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August 2013 Glossybox - Unboxing and Review - My Last Glossybox!

Hello! This post is going to be all about my final Glossybox, the August 2013 box. I unsubscribed from Glossybox because it just didn't feel worth it to me anymore and I think I've found a better subscription service for around the same price. When I started Glossybox way back in March, I was super excited; $21 for a box that had five deluxe and/or full-sized high end products sounded right up my alley. The first box I got was amazing and it made me really excited about Glossybox in general. As I got more boxes, I just got more and more disappointed in the products included in them. My boxes have always been worth more than the $21 I paid for them, so I'm technically always getting my moneys worth, but the products didn't feel worth the $21 to me personally, if that makes sense. There are products I couldn't use (including a foundation that was in the darkest shade possible, even though my skin tone is listed as "fair" in my beauty profile), products that weren't high-end (the perfume and face wipes from Nicka K New York), and just overall not good products (like the mini Nails Inc nail polish).

I really like the idea behind Glossybox, a box of selected high-end samples from companies both well known and those you've never heard of, and I liked that Glossybox seemed to have a great international presence (seriously, there are a ton of Glossyboxes in different countries. Glossybox has been around for a while, but they only recently came to the U.S). I just feel like Glossybox U.S. could have done so much more and could have been so much more, but it just fell flat for me.

This final box really cinched my decision to unsubscribe (I wanted to wait until I got my final box before I unsubscribed just to make sure my final box arrived safe and sound), but I do feel like my negative opinion of it is influenced by my overall negative opinion of Glossybox, so take what I say with a grain of salt!
Let's see what's inside...
I'm actually going to start with something that wasn't inside my box. Deceptive, I know. This month, it looks like everyone got a little something extra from Glossybox and the brand Guess.
I haven't been paying a lot of attention to Glossybox since I was unsubscribing, so I don't know if they posted on their website or Facebook or anything that they were including a special gift from Guess this month, but it was a surprise to me.
Here's the back of the bag where it says "Glossybox" and the inside of the little card, which explains the "Guess List" point program and offers 30% a purchase (the code is GLOSSBOX30 for online, but it expired September 11th, which was yesterday. ...yes, I am that slow in getting this post up). This was a nice little extra, even if I don't shop, nor plan to shop, regularly at Guess. Free surprise extras are the best kinds of extras!

Now onto the actual products in my Glossybox! I'll start with the card since it's just easier that way.
Here's the outside/back. Apparently, the theme this month is "Bohemian Summer", which is supposed to be like a final hurrah before spring. I don't know why Glossybox keeps up the pretense of a theme; they rarely ever make a cohesive, themed box and this month I feel is no exception. I suppose a theme is more of a mental thing; if there was no theme the box would feel almost..."careless", like there wasn't a human being involved in the planning and packing of it.
And this is the inside of the card, showing a huge picture of all the products included and some info and "full size prices" for each one. Some of the prices are fairly inaccurate this month, which is a trend I've noticed with Glossybox. From what I've seen, there is a different version of this box where it has a Pandora nail polish in an exclusive color instead of the Model Co eyeshadow duo. As you can see, I got the eyeshadow, but I would have much preferred the nail polish.

Going in order of my info card, I'll start with Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz.
I don't have a picture of the back and the description text, but this is a pretty pop-cultury product; it definitely looks like something you'd find at an Urban Outfitters (not that that is a bad thing! I love things from Urban Outfitters and I am not ashamed to admit it). This is supposed to be a refreshing mist for your face that you can use to rehydrate and revitalize your skin if it's tired or you're sweaty. It says it's suitable for normal, dry, and sensitive skin and it has witch hazel, rose, lavender, aloe, and peppermint in it. Witch hazel, rose, and aloe are all good skin/face ingredients; the witch hazel is purifying and the rose and aloe are soothing. The lavender and peppermint, however, are not so great ingredients. Allurabeauty (a Youtuber) made a video about her August 2013 Glossybox and she talked about how lavender, peppermint, and the vague "fragrance" are irritating ingredients and shouldn't really be used on your face. She goes on to say that we've been "trained" by marketing and cosmetics companies to associate tingling sensations with "revitalizing", where tingling usually means irritation (like the way lip plumpers make your lips tingle; they're irritating them to make them swell). The fact that this product contains so many irritants, along with the fact that it smells like something you should be putting on your feet, not your face (it smells like peppermint, but in a gross, medicinal/foot lotion way), makes me very disinclined to even try it. This is a full sized product at 100ml and is worth $9.00.

Next up is Novex hair cream from Brazil.

This is a small bottle of a keratin hair cream made by the company Embelleze Rio. It's supposed to help nourish and replenish hair proteins to help with smoothness and shine and to prepare for the dry conditions of winter. I'm already a little leery of hair masks since the last one I tried, the Brazilian Blowout one, actually ended up drying out my hair (...which is the opposite of what it was supposed to do). I'm not sure why that happened; it may be because I have such fine hair that it got a protein overload (too much protein can make your hair brittle).
There's an amusing amount of Engrish on the label; like it was translated but somewhat poorly (which makes sense if this is from Brazil). There's some awkward and strange word and grammar usage on the label. It's not hard to understand or anything, just...different. Appearance and scent-wise, it looks/smells like your average hair cream; it's a white cream and it has a gentle clean/floral smell, like shampoo. Glossybox says this is a full sized product at 3.5oz and that it's worth $4.99, but it clearly says that it's a "free sample" on the jar.
I also found this product at Sally's Beauty Supply where they sell a 35.5oz jar for $14.99, which makes this product actually worth $1.50, if you don't count it as "free" since it's labeled as a free sample. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to ever use this based on my past experiences with hair masks and the fact that it just seems kind of...sketchy? to me with the "free sample" and Engrish label.

Next is the Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush, one of the products that Glossybox sneak-peeked.
This is a lip stain that is made with beeswax and ceresin wax which is supposed to hydrate your lips like a balm while it deposits color like a stain. From what I saw online, and the fact that it says it's formulated in Italy and distributed by a UX company, this is a UK product. The website,, lists prices only in GPB; these lip stains are listed at 12 GBP, which is approximately $18.71 (or at least was when I checked the exchange rate). There's no color listed on the tube, but it looks like Jelly Pong Pong sells two different colors, Marshmellow Pink (a soft petal pink) and Cranberry (a berry red); I assume this is "Cranberry". I'm not 100% sure that this is a full size since the full size isn't listed on the website (the lip stain I have is .09oz or 2.5g) and this tube looks different from the picture on the site and the picture on my info card. My lip stain has a silver bottom (the twisty part you use to twist up more product) while the picture on the site and on my card don't. I'm not sure if there was just a packaging change at some point and they haven't updated their promo images, or if there is actually a bigger size than this that is the true full size. Or I could just be paranoid, who knows!

I really wanted to like this product, especially since it's one of my favorite things from this box, but I don't like the ingredients, especially compared with the other lip gloss/balm I've gotten in my Glossybox from another UK brand. The first ingredient is mineral oil and it also has petrolatum and parabens. For a higher end, more expensive product, I'm really surprised it doesn't have "better" ingredients. This is (supposedly) a full sized product and worth (according to my info card) $18.00.

Next is the product that varied in people's boxes; some got this Model Co Eyeshadow Duo while others got a Pandora nail polish.
This eyeshadow duo is called "Bronzed Goddess" and has the shades "Maldives" and "Jamaican Goddess"; I'm assuming the light champagne brown is Maldives and the dark brown is Jamaican Goddess, but I'm not 100% sure.
The little compact includes a small mirror and one of those cheap applicators. Both colors are very shimmery and this picture isn't as accurate to real life as I would want. I don't think it picks up how shimmery these eyeshadows are and it makes them look washed out; they are a lot more vibrant in real life.

My info card lists this compact as full sized (two .08oz shadows) and that it's worth $25. When I looked this product up on Model Co's website, they didn't have eyeshadow duos, but they did have eyeshadow trios which they were selling for $22. At that price, that makes this duo worth approximately $14.67, more than $10 less than the full price listed by Glossybox. I believe the nail polish was listed as a $9.50, which make this product technically worth more, but I would have much preferred the polish since these are very common, generic colors (honestly, who doesn't have eyeshadow in these colors? Especially if you subscribe to a monthly beauty box).

Finally, the last product in my box is the Sue Devitt Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder in "Quite and Still".
This is a pressed facial powder compact with green tea and vitamin C to help brighten and even out skin and reduce shine while setting your make-up. I usually use pressed powder foundation to set my make-up because I like the versatility of being able to use the powder to set my foundation/BB cream or to just wear on it's own when I'm feeling lazy (which is often), but I would like to try an actual setting powder, so I'm interested in this product. From what I've seen, everyone got the same color, "Quite and Still", which I found odd since that's the lightest shade this product comes in (it comes in a total of four different shades).
It's perfect for my skin, but it might look weird/ashy on someone with darker or more olive-toned skin. It's kind of the opposite problem from when we got the AmorePacific foundation in the darkest shade possible.

I found this product on sale at for $21, but the original full size price is $28 for 0.35oz, which is what Glossybox lists this product as. The compact is pretty slim and includes a mirror and a really slim applicator circle (is there a technical name for these? I'm pretty sure there is).

Overall, this was another pretty "meh" box. I talked a bit about my feelings towards this box, Glossybox in general, in my intro, so I won't repeat myself too much down here, but...yeah. I don't regret unsubscribing (now watch, next box is going to be absolutely amazing and have a Deborah Lippmann polish and full size everything...), especially after this unspectacular and uninteresting box. There are items I'm going to use, the eyeshadow, the compact, possibly the lip stain, but they don't feel particularly luxe or special, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to subscribe to Glossybox in the first place; to be able to try luxury/special products that I might not be able to try otherwise. In total, this box was worth $63.38, which is based on my "found" prices and is not even including the hair cream, so this box was a good deal, at least monetarily. Product-wise, I feel like there could have been more thought put into things; instead it kind of feels like they just found whatever they could get their hands on and put it in.

At least I can say I gave Glossybox a chance. And who knows, maybe one day I'll resubscribe!

Thanks for reading! <3!

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