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Random Hauls - Comics, Blind Bags, Candy, and More!

Hello! I've been noticing that my collection of "things I want to show you and talk about but which don't really warrant their own post" has been getting a little out of hand, so I figured I'd do a fairly large, random post to showcase them all! It really is an eclectic bunch, ranging from comic books to toys to clothes and even includes a small Sephora haul. Since this is already going to be long and super jumpy (I'm not very good at transitional sentences that don't sound contrived and silly), let's get to it!
I'll start with the blind bags, because I have a lot of them! If you've read some of my past posts (especially the earlier ones), you'll know that I love blind bags. I love the mystery and the "gamble" of them; the same reason why I love mystery boxes so much! Since blind bags tend to be pretty cheap, around the $3 range, they're a fun way to get a "thrill". I mostly buy My Little Pony blind bags, but I do pick up ones that I find on sale (Target usually has some; I recently got a bunch of GI Joe ones because you can get a wolf or a panther) or that I find cute/interesting. One downside to blind bags being so cheap is that it's really easy to spend more money on them than you think you are. MLP blind bags are about $3 each (depends where you go; this is a rare instance when Toys R Us is actually the cheaper place to buy them!) and I have about 40 now (I just counted my collection at home at 37 and I have a few doubles at work), so that's...$120 which is incredibly embarrassing. I would like to point out though that a lot of them I got on a "buy one, get one free" or "buy two, get one free" deal so I didn't spend QUITE that much. Still is kind of eye opening, though.
They have a lot of new series, the most recent being this really trippy neon theme, which I have a couple from that I'll show you a little bit later. These two are from the 6th series; the one on the left is Ploomette and the one on the right is Rainbow Wishes. Rainbow Wishes is one of those super generic ponies with a very uncreative name and color scheme (admittedly, all the non-special ponies are just repaints of the molds for the main six, and even then, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are the same), but Ploomette was kind of cool to get. She's not exactly a special pony, and I don't think she was ever in the show (I haven't watched it in a long time) but she did have her own toy for a while. She was one of those big, weird ones and she had butterfly wings. I find it interesting that they included her in a blind bag series!
These two are also from the 6th series, I just threw the bags away before I could take the picture. The one on the left is Flippity Flop, which I was happy to get for her name alone, and the right is Gardenia Glow. Both fairly generic and, unfortunately, both just repaints of the Rarity mold.
These two are from the 7th series, which included the Wonderbolts! I really liked this series; the transparent bodies with painted mane and tails is very striking in appearance. I did like the "crystal" series where the ponies had translucent bodies covered in glitter, but they didn't have any painted details (besides their eyes) which made them look a little flat. On the left is Apple Stars and on the right is Pinkie Pie. Apple Stars was kind of neat since she had Rarity's mold but was stamped with Pinkie Pie's eyes. They started doing this with the bigger pony toys as well. It's a very cheap and simple modification, but at it creates at least a little variation. I don't like Pinkie Pie (it's a tie between her a Rainbow Dash for my least favorite pony, though I think I dislike Pinkie Pie a little more), but I really like her mold since her hair is so dense and complex. I actually got doubles of this one, so one of them is on my desk at work.

And these guys are from the most recent series, the Neon Bright (also known as the 8th series)! These ponies have neon colored translucent bodies with painted details, and are probably my favorite so far. They've expanded the number of special ponies (thus expanded the number of unique molds), and they even included a non-pony; Gilda the Griffon. I got some lucky pulls this time around, getting Flim Skim (one half of the Flim Flam Brothers), Big Macintosh (Applejack's older brother), and best of all, Princess Cadance! I'm a sucker for princesses, and when they started included them in blind bags, I started buying them again (I had put my blind bag buying on hold since I always pulled Rainbow Dashes. I seriously have like 8 of them). There is a method you can use to figure out exactly who is in each bag, but I always forget the numbers and then feel weird going through them at the store. Besides, it's more fun to try and get them through luck!

Sticking with blind bags, these are some others I picked up since Target had them on sale.
I got a couple Power Ranger ones, because Power Rangers are cool. I really wanted to get the Pink or Yellow Ranger (do they still pretend the Yellow Ranger is a girl? I haven't seen Power Rangers in ages... I think so because it looks like she's wearing a skirt.) but I ended up with the Black Ranger and the unpainted version of Robo Knight. I don't like transparent/unpainted versions in blind bags; they are boring and lame. If they were translucent and still had painted details, that'd be pretty cool and worthy of a second variant, but otherwise, they just feel like filler.
 This is the little booklet that showed who was all in the series. No rare ones for me this time.

And here are the GI Joe ones I talked about earlier.
I was surprised by how much I actually liked these. I've been moving away from "boy toys" (I used to love stuff like Beast Wars, but ever since I got into Monster High and MLP, I've been more interested in "girl toys"), but these ended up being pretty neat. You get two in a bag and they're kind of squishy. They also come with their own little stands! I was really hoping for the wolf or the panther, but I did end up with an oni-style warrior, so that was neat. These guys live on my desk at work; they help cut through all the cuteness.

I feel like the next logical step would be to check out the comic books I picked up over the last few weeks!
Because I am a "collectionist" (a word I just made up right now but one that probably existed already; a "perfectionist collector"), I am compelled to get everything thing in a series, or it just doesn't feel like it's worth something. There are modifiers to this where I can avoid buying everything in a series and still feel like I have a "complete collection", specifically with Monster High dolls. As long as I get the "basic" version of a doll, I don't feel compelled to "catch 'em all". I've been getting most of the MLP comics, but I didn't get the Raindow Dash-centric volume of the mini-series because I don't like Rainbow Dash. That was a mistake; my collection didn't feel complete and thus I didn't feel like it had been worth it to "collect" (weird, I know). I was worried my comic shop wouldn't have anymore, but luckily they still had a few when we went back. I also picked up the Fluttershy volume and the special edition Pinkie Pie one, with a cover made especially for my local comic book shop! I also got the next comic from the main series.
On a separate trip, I was able to pick up the Applejack volume from the mini-series, which means I have books for each of the main six now. Not sure if they have/will release more in the mini-series about other ponies, but if they do I will definitely pick them up.

Moving along, I think I'll do magazines next, since they're kind of like comic books.
These are obviously from two separate trips, due to the two different months of Allure. I know it'd be much cheaper to get a subscription to Allure, but, I don't know, I guess I'd rather not give my information out to a magazine company. I know some people who used to work in call centers for magazines and who would call people to get them to resubscribe and I just really don't want that. Admittedly, I am thinking of signing up for the Sample Society subscription box, which also gives you a year's subscription to Allure. It really depends on what Glossybox is like this month and if I chose to unsubscribe. I believe this is Nail It's third magazine (I'm bad at keeping track) and so far I'm really enjoying it. It has a lot of great tips and inspiration for nail art! I always pick up Crochet Today, even if I don't really like the patterns in it. I don't even know why; it's a fairly expensive magazine at $8 an issue and it's produced by Red Heart Yarn, which is just the worst yarn ever (though I will use Red Heart Soft if it has a color I can't find elsewhere). I've made some really nice things from patterns in the magazine, so I think I just have a soft spot for it.

Books seem like a logical place to go after magazines.
I picked these guys up at Savers. Every now and then my husband and I will go to Savers because you can find some really neat/weird stuff in there (my favorite so far was a Simpson's lamp that had an animatronic Homer Simpson who would say random quotes that had nothing to do with being a lamp and turn the light on and off. The best part was the lampshade; it had the entire walk cycle from when Homer was in the Land of Chocolate. Looking back, I'm kind of sad we didn't buy the lamp...anyways! Books! Savers isn't always the cheapest place to buy books, and they have that obnoxious price sticker which is basically impossible to remove without damaging the book and leaving nasty sticky residue, but you can find some gems. I like collecting books for my future child (I don't know why, maybe it makes me feel more prepared? It's not like we're even thinking about having children now. I think I just like children's books...) so when I found "A Child's Book of Stories from Many Lands", I knew I had to get it. I'm not sure if it's an old, very well preserved book, or a newer edition made to look old. The date inside says it was printed in 1985, which would make it older than I am, but it's just in too good of condition to be that old. Regardless, it has some pretty amusing stories in it. I grabbed the book of e.e.cummings poems because he's my favorite poet (not very surprising) and the "Spy Who Loved Me" because I really like the old James Bond novels. I'm pretty sure I've read this one before (I went through a phase where I read all the ones available at my library and I can't remember which ones they had), but I'd be happy to read it again.

How next?
This is Twyla, one of the newest Monster High dolls! She's the daughter of the Boogeyman, though she prefers to help people by getting rid of their nightmares, instead of scaring them. She's shorter than the other dolls (minus Howleen) and her color scheme is super cute. I've been debating whether or not I should continue collecting Monster High dolls, but she was too cute to pass up. I've been looking for the other new doll, Gigi, the genie, but I haven't spotted her in the wild yet. My Target just did a reset of their toy section and they finally started stocking the new dolls. They also had a sign up the eluded to the special Friday the 13th doll (Catty Noir!) so I'm really hoping I'll be able to get my hands on one of those (I'm going to go before work, right when Target opens).

We'll stick with "childish" things and do candy next!
I love going to the dollar store for candy. I won't buy anything else from there, really. I don't know why, but candy just seems so safe; that even the dollar store can't mess it up. Plus, they tend to stock candy that I have a hard time finding elsewhere. This trip I picked up some peppermint puffs (these are good for when you have an upset stomach; they also remind me of my grandma), some assorted puffs (they're the same as the peppermint puffs, but they come in different flavors), a bag of Bit-O-Honeys, some Horehound hard candy, and a bag of Mary Janes (which I had opened already...). Mary Janes have to be one of my most favorite candies (Mary Janes, Abba Zabbas, and Squirrel Nut Zippers are all in my top five) and I only ever see them at the dollar store. I'm not sure why I love retro candy so much, but I think it has to do with the flavor profiles; not fruity, not chocolately, but still sweet, savory, and salty. Peanuts also seem to be a theme with my favorite candies, though I don't really like them in their natural form. Strange.

Candles next, for no reason what-so-ever.
My husband and I were walking around one of our malls (not the big one, a smaller one) kind of aimlessly, when we saw that Yankee Candle was having a semi-annual sale (this was quite some time ago, that's how long this has been sitting around waiting to get posted...).  My husband used to have a jar candle from Yankee Candle called Lakeside Birch that he would burn when I'd come over to his place while we were still dating. His mom had given it to him and it really is a nice smelling candle; it's a pretty "manly" scent, but it's not obnoxious or in your face like some can be. Unfortunately, it was discontinued, so he started "hoarding" it and refused to light it. We stop in to Yankee candle now and then to see if they have it in stock (sometimes they will restock old, discontinued candles. I think they just find them in their warehouses randomly). Since then, my mom has bought him a bunch of smaller sized candles in Lakeside Birch off eBay so we are pretty well stocked on it, but it's not the same without the big jar candle. We figured we might have a chance to find it at their semi-annual sale, so we stopped in. I also wanted to pick up some other candles because I like having scents to match the seasons and because our apartment has been smelling a little weird lately. We think it's the people below us; we've also had a lot of issues with pests this summer, which we attribute to them as well. There was a 3 for $30 deal, so my husband and I set out to find three candles we could agree on. We ended up finding three we both liked fairly quickly; Tahitian Tiare Flower (this was one I really wanted, I love the smell of Tiare flowers), Super Sweet Pumpkin (this one my husband really likes; it smells like happiness), and Meadow Showers (we liked this one because it was fresh and clean without smelling like, well, cleaner). I'm always reluctant to burn the Super Sweet Pumpkin since it's more of a fall fragrance, but my husband really likes it so it's the one we use the most.

Finally, I'll do clothes and accessories. I actually bought a lot more than this, but it was all boring work clothes from an H&M super sale (half off of half off? Yes, please) so I won't bog this post down with them.
One day while we were out shopping, I somehow managed to drop my sunglasses on the floor, breaking them. I was super upset since I can be very, very picky about sunglasses, and the ones that I had were perfect. We went to a few stores to try and find me some new ones, but I couldn't find any that I liked enough to purchase. Dismayed, I figured I would go back to the Marshall's near our apartment and see if I could find another pair of the ones that I broke (since that's where I got them in the first place). I didn't find the exact same pair, but I did find a pair of sunglasses that I liked just as much! Hopefully I don't end up breaking these, too...
Okay, so technically these aren't "clothes and accessories", but I wasn't sure where else to put them. These are a pair of luggage tags my mom got me and my husband. We're actually flying to Seattle at the end of August, so these will come in handy. They arrived in the mail one day and I was really confused since I knew I hadn't ordered them. Turns out my mom had and had them mailed straight to us! She thought they were cute, even though we're not technically newlyweds anymore.
I got these shoes at the H&M super sale, not because I really needed them, but because they were about $3. I always have such a hard time with shoes; I never seem to have a pair that matches my outfit. I have a lot of colorful shoes, but I'm seriously lacking in the neutrals department. I also desperately need new shoes for work, but I can't seem to find a pair that I'm willing to buy (I got my last pair for $4, so you can see why I'm having a hard time justifying $20). I really just need to bite the bullet and get a new pair!
I picked these guys up at Savers! I don't have any dark brown shoes, and I've been noticing more and more that a lot of my outfits would work will with them. I don't normally wear heels, but I figured these would be low enough that I could manage. I also thought the Mary Jane styling with the front strap was super cute!
Finally, I got this pair of faded floral jeans with a matching mint belt. Usually, I find that the belts that come with jeans don't always match, but in the case they do. Also, a mint belt is just a nice thing to have! I like the faded aspect of these jeans as well, it tones down the floral and makes it less obnoxious and easier to wear. I got these at Kohl's on sale, so they're not the best quality (they also fit me kind of funny; they don't have any stretch so they're tight on my thighs and butt but super lose in the waist), but I like them anyways!

And...that should be everything for now! Once again, I'm sorry this post is so jumpy and utterly random; I just really wanted to get these things up and on my blog. This didn't end up as monstrously long as I was expecting, which is good, but I suspect that's because some of these things have been sitting around for so long I've forgotten a lot about them!

Thanks for reading! <3!

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