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Sephora Haul - Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, Holly Jolly Sampler Pack - Plus Kohls and BBW!

Hello! The holiday shopping season is now upon us (it's been here for a while now, but you know how I am with posting in a timely manner...) which means it's also the season of HAULS! Lots and lots of hauls! I love watching haul videos/reading haul blogs and I want to share mine with you guys as well. This is one of the first(ish) of probably many hauls this season, and I'm excited to jump right on in!
Come see what's inside!
Originally, I was going to wait to place this order until the 20% VIB sale. Then Sephora went and tempted me with a special sampler pack! Since you can't get the 20% and the sampler pack at the same time (Sephora will only let you use one coupon/promo code at a time, which can be annoying), I thought I'd go ahead and make a $50 order to get the sampler pack and free shipping.

I'll start with the three samples I picked. I'm moving away from foil packet samples; I have so many deluxe/travel/full sized products now from all the subscription boxes I get that I don't think it's worth it for me to get foil packets anymore. You don't really get enough product to make an informed decision about whether you like it or not (though there are some that I've tried where I've been interested in buying the full size just so I can keep trying it, so I suppose they do work in a way) and because there's not a way to seal them after you open them, they don't last very long if you do try to use them up slowly.
I also don't need anymore fragrance samples, unless it's something I absolutely want to try, and that's basically all Sephora offers (don't me wrong, I'm just happy Sephora offers free samples at all. I mean, they're free...). This time I went with packets of Photo Plasma by Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals (is this a real word now or are they just combining "cosmetics" and "pharmaceuticals" to sound fancy?) and Guerlain Lingerie de Peau in 02 Beige Clair and a small vial of 21 Drops Invigorate essential oil.
I was actually really excited to try the Invigorate oil; I had heard about 21 Drops before, and have been curious to try their products. They make 100% natural essential oil blends that help invoke a certain mood or feeling; it's aromatherapy, really. I was pretty skeptical, especially since it's $29 for a full bottle and I didn't want to just throw my money away. I'm not sure if it's a placebo effect, but these oils actually work! You put them on your pulse points, like your wrists and neck, and then you just smell them (I also like to smell them straight from the bottle) and they really do seem to help with the mood/emotion/state of being that they're called. I liked using Invigorate so much that I ended up buying a set of these oils, but that will be in another haul that I will post soon!

Onto the things I actually ordered! I wanted to get as close to $50 as possible without going too far over, so I only bought 3 things.
I got these Hello Kitty nail stickers on a whim because they were on sale for $3 and are pretty cute. There's another set that's also on sale that has silver and gold outlines of things like Hello Kitty, her bow, and flowers, but I wanted something a little more subtle. I liked the half-moon design of these stickers since they look elegant but still have that cute element.

Because I've been struggling with acne and generally grumpy skin, I decided that I also needed a new concealer. I haven't used concealer much except for under my eyes; I have a good one from MAC, but it's a little too light and watery to use on my blemishes. I spent quite a while browsing the Sephora.com site looking at different concealers, and I found a few I'd be interested in trying, but I didn't want to chose a color without actually seeing it in real life (especially since my color world has been shattered ever since I discovered that I am, in fact, yellow underneath and not pink). Then I remembered that way down in my makeup holder-thingy (it's this clear acrylic thing I got at Ulta, not sure if there's an official name for it or anything) I had a 24/7 Concealer from Urban Decay that was color matched to me by an UD rep. It was pretty old, so I figured it'd be worth buying a fresh one, especially since it had pretty good reviews. Also, it was at least $10 cheaper than any of the other concealers I had been looking at, so that helped my decision.
I got the color "DEA", which is the second lightest ("CIA" is the lightest). It is maybe a little too light for me, but once I blend it out it looks fine, so I'm happy with this purchase!

I also picked up a Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation in 117 Golden Ivory.
This is the color I was matched to when I went to try the ColorIQ foundation matching machine. I actually ended up with a different color match than what the ColorIQ said I was, since it kept giving me products that were a little too gold/dark for me. The associate who helped me color matched me by eye, and I think she did a very good job. This powder is not the most highly reviewed product, but it's formulated to do exactly what I need it to; I wanted a powder that could be both a setting powder and a foundation on it's own. I'm pretty pleased with it so far; it's nothing too amazing, but it's comparable to the other powder foundations I had been using (Laura Mercier and Too Faced).

And for the best part of my order, the Holly Jolly Sample Bag!
Okay, so the bag itself isn't too special; it's pretty rubbery and cheap feeling, and I'm not a fan of basketweave patterns that aren't actually weaved (if that makes sense), but it's what inside that's so exciting! Sephora offered four different versions of this set, each with a bunch of samples to help address certain holiday makeup needs like nourishment or glow. I went with the nourishing bag because it had the best samples in it (in my opinion), including some products that I really wanted to try!
These are the samples I got! I got 8 samples, none of which are foil packets and only one that is a fragrance. Awesome. These are really good sized samples, too, especially for a bag that was technically free! If I was subscribed to a $10-$12 monthly subscription and this is what I was sent, I'd be pretty happy (in fact, I was much happier about this sample set than I was about my Blush Mystery Beauty Box this month. Sad, huh?).

I didn't take individual photos of each sample, so I'll try and reference the group photo and go in order of that. Which means I'm going to start at the top with the Peter Thomas Roth "Oilless Oil" 100% Purified Squalane. This is a product that I had never heard of before! I've used a few things from Peter Thomas Roth before, but this is just so different. This does basically everything a beauty oil would do (so things like argan oil or almond oil) and I think the big deal with it is that it's from a sustainable source - sugarcane. I haven't tried this yet, but I am intrigued by it, especially since I can't use argan oil.

Next row down, starting from the left...Buxom lash mascara! I've used this mascara before, I like it a lot, I think it does make my lashes look nice and plush and the sample included in this set is a really good size! It came sealed in a little baggie, too.

Continuing left, we have the Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Spray. This was one of the products that I really wanted to try! There's also a 500-point Urban Decay reward that also includes this size of the B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Spray, but I didn't want to use my points when I could get this for free (I actually did use my points on something else...which I'll show you guys when it comes!). This is kind of like a toner; you can use it under your make-up or moisturizer and it's supposed to make your skin happier and healthier. I've been using this in the morning before putting on make up since I don't really give myself enough time to clean/tone/moisturize my face. It smells kind of soapy, but it doesn't linger. it's paraben-free, but the second ingredient is alcohol, which can be harsh. I haven't noticed much difference, but I just like using this since it makes me feel like I'm putting actual effort into my make up on workdays.

Next is another product I was excited to get; the Fresh Sugar Petal Lip Treatment! I've used Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatments before since I got a couple as a birthday gift from Sephora once and I think I've gotten one or two more as samples. The full size of these are a little expensive for what are essentially lip balms (full sizes are $22) but they are really nice so I love getting samples! Fresh has come out with a couple different tints and this one is in the color Petal, a sheer petal pink

Next is Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-Aging Cream. This is just an AM moisturizer. I've used some things from Origins; I think they're a pretty good skincare brand. I actually think I already have a tube of this somewhere from my Sun safety kit...

And the last item in the middle row is Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Nude Glow. I did want to try this product out since I'm a big fan of Too Faced products in general, but it's too dark for me. Sad. I'm going to give this to my sister though since she's a little darker than me (both naturally and artificially).

Bottom row far left! This was the product I was least excited about. This is a sample of Clean in the original scent. I like cotton/linen scents, but only on my cotton and linens. I personally don't like smelling like fresh laundry; it just seems like an odd scent for a person (I mean...not that flower or cookie scents make any more sense, really). I think my mom really likes cotton scents, though, so this will likely go to her.

And finally, another product I really wanted to try! Living Proof frizz Nourishing Styling Cream. I've never tried anything from Living Proof before and I heard this was a good hair styling product, so I was interested in trying it. I was actually thinking about buying a full size of this, but I'm glad I get to try it out for free first. You get a pretty good sized sample, too, though it depends on how thick your hair is (I have really fine hair so I don't need to use a lot of product). You can't see the tube in the group shot since it came in this random white ziplock bag, but it looks like the other Living Proof frizz products (same color scheme and all that).

I'm really glad I bought these when I did; it looks like the Make Up For Ever foundation is sold out in 117 Golden Ivory and the Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer in DEA is sold out, too! Apparently everyone is the same color as me. Huh. My favorite part of this order, though, was the sample bag! I feel like I got a lot of samples of great and interesting products in deluxe sizes, which means I'll be able to really try them out and see if there's any I'd want to buy in full size. Neat!

I also wanted to throw in a few more products that I picked up around the same time I got this order. After seeing it in October's Ipsy bag (which I didn't sign up in time to get, sad!) , I really wanted to try the be Delectable hand creams from Cake Beauty. I was really surprised to find that Kohls sold these! I've only seen Cake Beauty products for sale at Urban Outfitters, and Kohls doesn't seem like the trendiest store...I also tend to avoid shopping there unless I have one of those promo $10 off coupons, which I had! I picked up the four piece set that included all four fragrances.
Out of the four, my favorite is the Coconut & Cream.
What attracted me to these hand creams was that they sounded like they would smell delicious (I heard a lot of Youtubers talking about how good their samples smelled, and yes, they do smell pretty tasty at first, but I feel like after about an hour the smell starts to get a little funky and artificial, most notable with the Strawberries & Cream)) and that they were free of a lot of "bad" ingredients like parabens, pthalates, and petrolatum. These hand creams are very moisturizing and totally worth the money (even though I only paid $4 plus tax, I would probably pay the $14 to get these again).

I also got some Winter-theme Pocket Bacs from Bath and Body Works!
I always, always get suckered into the 5 for $5 deal and I don't even know why. I almost never even go through one whole Pocket Bac before the next season is released. It would be cheaper for me to just buy one for $1.75 than the five for $5, but I used some of these as stocking stuffers so I feel somewhat justified. My favorite out of these is the Iced Gingerbread; it smells like cookies! I really wanted to get my hands on the Halloween ones, but they sold out so quickly that I never got a chance. Oh well.

And that's my haul! I hope you had as much fun reading about it as I did shopping for it!

Thanks for reading! <3

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