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Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2013 Soap Box - Unboxing and Review/First Impressions!

Hello! This post has been such a long time in coming, and I'm sorry I didn't get this up sooner! This post has been sitting in my queue as just a title for a ridiculously long time and I really have no idea why since I was so excited to finally get my...FORTUNE COOKIE SOAP FALL SOAP BOX!

Yes, I was that excited! I've only gotten one other Soap Box, FCS's Summer Box, but I loved it so much that I was super pumped for the fall box! Even though I really don't like the Fall season much as a whole, I adore the scents (and candy and food and holidays...), which is what this box is all about! And who better to come up with some awesome, unique fall scents than Fortune Cookie Soap? Also the $10 off a purchase coupon is pretty neat, too.
Want to see (and pretend to smell) what I got in my box? Then click "read more" below!
As always, I'll start with the info card. You can see the front of it in the whole box picture; it shows all the products in the box on a big pile of leaves with a weird, ripply filter applied. I really like boxes that include these info cards, especially for scent-heavy boxes like these since it's not always easy to parse out what notes are in scents.  One thing I do recommend though is to smell a fragrance/scented product before you read the scent notes so you don't end up biased. Everyone has scent notes that they really love or really hate, and just knowing that they are smelling something that uses those notes can influence what they think about it, regardless of the actual scent. The mind is an incredibly powerful thing!
So in this season's box, we got eight products in eight different scents. I was a little sad to see that this box was a little more "bath product" heavy than the Summer Box. I don't take baths ever since I think our bathtub is kind of gross, so I unfortunately won't be able to really experience some of these products. I'm not too sad, though, since a big reason I love these boxes is that I get to smell the new scents before I have to commit to them! I actually ended up buying some full sized products (body butters, actually) when they launched the Fall line in the store on...Friday? I think it was since I loved the scents so much and I wanted to get them in a form that I would use!

Going in order of the products on the card, I'll start with the Personal Space air freshener in "Pick of the Patch".
I've always wanted to try FCS's Personal Space air fresheners so I was really excited to get one in this box. I'm always looking for good room/fabric deodorizers, especially since I seem to be weirdly allergic to Febreze. No matter what scent I get, it makes me sneeze constantly for a good 10 minutes after I spray it. If I spray it on fabric, I can't put my face near it for a few hours or I have the same reaction. I've used this a few times now and it hasn't made me sneeze at all, so yay! It also smells amazing; it's a sweet pumpkin, caramel, and apple scent. I like that it was the Fall appropriate pumpkin notes, but the very subtle (I didn't even know it had apple in it until I looked it up online) apple adds a crisp freshness to it that prevents it from being too "heavy".

Next up is the very long named "<Insert Cookie Cutter Name Here>" Bath Oil.
The little bottle of bath oil came in some burlap wrapping, which I assume was to protect it in shipment and make it look cute, which it did! This is one of the products that I likely won't get much use out of, though I might try adding it to a foot bath, which would be nice. I believe this is the first season that FCS has offered bath oils, starting with their "DON'T Drink Me" bath oil from the Magic mini line. These oils are specially made to disperse in your bath water instead of just floating on top, giving you all over oil-coverage (that was a weird sentence...). I would be very interested in trying this in an actual bath, so I might end up saving it until I get a chance to. This fragrance is baked vanilla with a hint of grapefruit, which I think works beautifully! The touch of citrus really elevates the vanilla and fresh cookie scent, much in the same way adding lemon or orange zest to sugar or molasses (respectively) cookies heightens their flavors. I loved this scent so much, I ended up buying a full size body butter of it!

Next is a Milk Bath in "You're Insecure, Donut What For..."
Another bath product that I likely won't be able to use, but that I was very happy to be able to smell! For (my) convenience, I'll quote the FCS website regarding their milk baths: "Milks contain emollient fats, which soften and smooth skin. Our special milk baths contain powders like banana, pumpkin, and coconut that can gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Some of our milk baths have colloidal oatmeal which is renown for its ability to soothe skin." I'm actually kind of sad I won't get the experience a FCS milk bath any time soon, since they sound very relaxing and luxurious (can you mix milk baths and bath oil? Would it be the most amazing thing ever or just too much?).  This fragrance is supposed to be fresh, cinnamon sugared donuts. There is a very delicious cinnamon sugar scent, but honestly,  don't really get "donut" from it. There's also a milkiness to it, but I think that's because this is a milk bath. It sound weird, but I wish FCS had added a "greasy" note to this scent, to really give it a donut impact, much in the same way their "In The Loop" smells exactly like Froot Loops because of the added saltiness. What I do really like about this scent, though, is that the cinnamon isn't the main note; it's subtle and not overly spicey. This is another scent that I bought a full sized body butter of since I wanted to really experience this fragrance (I find that the body butters tend to have the "truest" scents and thus are the best way to experience them. Also I want to smell like a donut).

On to the fourth, and my favorite, product, "'I Yam What I Yam' Said the Marshmallow'" Whipped Cream!

Out of all the FCS products I've used, their body butters (they're actually called "Whipped Creams", but I've been just using "body butter" for the sake of clarity) are my absolute favorite. They super creamy, incredibly moisturizing, and they don't make you feel greasy at all. I've also found that using FCS's body butters are the best way to really experience their scents. Combine that with the fact that sweet potatoes (with toasted, gooey marshmallows on top) are my favorite Thanksgiving dish ever (I honestly love it even more than pumpkin pie), and you have the best Fall-themed bath and body product ever. This scent is a combination of yams, pumpkin pie spices, and marshmallows and it is just the greatest thing ever. Ever.

During the fall launch party, FCS had released two other Fall scents, "Cram Your Face In My Pumpkin Pie" (which is pumpkin and coconut) and "Roast My Marshmallow" (which is, well, toasted marshamallows). Since they had a special sale going, they were sold out and I was unable to add them to my order. I do regret getting super excited and placing my order so soon, because it looks like those two are back in stock and I really, really wanted to get them, especially the pumpkin one. According to a study done where men rate what scents smelled the most attractive to them, it was found that men think pumpkin is just about the sexiest thing ever. Even though I didn't buy the additional scents, I feel like "I Yam What I Yam" is a great combination of the two, and, while I didn't buy a full size of this product this time around (these little jars last a really long time; a little goes a long way!), I most likely will be making another purchase soon that includes all three scents.

Next is the "Leeeaaf Piiiile!" Bath Fizzy.
Mine got kind of...smooshed during shipping , but you can still make out the cute leaf design on top. This is like a tiny version of a bath bomb, where, when you put it in your bath water, it will fizz like crazy, dispersing its fragrance. This is a very fresh scent and is a combination of apples and acorns. It's a nice departure from the other more gourmet Fall scents; I actually had a candle from Bath and Body Works once called "Fig and Acorn" that smelled almost exactly like this. This is almost too woodsy of a scent to make a good fragrance for your body, but the sweet addition of the apple makes it work by adding a delicate and feminine note (Fig and Acorn, while a great scent for the house, would have made a terrible scent for something like a body lotion. Way to masculine and in your face woods). If you like fresh scents, and don't particularly want to smell like pie and marshmallows all Fall, I would recommend "Leeeaaf Piiiile!".

Two thirds of the way through! The next product, the "Cranberry + Apple = FTW" Wax Tart, is unique in that it is not a bath and body product.
When I first got my Fall soap box and saw this product, I was confused. I'm not big into candles and other means of home fragrancing, so it wasn't immediately apparent to me what this little disk was. After a quick search of Google, I found that FCS had put wax tarts in their Soap Boxes before, namely in their 2012 Halloween Box. They included a wax tart in "Smashed Pumpkin" which was made by an outside company called Scentsory Overload. I thought that they had done something similar in this box, but they didn't list any other companies, so I wasn't sure. After they updated the site with the new fall products (Soap Box subscribers get the scents about 2 weeks before they're officially launched), they now have a section for their wax tarts so it looks like they're making them in-house now.

This is a small slab of highly scented wax that you can put in a special warmer (you can get ones that are electric or ones that use tea lights). As the wax melts, it releases the fragrance and makes your house smell good; they're basically candles you don't burn. This tart smells almost like mulled apple cider and is a mix of tart cranberry and sweet apple. It's a very warm and cozy scent and I think it works great as a house fragrance. It's pretty strong and in your face in wax form, which it should be for a product meant to perfume your home, so I'm not too sure how it would work as a body fragrance. If they were to "tone it down" and make it more subtle, though, I can see this being a very unique and pleasant scent for body butter or shower gel.

FCS always includes one of their namesake Fortune Cookie soaps in their Soap Boxes, and this season we got ours in "Autumn Daze".
This soap has big pieces of maple leaf shaped glitter and has a scent which is a combination of apple, cardamom, and pecan. There is a light sweetness from the apple, but I feel like the big players in this scent are the pecan and cardamom. It's a very warm, nutty scent with just a hint of spiciness. This is a scent that, while it's very obviously Fall-themed, it's still pretty unique. My favorite thing about FCS is that they make scents like this; unique scents that sound weird, but totally work. Like "Leeeaaf Piiiile!", this is a great scent for people who want to smell like Fall, but who aren't interested in smelling like sugar and pumpkins. There is a sweetness to this scent, but it's not overpowering or excessively sugary. It's very natural and low-key and it complements the earthiness and spice of the cardamom and pecans in a way that makes it very wearable.

Finally, the last product in my box was the "Indian Summer" OCD Hand Sanitizer.
The very first OCD Hand Sanitizer I used was the one from the summer Soap Box (the oddly, but wonderfully, scented Manga Salsa one) and I've been hooked ever since. I keep it in my desk drawer at work and use it instead of the regular pump bottle hand sanitizer we have. Before I tried an OCD Hand Sanitizer, I generally avoided using hand sanitizers as they dry out my hands like crazy, especially in winter. These, on the other hand (oh, I am clever!), never make my hands feel dry. Honestly, sometimes I get concerned they're not sanitizing my hands at all, since I'm so used to the "traditional" clear gel being super drying and smelling very strongly of alcohol (I've also started using the little Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers more, though I much prefer the OCD ones since the BBW ones can be a tad drying and still have a strong alcohol scent at first).

This is one of those scents that are very familiar and bring out childhood memories for me. I don't know if this was common or not, but when I was in elementary school, we would have art class once a week (the other four days we had gym and music class; art was always my favorite and I wish we could have had two days of art and only one day of music instead of the other way around). Every year around Christmas time, we would make special presents for our parents. When we were very young, we would take these tiny little pine cones and dip them in scented wax and glitter, making paper cones filled with them. There were a few different scent/color combos of wax and you got to pick what you wanted your pine cones to smell like. Yellow was vanilla, red was cinnamon, and green was pine mixed with something else.This OCD Hand Sanitizer smells almost exactly like our art classroom did when we made our pine cone, uh, cones. This is a scent I would love to get in a wax tart so I could make my whole house smell like it. It's a combination of blueberry, woods, and musk, which I found surprising since those are very different notes than the vanilla/cinnamon/pine that make up the scent in my memory. Regardless, this is a fantastic house-smell, though I feel like it might be a little too woody/musky for a body fragrance.

And that was my Fortune Cookie Soap Fall Soap Box! Once again I am just over the moon with these products and scents and I'm already super excited for the Winter Soap Box, especially's going to be Nightmare Before Christmas themed! It sounds like they're going to be limited, so if you want to get in on the FCS Soap Box action, subscribe right away. You won't regret it, I promise.

Thanks for reading! <3!

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