Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2013 Soap Box - Unboxing and Review/First Impressions!

Hello! This post has been such a long time in coming, and I'm sorry I didn't get this up sooner! This post has been sitting in my queue as just a title for a ridiculously long time and I really have no idea why since I was so excited to finally get my...FORTUNE COOKIE SOAP FALL SOAP BOX!

Yes, I was that excited! I've only gotten one other Soap Box, FCS's Summer Box, but I loved it so much that I was super pumped for the fall box! Even though I really don't like the Fall season much as a whole, I adore the scents (and candy and food and holidays...), which is what this box is all about! And who better to come up with some awesome, unique fall scents than Fortune Cookie Soap? Also the $10 off a purchase coupon is pretty neat, too.
Want to see (and pretend to smell) what I got in my box? Then click "read more" below!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Trip to Seattle, WA And the Adventure That Was Had - PAX PRIME 2013!

Hello! This is going to be more of a life post than anything else, since I want to kind of do a summary of my and my husband's trip to Seattle, WA for PAX Prime 2013!

My husband and I went to PAX Prime last year. We stayed in Portland, OR with one of our friends for a few days, then drove to Seattle, WA for the convention. We had so much fun that we decided to try to go again this year. Unfortunately, our friends weren't able to attend so we had to go it alone. Last year, my husband was able to snag badges for Friday and Saturday. He was pretty lucky since they sold out ridiculously fast and we figured we'd be happy with just the two days since Sunday was the last day of the convention and was a short day anyways. This year, they extended PAX to four days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (which was also Labor Day). Again, my husband was only able to get badges for two days, Saturday and Sunday, and while it would have been fun to go for another day, I think the two days were enough. Unless there's something specific that you really want to do, and would have to stand in line forever for, I think two days is more than enough time to get to about 90% of what you want to. As always, there were people buying and selling badges outside of the convention center. I think scalping is pretty awful (I had a friend who would help his friend scalp tickets for concerts in order to make money and it really made me lose respect for him) so I found them pretty irritating.

Since we only had tickets for Saturday and Sunday, we decided to fly in on Friday, get settled in our hotel, and maybe do a trial run of Seattle's light rail system. We would go to the convention on Saturday and Sunday, and then, since it was cheaper to fly home on Tuesday (even after paying for an extra night at the hotel. We had a very cheap hotel...more on that later) we would just wander around Seattle on Labor Day.

September 2013 Julep Maven Box - Classic With a Twist Plus Add-Ons - Unboxing and Review

Hello! This post is going to be about my September 2013 Julep Maven box!

This month, Julep released their Fall-appropriate "Cityscape Collection". I'm not the biggest fan of Fall colors since I don't like the darker, more jewel-toned shades that seem to come out around this time of year, so this was probably the least interesting collection Julep's released since I became a Maven (which doesn't mean it's a bad collection! I just don't like it). Even though I'm considered a "Boho Glam" girl, I ended up going with the "Classic With a Twist" box this month which is a rarity for me. As the name implies, "Classic With a Twist" tends to have, well, the more classic colors like reds and pinks and it tends to include only creme colors.
I usually go for the "Boho Glam" or "Bombshell" boxes, but the colors in them didn't appeal me to this month (well, one did in the "Bombshell" box, but I got that as an add-on, which you will see!).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

August 2013 Glossybox - Unboxing and Review - My Last Glossybox!

Hello! This post is going to be all about my final Glossybox, the August 2013 box. I unsubscribed from Glossybox because it just didn't feel worth it to me anymore and I think I've found a better subscription service for around the same price. When I started Glossybox way back in March, I was super excited; $21 for a box that had five deluxe and/or full-sized high end products sounded right up my alley. The first box I got was amazing and it made me really excited about Glossybox in general. As I got more boxes, I just got more and more disappointed in the products included in them. My boxes have always been worth more than the $21 I paid for them, so I'm technically always getting my moneys worth, but the products didn't feel worth the $21 to me personally, if that makes sense. There are products I couldn't use (including a foundation that was in the darkest shade possible, even though my skin tone is listed as "fair" in my beauty profile), products that weren't high-end (the perfume and face wipes from Nicka K New York), and just overall not good products (like the mini Nails Inc nail polish).

I really like the idea behind Glossybox, a box of selected high-end samples from companies both well known and those you've never heard of, and I liked that Glossybox seemed to have a great international presence (seriously, there are a ton of Glossyboxes in different countries. Glossybox has been around for a while, but they only recently came to the U.S). I just feel like Glossybox U.S. could have done so much more and could have been so much more, but it just fell flat for me.

This final box really cinched my decision to unsubscribe (I wanted to wait until I got my final box before I unsubscribed just to make sure my final box arrived safe and sound), but I do feel like my negative opinion of it is influenced by my overall negative opinion of Glossybox, so take what I say with a grain of salt!
Let's see what's inside...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Indie Nail Polishes - I Love Nail Polish and Rainbow Honey (Plus Some Not So Indie!)

Hello! In this post I wanted to talk a little bit about indie nail polishes! And by a little, I hope to keep it at a medium amount; I made a video about indie polishes and the two brands I have purchased from, Rainbow Honey and ILNP and it ended up a little on the long side... I also wanted to talk a little bit about some other brands of nail polish I have recently purchased. Lately, I feel like I've been in a "Julep rut" and now have 50+ Julep polishes...
...which may be too many Julep polishes. Julep is a great brand and they do have nice polish, but I want to explore other brands and see what they have to offer. I'm going to stay a Maven, though I may start skipping boxes if the colors don't appeal to me (which admittedly hasn't really happened yet, though I wasn't too excited for the September collection. But I tend to not like any fall collections, so that's more me-based dislike than anything).

Recently, I've started looking into indie nail polish brands, the first one being I Love Nail Polish (which I will call "ILNP" because I am lazy). I saw a video on Youtube of a small haul from them, and found the idea of indie nail polish intriguing. I feel like indie nail polishes can really cater to niche markets and make colors/finishes that may not be considered "safe" by larger, mass-producing companies. Case in point, the videogame inspired polishes by Rainbow Honey and the Mighty Boosh inspired polish by ILNP; neither of which would likely ever be made by a large company (though copyright issues may also be a barrier to that as well). You can find quite a lot of indie nail polish online, especially if you check out and just search for "nail polish". There was one other brand I wanted to try, Black Luna Lacquer, but you can only pay using PayPal and I'm not a big fan of Paypal (I have an account and I use it because I have to, but, I don't know, I just prefer using my credit card directly). I still may purchase from them since they do have some very interesting colors, I just have to deal with using Paypal.

This may get kind of long, but at least there are a lot of pictures!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Hello! Guess who's super behind on her blog posts again? If you guessed me, you'd be right! I just got back from Seattle, WA and have a lot of things to catch up on (seriously, I have like...four videos to make and five blog posts and just...ugh). Since I'm only working two days this week, I'm hoping I can get everything I want to recorded, typed, photographed, and uploaded by the end of the weekend. Hoping. My husband and I are still surprisingly tired from our trip. We're not sure if it's jet lag or if we just over-exerted ourselves or what, but I'm just super happy I decided to take an extra day off from work to recover.

But that's not why you're here (though I will be making a post/video about our trip to Seattle/PAX); you're here to check out what I got in my August 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box! This is my very first Blush Mystery Beauty Box and, so far, I am very happy I subscribed. I'm actually a little sad I missed July's box because it had a full sized Deborah Lippmann nail polish in it, which would have been awesome to get. This subscription service is going to replace my Glossybox subscription. I got my final box, the August 2013, and once again it was underwhelming. I just don't feel like I'm getting back what I pay for with Glossybox. My first box was amazing, but pretty much everything after that has been disappointing. I'm going to make a post/video about my final Glossybox this weekend as well.

If you don't know what the Blush Mystery Beauty Box is, it's a mystery box that you can either subscribe to for $24.95 a month OR you can buy just one box for $34.95, shipping included for both. Since it's guaranteed to have at least $100 worth of products in it, either way you get your money's worth. I opted to subscribe since I watched a few unboxings on Youtube and really liked what I saw. If you're interested in checking it out and learning more, you can go to, which is part of the beauty trio that includes and I'm not sure why they have three different sites since you can go to any of them and search for products from any of the other sites (if that makes sense) AND they all share the same checkout, but they do. I was initially interested in signed up for the subscription service used to offer called Beautyfix, but they discontinued the service.
Here we go!