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Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2013 Haul!

Hello! It feels like Fall just got here and now it seems like it's almost over with (it's snowing off and on today. Well, snow-raining or "snaining"). ...It doesn't help that I ordered and got these items in September and it's now over halfway through October, but let's not talk about that. I may be slow at blogging, but I'm pretty quick at getting videos up...

After I got my Fall 2013 Fortune Cookie Soap Box (technically it's the Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box, but that looks funny), I knew there were some scents that I wanted to try in the form of their body butter (I find that the body butters have the best "form" of the scents, if that makes sense. Also I just really like their body butters), so I waited patiently until they updated their store. FCS had a little Facebook launch party on Sept. 21st and updated the store that evening.  I hung around, hoping to get some of the special sale items they had, but I ended up getting distracted and missed the update by about a half an hour. All the special priced items were sold out, unfortunately, but I was able to buy all the regular priced items that I wanted. I was a little sad that I missed out on the special sale items because they had two new fall scents that sounded delicious; "Cram Your Face In My Sweet Pumpkin Pie" which is pumpkin and coconut, and "Roast My Marshmallow" which is roasted marshmallows. I do kind of wished I had waited until they came back in stock at regular price to place my order, but I feel like "I Yam What I Yam" already combines the best parts of those two scents and that I'm not really missing out.
Come see what I spent my money on!
One thing that I really like (I mean, I pretty much like it in its entirety, but this is just one small thing) about the FCS Soap Box is that they give you a $10 coupon that you can use towards anything in their store, both online and in person. It's a great way to be able to try scents that you liked in the Soap Box in a different form (like I did), or to buy the full sizes of products you fell in love with. It's also smart on FCS's part since people will usually spend much more than the $10 (like me!). I ended up spending about $31 after using my $10 off coupon and, with a $6.75 charge for shipping, my total was about $38. I knew I had to get two full sized body butters in "You're Insecure, Donut What For" and "Insert Cookie Cutter Name Here" since I liked the scents, but wasn't a big fan of the products I got them in (which isn't all the way true, they were great products, I just couldn't use them since I don't want to use my bath tub). After that, I kind of just threw some things together that I was interested in trying.

Since I've already talked about the body butters, I'll start with those.

I love FCS's body butters; they are some of the best I've ever used. They absorb fast and don't leave me feeling greasy (which is awful, especially if you don't have time to sit around and wait), they are super moisturizing, and they smell awesome! They also don't have parabens, which is always a plus. I got these two scents, "You're Insecure, Donut What For" and "Insert Cookie Cutter Name Here" since I was intrigued by them but felt I didn't get the whole picture from the products I got in my fall Soap Box.

I liked the idea of a donut-scented body butter, but didn't think there was a lot of "donut" to the scent when it was in the milk bath form (it had a lot of milky notes, obviously). In the body butter form, you do get more of that "baked good" scent, but it's still not as "donutty" as I would have liked. I think I wanted it to be more like "In The Loop", the Froot Loop scented body butter; it is spot on, right down to the cereal/grain smell. Even though "You're In Secure, Donut What For" didn't live up to my donut-expectations, it's still a really nice scent. It's cinnamony, but it's not all up in your face about it, and it still has that soft, milky, baked goods scent. Definitely a winner in my book.

"Insert Cookie Cutter Name Here" also interested me since it was a nice twist on a "traditional" vanilla or cookie scented lotion. On a side note, the actual name of this product has <> in it's title, so when they put it up in the store, it didn't have a name since it was being read as HTML and not as text. I was a little worried that FCS wouldn't know what to send me since there wasn't a name on my order form, just "", but I'm pretty sure a lot of orders looked like that and they figured it out pretty quickly. What makes this scent so unique is the hint of citrus in it from the grapefruit. Adding citrus to cookies, especially sugar cookies, can really enhance their flavors and make them complex and very delicious, and that's exactly what's going on here! My only concern is that, in the tub, you get a nice whiff of vanilla baked cookies with just a hint of the grapefruit, but when I put it on, it's almost like the grapefruit starts taking center stage and it's the vanilla baked cookies who are in the background. I'm not sure if this happens with everyone, though; it might just be my chemical composition. Still, this is also a very pleasant smell, and it's not a "traditional" fall scent so it's wearable through winter!
Here they are side by side. Not sure why I took this picture, I think I had a good reason, but at least you can see the colors!

The full sized body butters are about $11 and you get a pretty good amount, especially since you don't need a lot at a time. Heck, the little sample sized jars last me a long time! I'm probably going to make another order soon and get some more since it looks like FCS has released some new scents!

Another item (actually, it's two items) that I knew I wanted to pick up was some more lip balm.
They came in this little bag! I got two lip balms, though I wanted to get more. They are a little on the pricey side at $3.50+ each, but they are 100% natural and they don't irritate my lips so they are totally worth it to me.
I got another Cupcake lip balm because it is the best thing ever. Seriously. This is my favorite lip balm of all time. It's super moisturizing, makes my lips feel great, it's natural, and it smells amazing. I'm pretty sure I'm going to order at least one of these every single time I buy something from FCS.
I also really wanted to try out the In The Loop scented lip balm, since I love the scent in body butter form. They didn't have the ingredients listed on the label, nor on the item's page, so I e-mailed FCS to make sure they were the same as the other balms, which they are. The reason why I was concerned was that this lip balm made my lips feel kind of weird, like they were tingly. I think it might have been the fragrance used, since Cupcake doesn't make my lips feel weird. This was kind of a let-down for me; it smells really fruity, but it's mostly a sharp citrus smell, like lemon, and less of a generic "fruit" smell, like Froot Loops. It's also missing the grainy/cereal aspect that makes the body butter smell so amazing and spot on. It's just waaaaay too lemony for me, so unfortunately, I might end up passing this on to my family. It also has kind of a weird taste; these balms only smell, they don't taste like their namesake scents, but while cupcake is just "balm" flavored (sounds weird, but you know how Chapstick doesn't really taste of anything but Chapstick?), this has an almost lemon oil bitterness to it. Very odd. Like I said, not my favorite, and I wish I would have gone with a different scent.

Due to the fact that summer is now, sadly, over, FCS had all their summer scents on sale! I thought about getting a few things, but in the end settled for just one, a product I hadn't tried before in a scent that I thought would carry over into fall; a Hydrate Me! in "I Scream You Scream".
FCS's Hydrate Me!s are kind of like solid body lotions that you use while you're still in the shower. They sounded interesting and I was curious to try to one and was very happy to get one on sale! Full price these are $9.99 and I got mine for half off at $4.99; not bad at all. "I Scream You Scream" is a delicious scent made up of creamy vanilla, sweet strawberry, and dark chocolate; it really smells like Neapolitan ice cream. The way you use these bars is, when you're done showering but before you get out, you rub the bar all over yourself under running water, massage it in, and then let yourself air dry for a little bit after getting out of the shower. You're not supposed to wash it off, but I found that it left way too much product on my skin if I didn't (thought that could have been me just using it wrong). I tried it a few times, but it's just way too much hydration for me; it never seemed to absorb fully and left me feeling gross and greasy.
It's also not the most pleasant thing to look at after using it. I'm glad I got to try this, and I do really like the scent, but I don't think this is a product I'll be purchasing again. The body butters have the perfect amount of moisture for me and they never leave me feeling greasy so I'm going to stick with them.

Finally, I picked up one of FCS's face masks. Because who doesn't like face masks?
What I think is really cool about FCS's face masks is that they send them to you dry. This increases their shelf life and allows you to customize them for your own skin type. I really like LUSH's fresh face masks, but they can be pain to get since they need to be kept refrigerated and are made in small batches. If you aren't lucky enough to be there soon after they get a new shipment in, you'll probably not get the mask you want. I went with the Pumpkin Enzyme mask because pumpkins are nice and fall-y and it's good for blemishes. You get four packets in each "set", and each packet is good for one mask, so it's about $7 for four masks.
It's a little more expensive than LUSH (I can get at least five masks and I think they're $6), but not by much and are much easier to get and store. As you can see, I used a mask before I took this photo.
On one side of the little packet they give you the ingredients and instructions and on the other they offer suggestions for the different types of things you can mix it with. Since I have blemish prone skin but still wanted a lot of hydration, I went with plain yogurt (full fat, too, but that's more because I also like to eat it. Not sure if there's a different skincare-wise between full fat and non-fat yogurt). I mixed a full packet with the prescribed amount of 1 tsp yogurt, spread it on my face, and let the pumpkin work it's magic. It smelled really nice and creamy (probably in part due to the yogurt) and it made my face feel nice. It did leave it a little filmy, but I get that with pretty much any mask ever so it wasn't a big deal. Overall I like these little guys, and for $7 for four, not too bad of a deal. I might try the other masks FCS has next time.

I almost forgot! FCS sent me a sample, too. Like last time, they sent another bath bomb sample, this time in "Trendsetter".
The actual bath bomb is in a pretty flower shape, and I'm sure this got even more smooshed during transit, but it's just as functional as smashed (well, almost). It smells kind of like strawberries to me, but according to the website, it's a guava and yuzu scent. Regardless, I still think it smells nice and appreciate that FCS included it with my order.

And that's my order! I'm pretty pleased with it; there were some hits and some misses; nothing was downright terrible and the things that were good were really good! As always, I recommend checking out FCS and seeing if they have anything that catches your eye or piques your curiosity. Also buy Cupcake lip balm. Trust me.

Thanks for reading! <3

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