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July 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell Box - Opening and Review!

Hello! I'm going to try and knock another post out today (and maybe even one more tonight, depending on how I feel. That's how far behind I let myself get again...)! This post is going to be about my July 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell box! I actually got this box in June, on the same day I got my June 2013 Glossybox, which I found pretty amusing. I also got three add-ons with my Maven box this month, so I'll show you guys those as well.

For the month of July, Julep released their "California Coast" collection. This collection includes ten new nail polish colors and two new body products, a sea salt texture spray for hair and a dry body oil. In the Boho Glam, Bombshell, and Classic with a Twist boxes you got two polishes and the dry body oil. In the It Girl box you got three polishes, and in the American Beauty box you got the dry oil and the hair mist.
 I debated a little over which box to get this month, but I settled on the Bombshell box, since I really wanted one of the polishes in it and I wanted to try the dry oil, and then added some extra polishes on top.
The box was shaped a little different this month, in order to accommodate the longer boxes for the dry oil and hair mist. Julep also included the add-ons in the Maven boxes this month instead of shipping them separately, which I think it a really good idea and I'm glad they did so. I always thought it'd be much cheaper to take the time to include the add-ons in the Maven boxes than it was to ship them separately.
Here's the box right after opening it. I had opened this already, so it's not as neat as it was when I first got it. I liked the beachy, natural vibe of the tissue paper this month, very appropriate for a California Coast theme. One thing Julep always does really well is work with the theme of their monthly collection. I like how they take the time to make sure everything ties together, including the packaging. It just shows that they care about their products and want to present them in the best way possible.
Here's the front of this months cards. As I said, I got the Bombshell box, which included two polishes in the colors Blakely and Joanna and the Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil.
On the back of the big card, Julep included instructions on how to use their dry body oil. There are also instructions on the box for the oil, but it's nice that Julep reiterated them here. A lot of people haven't used dry body oil before (I hadn't until I got this dry body oil and the c. Booth dry body oil in my Glossybox) so straight forward, easy to read instructions are helpful. The quote this month is a really good one: "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea." by Isak Dinesen.
This is the special product/gift Julep included this month: green tea blotting papers! You get 40 sheets in this pack, so these will last a little while, which is nice. I'm really glad Julep included these; I've been thinking about picking up some blotting sheets for the summer since my skin has been acting up and getting weirdly oily in places. I haven't used them yet so I can't say how good they are, but I expect that they'll be at the very least effective at getting rid of excess oil.
And here's the box opened! My add-ons are in the bubblewrap underneath the bag that has my month's polishes in it. Once again Julep continues with the coastal theme in their packagaing with deep, ocean blue crinkle paper, which contrasts nicely with the crisp white bag and seafoam green ribbon. Though I could just be reading too much into things...
This is the Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil. This is the first dry body oil I have ever used, and I love it. You don't need to use a lot of it so this bottle will last a very long time, and it absorbs super quickly and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. It's especially nice in the summer when it's super humid and it takes regular body lotion forever to absorb. When you get out of the shower and are still a little damp, you spray this on your skin and rub it in until it's absorbed. I also really like the scent of it; it's a very familiar scent, but I can't quite place what it is. There's a hint of sweetness, with a little bit of almost smells like citronella, but in a pleasant, wearable way. It basically smells like a girl who likes to be outdoors. This is a really great product and I recommend picking it up if you get a chance to!
These are the polishes that came in the Bombshell box. The top polish is Joanna, which is described on the site as a "lilac frost". The bottom is Blakely, which is a "purple and green molten", which is basically a type of duochrome shimmer finish. Like I said, I debated between which box to get; I wanted to get the Boho Glam for the color Karen, but I didn't like the bronze color it came with (I don't look good in brown/bronze colors), but I knew I absolutely had to have Blakely since it sounded like such a unique color. I already have a lot of shimmery lilacs, so I wasn't too keen on getting Joanna, but in the end I thought it was better to get a color that, even if I have a lot of similar ones, I knew I would wear instead of a polish that I knew I would never wear. I even thought about getting the It Girl box because I really liked the colors in it, but I wanted to try the body oil and it was more cost effective to get it as part of a Maven box than as an add-on. In the end, I actually regret not getting this whole collection; I ended up not being as happy with the additional colors that I had picked as I thought I would be. They ended up looking a little different than they did in their bottles on the site. I really wish Julep had swatches of the polishes up during the Maven selection window since that would have really helped me out (and would have led me to pick different colors). They actually might have, now that I think about it, but I just didn't see them. I only ever looked at the polishes in the Maven selection section, I never tried to look them up in the store. Hmm...

Here are the three add-ons I ended up getting.
From the top down, they are America (the Beautiful), Karen (from the Boho Glam box), and Angela (from the It Girl box). I also used some of my Jules (points you earn for certain things that you can use towards boxes and add-ons) to get one of the polishes for free. I got America ("sterling silver stars with shiny red and royal blue glitter") for the Fourth of July. Julep also released a new glitter polish for the Fourth called "Fireworks", but I wanted to get America because I liked the idea of the star-shaped pieces. In practice though, America ended up being very thick and gloopy, almost like it was dried out. It's very possible that it was since it is an older polish and I ended up not wearing it for the Fourth since it was too hard to apply.I picked up some of Orly's nail polish thinner so I'll see if that helps any. I wanted to get Karen ("peach bellini frost") because it looked like a really flattering peachy pink color. It was a lot more orange than I expected and I was worried it wasn't going to be a flattering color on me, but it actually ended up looking really nice; it's almost like a nude on me, very natural with a bit of shimmer. This ended up being my favorite polish, which really surprised me because I thought I'd like Blakely more. Finally, I picked up Angela ("deep sea blue molten") because it looked like a really pretty blue-green and I liked the idea of the molten finish. Angela ended up being a bit darker and much more green than I expected; this color was the one I was probably most disappointed in (well, besides America, but that at least has some hope). In the end, I really wish I had gotten a different color than Angela. I really debated between Angela and Tracy, the ocean blue sea salt, but I figured I already had a lot of sea salt/sand textured polishes. I also wish I would have gotten Adele, a gold top coat, or Nadia, a golden frost, but who's to say I would have been any more satisfied with those two? (thought about getting them but didn't since I already have a top coat that has real 18k gold flakes in it and I have a lot of shimmery yellows. Well, maybe not a lot, but more than one).

These are the colors swatched:
From left to right (after the solid red) are America, Angela, Karen, Joanna, and Blakely. Overall, I really liked this collection, though I'm not completely satisfied with my color choices (which is totally my own fault, not Julep's). Hopefully, Julep will either release special discounted sets with the colors I missed out in, or I'll get them in a mystery box. My favorite products from this month's box are the dry body oil and Karen (and the blotting papers, but since I haven't actually used them yet, I don't feel like I can call them a favorite). I can't wait to see what Julep comes up with for next month!

Thanks for reading! <3!

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