give Me Some Lip, it included samples that are in the Give Me Some More Lip set. The best way to describe it is a smaller version of the More Lip set, which is totally awesome!
Such a pretty box!
The front of this box is pretty informative; it shows the price, value, and the six lip products that are included. I got lucky and got the last one (at least when I went; actually, I should back up and talk about I was shopping at my mall and, as usual, I stopped by the Sephora in JCPenney because they seem to have better stuff on sale and will have things in stock that aren't at the regular Sephora. There was a stand outside one of the entrances and it had three different Sephora Inside JCP sampler kits. There was this lip kit, an eyeliner kit, and a mascara kit. They are all around $30 and they seem to be smaller versions of the Sephora Favorites sets. I had spent a lot of money and convinced myself that I didn't need to spend anymore so I didn't get it the first time I saw it. After I went home and thought about it, I realized that, since these kits are exclusive to the Sephoras in JCPs, you can't just buy them online. You have to actually go to a JCPenney and get them. I assumed that these lip kits would be hot ticket items so I regretted not getting one. When I could make it out to the mall again, a couple days later, this was the last lip kit left. It had some pink makeup marks on it, but it was still sealed so I bought it. I'm very glad I did, since these are so popular, though, since these are exclusive items and not found on the Sephora or JCP website, it doesn't seem like this purchase counted towards my Beauty Insider points nor my total purchases. I e-mailed customer service and they were able to credit me the BI points, but not credit the $28 towards my "total spent at Sephora this year". Bummer.) and couldn't wait to get home and try the products out!
The back of the box is also very informative (and makeup smudged); I find it interesting that the Bite Beauty pencil and Samshbox lipstick are made in Canada, the Buxon, OCC, and tarte products are made in the USA, and the Stila gloss is made in China. I used to really like Stila products, but I feel like I'm moving away from them and on to "better" brands. The same thing happened to me with Benefit. Stila and Benefit are by no means "bad" brands; they both make quality products that work well for many people, they just don't make products that work well for me! Out of the six products featured in this set, two are full sized - the Smashbox lipstick and OCC Lip Tar (I mistakenly say that the Stila lip gloss is the other full size in my video. I've never had a "full size" Stila lip gloss, so I assumed the one in the set was).
When you open the box, all the products are nice and snug! I really like this method of packaging; everything stays safe and things aren't rolling around, but you're also not really using any unnecessary packaging. I actually took everything out before I took this picture, so things aren't packed exactly the way they came from the store. I'll go in order from top to bottom!
Which means we'll start with the Stila Lip Glaze! This is one of those 2/3rd size glazes (the kind you get in the sets) and it's in the color Apricot. It even smells apricot-y! I already have a lot of these lip glazes (I got the $25 super kit last Christmas and I got one in the color Kitten last Black Friday) and they're nice. They're a little sticky, and if you don't use them for a long time the brush can get all gunky, but they feel good on the lips and they give a very lovely, sheer color. I actually really like to layer this over the Smashbox lipstick from this kit.
Next size down is the Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in the color Pomegranate, a "rich red".  This product/color is also in the Give Me Some More Lip set and this product in the color Rhubarb is in the Give Me Some Lip set. This pencil is RED! It's also super creamy and is very, very pigmented. I haven't worn this on my lips yet (I'm still a little scared of wearing red...) but I definitely look forward to giving it a try. Bonus - this product includes anti-aging ingredients and "each [full size] lip pencil contains the amount of resveratrol found in five glasses of red wine", which is pretty awesome.
Third down is the Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in the color Inspired, a dusty rose. This product/color is also included in the Give Me Some More Lip set. It's a pretty color and it's great for more natural/neutral looks. I like the packaging of this product; it looks very nature-y. This is also the smallest amount of product in this set, with this sample weighing in at a hefty 0.009oz. I like how this product feels on my lips, and the color is great, but I don't think it really lasts for 12 hours; maybe 2-3 tops before I have to reapply.
This is the product that really caught my eye in this set; Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in the color Pretty Boy, a "super-rich fuchsia". I especially like that it even came with a little OCC Lip Tar brush! I've heard a lot about OCC's Lip Tars and I've always wanted to try one. OCC's Lip Tars are 100% Vegan and are cruelty free, which is an added bonus since it's already a pretty awesome product! These work a little differently from "normal" lip products; you pretty much have to use a brush to apply them because of how pigmented they are and the texture they have. Probably the biggest (only?) downside to the Lip Tars is that they're difficult to reapply if you wear them out for dinner or dancing or something. There's an OCC Lip Tar in the Give Me Some More Lip set, but it's in the color "Strumpet". ]I'm hoping to be able to buy more of these guys, especially the color Black Dahlia, a gorgeous blackened red.
Next is Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in the color Kir Royale, a "rich wine". This color is a lot deeper than what I normally wear, but you can sheer it out so I like to layer it over other products to make my own color! This is a plumping product so it does make your lips tingle, but it doesn't hurt, so that's good. This line of glosses also doesn't have any glimmer or shimmer, so if you're looking for shine without sparkle, these might work for you. The Give Me Some More Lip set also includes a Full-On Lip Cream, but it's in the color White Russian (a "nude pink").
Finally, the other full sized product in this set, Smashbox's Be Legendary Lipstick in the color Nylon Nude, a "peachy nude". This product/color is also included in its full size in the Give Me Some More Lip set. I've never really used any nude lip products because I always assumed they would make me look washed out. Surprisingly, they don't! I have fairly pigmented lips and have struggled with lipsticks because they always seem to be either too much or just too weird of a color. With nudes, they tone my lip color down so it's not so BAM! in your face. I also like to play with different colors of glosses layered on top, and with a nude base, it really helps the color of the gloss pop!
These are all the products swatched. Erm...ignore my weird looking hand. On the far left is a huge glob of the OCC Lip Tar, then from top to bottom in the middle is the Smashbox lipstick, the Buxon Lip Cream, the Tarte lipstick, and the Bite Beauty pencil, and on the far right is the Stila lip glaze.

I'm so, so, so happy I went back and picked this up when I did. I know the other Sephora Favorites lip sets are sold out in a lot of places (I don't think you can even get them online anymore) and these sets are just so much fun to play with! These are colors/products that I either really wanted to try or that I may not have ever picked up and tried on my own (haha, weird, I know) and I'm super glad I got a chance to try them all out! I do like some a bit more than others (I think my favorite out of this set is the Tart lipstick and the OCC Lip Tar, even though I don't think I can ever pull that color off...) but I think all the products and colors in this set are ones that I can get some use out of! $30 well spent, I think!

Thanks for reading! <3

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