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November 2013 Ipsy Bag - Unboxing (Unbagging?) and Review!

Hello! I'm super excited to show you guys my newest subscription: the Ipsy bag!  I put off getting an Ipsy subscription for a long time now... Glam Bag/Ipsy was one of the first subscription services I heard about (the very first being Birchbox) but at the time, I wasn't as interested in makeup as I am now. It seemed like it was a hit-or-miss type of subscription; some bags were really good, others were pretty awful. I also wasn't very interested in drugstore/mid-range makeup; when I first started getting into makeup I was solely interested in high-end brands (backwards, I know). As I've gotten to know the world of makeup better and have tried many different products from many different brands, I've become much more interested in trying things from both drugstore and high-end brands (I still prefer high-end, but I now know there are a lot of products in the drugstore now that are similar, if not better, than some high-end products).

I've been watching Ipsy unboxing/unbagging videos for a while now (I think one of my favorite types of videos on Youtube are subscription box unboxings, followed by favorites and empties videos) and have been really impressed with the type and value of the products included. I also really love the makeup bags you get each month! For $10 a month, shipping included (always a bonus), I didn't really have an excuse to not subscribe. I actually signed up in the beginning of October, but since I missed the payment window for the October bag (it looks like Ipsy charges on the 1st of the month and starts ship near the middle), I was wait-listed until November.

I was super excited to get my first Ipsy bag, and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait!
The Pink Bubble Mailer!
If you don't really know about Ipsy (though to be honest, if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you do), you get a cute makeup bag every month that's chock-full of beauty goodies and delivered right to your door! This months bag was particularly awesome:
Metallic gold alligator skin with pink lining! Some people thought this bag was kind of tacky, and it is, but that's part of its charm, at least in my opinion. I'm really surprised Ipsy managed to get everything in the bag. I had a really hard time getting it closed again after I tried to put the products back after looking at them. I did see that some bags suffered a little from being stuffed too full, but luckily mine was fine.

I also got two info cards:
Not sure if Ipsy does "themes", but it looks like, if there is one, it's about being glam and glitzy, which is always in style.
On the back there's info on how to enter a contest where you could win a year's worth of Ipsy bags as well as the brands that could be included in your bag. Not sure when Ipsy started offering different products in different bags (I think before everyone got the same thing), but it makes unboxing blogs/videos much more interesting, so yay! I'm actually not sure which I prefer, different products in different bags or everyone gets the same since I like the mystery of getting different things, but I also don't like the "grass is greener on the other side" mentality that happens when the boxes aren't uniform. One thing I didn't like was how the info card didn't list or give any info about the products that were included in my bag. It's that big of a deal since I can easily get info from the website, but it's still nice to see it on a card.

The other card is about Michelle Phan's new cosmetics line, Em.
If you watch beauty videos on Youtube, then I'm pretty sure you know who Michelle Phan is. She's also one of the bloggers behind Ipsy.
On the back is a thank you from Michelle for the support of her fans and a discount code for 30% off any Em Cosmetics product purchase (ipsy30 if you can't read it in the photo). Apparently, we're (Ipsy subscribers) are the first people to get full sized Em products to try (well, besides the people who were sent promo sets), which is kind of cool! There were a few different types of Em Cosmetics products you could get, and I'm pretty happy with the one I got.

So I'll start with that! I got an Em Cosmetics Lip Gallery Creamy Color Sheer Lipstick in the color Hug Me.
Since this lipstick is sheer, you're supposed to be able to build up the color to get the intensity you want. I actually like the idea behind this lipstick; I don't like my lips to have too much color so the option of color intensity makes this a very versatile product. Color-wise, it's maybe not the best for me. I feel like it makes my lips look kind of milky, and not in a good way. The lipstick does feel very creamy on my lips and the packaging feels sturdy and heavy, so overall I think it's a quality product. This full size lipstick is worth $16.50. So with my first product I've paid for my box and then some. Awesome!

I got another lip product in my Ipsy bag this month; a Lip Crayon from Be A Bombshell in the color Hot Damn.
There were two different colors of this product you could get; this bright red or a softer pink. I think I would have preferred the pink, but I already have two pink lip crayons so maybe it's better I got a red one! Be A Bombshell is a brand I've always wanted to try, so I'm really glad I got this product. My only issue is that it's a little drying, but that's how all lip crayons are for me. I'm pretty sure this is a full size (if not, it's a huge sample!) and is worth $14. Again. More than the cost of the bag.

Next is a product I was very excited for, from a brand I was very excited to try!
This is a Nailtini nail polish in the color Champagne! There was also a silver color that you could have gotten. The Champagne is like a rose gold with a ton of shimmer, though I think it goes on a little more brown than it looks in the bottle. I've seen Nailtini polishes in Ipsy bags a lot and I've always wanted to try one! I like the long, flatish wand and big brush; it applies pretty well and was opaque after two coats (I always put at least two coats on, I just feel safer that way). This is a full size product and is worth $13. See a theme here?

The next product in my bag is the Pixi Beauty Bronzer in the color Subtly Suntouched.
This color is described as a "medium honey tan", but I think it's much lighter than that. I think this is a really great color for people with fair-light skin who just want a little warmth; it's such a subtle color that it's hard to tell you're even wearing it. I have quite a few Pixi products now because of subscription boxes, and I think it's a pretty good mid-range brand. I believe this is the full size of the bronzer, but if you buy it in the store, it also comes with a kabuki brush. The full size with the brush is $18, so even without the brush this is worth at least $10.

I was the least excited about this next product, the Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz.
I, uh, apparently didn't like it so much I forgot to take a picture of it, so this is the photo from my glam room. Now, I don't know if this is just me, but when I think of "topaz", I think of a brownish/amber kind of color. This eye pencil is actually a silvery blue! When I asked my husband what color he thought of when he thought of "topaz", he said blue and so did one of my friends...but if you look on Wikipedia, it says that the brownish/yellow/amber colors are the most common but that topazes can be blue so...I guess everyone is right? Nomenclature aside, this is a very pretty color! Why was this a disappointing product? I'm just not a fan of the Starlooks brand. I feel like they're kind of shady and that they charge more than their makeup is actually worth. Also the first ingredient is aluminum that something that's common in eyeliners? Is it something you really should be putting around your eye? Hmm. This is another full size product and is worth $14.

Last, but most definitely not least, an eyeshadow sample from the Galaxy Chic palette by bhcosmetics!
It came in a little magnetic box with the Galaxy Chic logo and space girl (one of them, there are two) on the cover! There were a few different colors you could get and I ended up with...
Aphrodite! Unfortunately, I don't really wear red eyeshadow, but I've wanted the Galaxy Chic palette ever since xsparkage made a tutorial/review video about it. This is the same size as it is in the Galaxy Chic palette, so it's kind of full sized, but you can't actually buy the shadows separately so it's kind of not. If that makes sense. The best part about this sample is the 20% off coupon code! I actually ended up picking up this palette (and a few other things for Christmas presents and for myself) and, with the 20% code, I only paid about $12 for the whole palette! Less than a dollar a shadow! Can't beat that price, especially since the colors look gorgeous and the shadows seem to be good quality.

And that's my November 2013 Ipsy bag! Now I am just kicking myself for not subscribing sooner since this bag was far better than the Blush Mystery Beauty Box this month and less than half the price. Apparently this is kind of a special bag since it's the two year anniversary of Ipsy becoming Ipsy (before it was Glam Bag), but I really hope that future bags are just as awesome as this one! I got 6 products (I think it's normally 5, the Em Cosmetics sample was an extra special bonus), 5 of which are (presumably) full sized, valued at around $67.50 (that's counting the bronzer as $10 and not even including the eyeshadow). And I only paid $10 for this bag.


Thanks for reading! <3

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