Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Haul! The Body Shop and LUSH Beach Box Review

Hello! Today's post is going to be all about the shopping I did on my birthday! My birthday came a little bit ago and luckily, it fell on a Sunday this year! My husband was able to get the day off, so we do what we always do when we want to celebrate: we went to our big Mall (yes, it is big enough to warrant being capitalized. I'm pretty sure you all know what Mall I'm talking about, but I like to pretend I am mysterious...)! We went shopping (well, I went shopping), had a really tasty dinner and dessert, then went and saw Pacific Rim in 3D and D-Box! If you don't know what D-Box is (I'm not actually sure if it's even offered at a lot of places, I only know they have it at the theater in the Mall), it's where you get special seats that move and vibrate along with the movie. It's kind of like a mini ride where you don't really go anywhere. You can choose how much movement and vibration you want and my husband and I always put it at max settings. For max awesomeness.

Without any spoilers, I'd say Pacific Rim was an okay to good movie. Honestly, the best parts where when the giant robots fought the monsters. It tried way, way too hard to have a deep plot when, really, it didn't need it. I just wanted to see giant robots fight monsters. That's all I am expecting and that's all it needs to deliver. It also felt like every single character was trying to "out quirk" the rest. EVERYONE had weird habits/ways of dressing/pasts/etc. except for the main character. He was so completely normal that he actually stood out. If you're into big robots and monsters, I would definitely say you should see it, at least in 3D if there are no D-Box theaters near you. It has really slick graphics and is a very visually complex and interesting film. Also the giant robots fighting the monsters was pretty rad. Did I mention that already?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Julep Summertime Big Box Ver. 3 July 2013 Mystery Box - Opening and Review

Hello! This post is going to be all about my July 2013 Julep mystery box - their Summertime Big Box!

For July's mystery boxes, Julep once again gave us a choice: there was a Summertime Days box, a Summertime Nights box, and, if you couldn't pick between those two, there was a Summertime Big Box which would include things from both. Obviously, I can never make decisions like this, so I went with the Big Box! The Night and Day boxes were $25 each (with a product value of $70-$200) and the Big box was $40 (with a product value of $125-$300). I figured I'd be getting more for my money with the Big box, which is how I justified buying it to myself... Regardless of which type of box you got, you'd get two new polishes made especially for the boxes: Monica and Kyla.
Here's my box! According to my packing statement, I got "version 3". I was kind of surprised to see how small it was, considering how it was supposed to have at least $125 worth of products in it. Then again, nail polishes are pretty small, and Julep could have really crammed things in there. As always, I got a "Aren't Surprises Fun?" card and the ubiquitous "Social Beauty" card.

Metamorphose Summer 2013 Skirt Lucky Pack Opening

Hello! Today's post (actually...there might be more than one post today, we'll see. I just like the sound of that opening...) is going to be all about my Summer 2013 Skirt Lucky Pack from the brand Metamorphose!

If you don't know about Metamorphose (full name "Metamorphose Temps de Fille, normally shortened to "Meta"), it's a Japanese clothing brand that specializes in Lolita style clothing. If you don't know what lolita is, it's a Japanese street fashion that is sort of inspired by Victorian fashion. I'm going to paste what Hello Lace, a website dedicated to the cataloging of Lolita clothing and which can be found at, has for their summary of what Lolita is:

"Lolita (ロリータ) is a street fashion and a subculture in Japan, known for its intricate and delicate doll-like look. The clothing is inspired mainly by the Rococo and Victorian eras, but also take influences from current fashion trends. The fashion covers a large variety of sub-styles, and is generally worn by females as there is no male counterpart of Lolita. Men who desire to participate in the fashion often turn to Ouji (a unisex fashion related to Lolita), or Japanese gothic fashion. However, cross-dressing males (also known as brolitas in the west) do exist. One of the most famous Lolita icons, Mana, is a cross-dressing male."

If you are interested in learning more about Lolita fashion, there are many resources online, including the Live Journal community "egl" as well as the board /cgl/ on 4chan (yeah, I know, 4chan and all, but /cgl/ can actually be pretty helpful!).

Anyways! Every now and then, companies in Japan will release special discounted sets called Lucky Packs. Most will do this around New Years to help clear out old stock, but some, like Innocent World and Meta, will release them at other times. I made a post a long time ago about another lucky pack I got from a gyaru clothing brand called Liz Lisa. I also got the winter lucky pack Meta had released last year, but I don't think I had my blog up and running then so there isn't a post about it. For this summer pack, Meta had a few different options. They had a skirt pack which would include a t-shirt, a skirt, a tote, and a couple accessories like socks and hairbows and they also had a special jumper skirt pack which included a jumper skirt (JSK), a blouse, socks, two bows, and a tote. The JSK set was also in a special print, Happy Bell, that you could only get if you bought a lucky pack. For the skirts, you could pick if you wanted a "light" color skirt or a "dark" color skirt. The other items in the bag would be random. I went with a "light" color skirt set since I tend to wear lighter colors, although from what I've seen of other people's packs, it didn't really matter what color you picked (I saw a "dark" pack that came with a white skirt...). The skirt packs were around $90 each, depending on exchange rates and the JSK packs were around $230 each, again depending on exchange rates. Each pack included items that in total were worth more than what you paid, so both were really good deals. After shipping, which is always EMS, I paid around $110 for my light skirt lucky pack.

Here's what I got!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell Box - Opening and Review!

Hello! I'm going to try and knock another post out today (and maybe even one more tonight, depending on how I feel. That's how far behind I let myself get again...)! This post is going to be about my July 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell box! I actually got this box in June, on the same day I got my June 2013 Glossybox, which I found pretty amusing. I also got three add-ons with my Maven box this month, so I'll show you guys those as well.

For the month of July, Julep released their "California Coast" collection. This collection includes ten new nail polish colors and two new body products, a sea salt texture spray for hair and a dry body oil. In the Boho Glam, Bombshell, and Classic with a Twist boxes you got two polishes and the dry body oil. In the It Girl box you got three polishes, and in the American Beauty box you got the dry oil and the hair mist.
 I debated a little over which box to get this month, but I settled on the Bombshell box, since I really wanted one of the polishes in it and I wanted to try the dry oil, and then added some extra polishes on top.

June 2013 Glossybox - Opening and Review

Hello! So...unfortunately I did end up falling behind on my posts...I'm not even really sure why. I've been a little busy, but not enough to really get in the way of me posting things in a timely manner. Hopefully I can make it through my backlog of things to post this weekend. It's supposed to be rainy over the next couple days, so that will take care of the temptation to go hang out outside. Enough of me complaining, let's get to the topic of this post: my June 2013 Glossybox!

After my last two Glossyboxes, I was seriously considering unsubscribing, especially since it felt like Glossybox was just throwing samples together randomly, completely disregarding the beauty profile that I had to fill out when I signed up, as evidenced by them sending me a foundation in the darkest shade it came in when, in my profile, it says that I have fair/light skin. The value of my last two boxes was pretty underwhelming as well. Even though I had technically gotten my moneys worth in products, some of the products I would and even could not use, thus making them worthless to me. This box, the June 2013 box, however, has re-instilled my trust in Glossybox's ability to make great sample boxes. Granted, this box came really late, it technically came in June, but it came June 29th, the very last possible day it could come in June, but I think it was worth the wait. A little earlier in the month Glossybox had e-mailed everyone letting them know that the June box would be a little late since there was going to be a substitution with one of the samples (the nail polish). I'm glad there was a switch, since I was much more interested in trying the brand that we got, Sparitual, than the brand that we were originally going to get.

The theme for June 2013's Glossybox was "American Beauty". I've learned to ignore Gossybox themes since they don't really give you an idea of what types of products are included. I think Glossybox kind of just picks something that sounds nice and runs with it.
While this month's box is no exception, they did change up what the box looks like with some nifty artwork by Dallas Shaw!