Sunday, October 20, 2013

Julep September 2013 Cosmic Mystery Box - Opening and Review!

Hello! Ugh, I have so many boxes of make up and nail polish and skin care and hair care and just random stuff crowding my desk now...I haven't been taking the change in seasons too well (especially now that's finally getting cold and rainy and, well, fall-y) and it's made me into a Super Procrastinator! Not sure what it is, but I don't seem to have much trouble filming videos in a timely manner (as long as the lighting outside cooperates) but blogging? It seems like a struggle to even open the page. I hoping that since a lot of what I have to get through are nail polish boxes, they'll go by pretty quickly. These posts might end up a little more terse than my others, but honestly, it might be good to learn to scale back what I say.

That being said, let's get to what this post is all about: my Cosmic Mystery Box from Julep! I keep telling myself that I'm not going to get anymore mystery boxes from Julep because I have waaaaaay too many of their polishes already and the likelihood of me getting doubles of something is very high. If I just stick to getting my Maven box every month, I'm at least guaranteed to get all new things. I ended up picking up a September 2013 mystery box because the exclusive, featured polish, Estelle, was too pretty to pass up! This month Julep had three different options for mystery boxes: a $19.99 box that didn't include Estelle, a $24.99 box that did, and a $39.99 box that also had Estelle.
Since getting Estelle was really my only reason for wanting a box, I went with the $24.99 box.
I really liked that the "Aren't Surprises Fun" was even space themed this month, instead of the usual purple. It's the little things! What I also liked that, while my box was fairly small, it was quite heavy, meaning I got a lot more polishes than the three I was expecting! From my experience with these mystery boxes, you usually get three polishes (one being the special one and two randoms) and then either two more polishes or one product. I ended up getting six nail polishes and one gift set!
You can see here how it was organized; two three-packs of polishes with the gift set on the bottom. I'm still pretty iffy about Julep's new packaging. It does look professional and clean, which is nice, but it feels so wasteful. With the bubblewrap and rubber bands, I can at least reuse them to wrap presents and things like that. I don't think it's worth the trouble to store the polishes in the boxes and thus just throw them away (I have a subscriber on Youtube who expressed similar sentiments).

Unfortunately, since I do have such a large collection of Julep polishes, even though I got six, only two of those were new, one being the special polish, Estelle, and the other being Charlotte.
From top to bottom, with Julep's color descriptions in quotes, I got Charlotte (a "smokey violet crème" and priced at $7.99 since it's on sale), Blakely (a "purple and green molten", $14 retail, $11.20 Maven priced), Estelle ("midnight black with holographic shimmer" and the special polish for this box, it's on sale right now for $7.99), Reiko ("rose gold metallic", $14 retail, though it comes in the Celebration Trio which is $28), Francis (a "celery green crème", $14 retail, $11.20 Maven priced), and Lexie (a "dandelion yellow crème", $14 retail, $11.20 Maven priced). Like I said, only Charlotte and Estelle were new for me, everything else I already had. To be honest, though, I'm not too upset about it. I only paid $24.99 and now I have a lot of "stocking stuffer" sized gifts all set for the holidays!

Here's a swatch of Charlotte and Estelle. I really, really like Estelle, especially for layering. I wore it over Padma, a super deep plum, and it gave a gorgeous, sparkly, layered effect.

My gift set, too, was unfortunately made up of products I already own (some even back-ups of).
This is the Hand Model set and it includes travel sizes of the Glycolic Hand Scrub and the Rock Star Hand Cream (or creme, whatever) and a full size of Julep's oxygen nail treatment. As the sticker states, this set retails for $25 and is "worth" $40. Once again, I wasn't too sad to get doubles, especially since these are products I do really love and use, but since I already love them so much, I already have back-ups of them! This may end up as another Christmas present, but once again, this whole box cost me only $24.99, so it's a win for me!

Overall, this may have been my most exciting mystery box from Julep, even if I got a lot of doubles. It was exciting to finally get something that was on the higher-end value wise; it's what I keep buying them for! At full retail value (though still including the sale prices), this box is worth about $96, which is a good $30 more than my other boxes have been worth (at least at this price point). Some people were commenting on Julep's Facebook page that a lot of people who got the $24.99 boxes were getting the same value of products as the people who went for the $39.99 box, but I'm not too sure how common that was. If you take into account the Maven discount, the box has a value of  about $85, which still isn't bad. While this box has definitely rekindled my excitement for "winning big", it also showed me that I may have too many polishes at this point to really get any benefit from buying more mystery boxes. I actually ended up not getting October's mystery box because it didn't include a special polish, only some chevron stickers which I didn't think were particularly interesting. I am curious though to see what November brings!

Thanks for reading! <3

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