Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sugar Bunny Shop - Haul and Review!

Hello! I was almost all caught up with my posts, and then I got more things in the mail... But I'm definitely getting there! This post is going to be about my smallish purchase from Sugar Bunny Shop, which can be found at

Sugar Bunny Shop sells a whole bunch of cute stuff, from jewelry and phones charms to stationary and plushies. I first found them due to their Fabulous Pomeranian Glitter Necklace, which is based off this picture:
I didn't buy the necklace this time since there were a few other things I wanted to get first and I was trying to keep the cost of my order down (I've been buying a lot online's not my fault Julep keeps coming out with these amazing deals...). If I bought everything I wanted, my order would have easily been over $100. I really like cute things...
If been on the fence about purchasing for a while now, but what made me go for it was A. I need a lanyard for PAX this year and I wanted to make sure the one I wanted was in stock and would get here in time and B. one of the items I wanted only had one left in stock so I wanted to get it before it sold out (so I do apologize if you want to purchase it since it's still sold out). I ended up purchasing a lanyard, a memo pad, some recipe cards, a charm that was on sale, and a couple buttons. My order was $36-$38 (I don't remember exactly), including the $9 I paid for shipping (I hate paying for shipping, but what can you do?).

There were some cute extras included in my package as well. I love it when companies include little extras!
This is Sugar Bunny Shop's business card. As you can see, very cute and very dessert-themed. I like how their cards are circles instead of rectangles; I think it makes it more unique. The back has their contact info as well as their web address.
I also got a few foam stickers! I like stickers, so I'm much appreciative of these. They're pretty big, too.

Onto my actual order! I'll start with my lanyard, since that was the main focus of this purchase.
I went with the Cupcake Kitties one, though I did debate for a long time between the different designs. They have five different lanyards right now, including a GaMERCaT one, one with fat squishy bunnies (called Puddle Bunnies), a sheep one, and one with their dumpling fox. I was seriously considering getting the GaMERCaT one, but I guess GaMERCaT isn't well liked in the videogame community (I did read a couple comics and I can see why) so I figured that probably wouldn't be the best choice to wear to one of the biggest gaming conventions. The lanyard feels like it's good quality and the design is double-sided. Since it's a dye-sublimated print, you don't get those weird cracks with the color of the lanyard showing through you get if the design is just printed on. For $6, I think this is very reasonably priced. Also, it's adorable.

Next, I got recipe cards! This was the item that had only one left in stock. The dumpling fox ones are sold out, but you can still get the cupcake kitty ones!
The top is the front of the Cupcake Kitties, and the bottom is the back of the dumpling fox. They have the same fronts and backs, but with their respective artwork (if that makes sense). You get 36 in a pack for only $5, so I thought this was a great deal. They're printed on nice, thick card stock so they'll definitely hold up to use. The printing is nice and crisp with bright colors. I really wanted to get these because I have a lot of random recipes sitting in a drawer in my kitchen that I've gotten from friends and family and from places like the internet and magazines, and I needed to organize them (I already lost a recipe for oatmeal cookies that my husband's grandmother gave me...). I bought a nice, some-what expensive card box from Crate & Barrel and I've been slowly transferring my recipes to these cards (I can only do so many at a time before my hand starts to hurt. I'm really bad at long-distance writing because I have a tendency to press really hard on my pen. Not sure why). These are also adorable!

Next, I got a Cupcake Kitties memo pad.
This was more of an impulse thing than anything, really. I just love stationary, especially if it's cute. I use a memo pad at work and I always try to make sure it has something cute and happy on it to help keep my mood up (right now I have a Kuromi notepad). This was about $5 and has 50 identical sheets. The printing on this is also spot on and bright with no errors.

Another impulse item I bought was this charm:
It was on sale for $3, though it looks like it's now sold out online (not sure if I bought the last one...). The little mouse's name is Seedy, and I thought this was super cute, especially for just $3. I love collecting cute little charms like this since I seem to break and/or lose them constantly (it was a sad day indeed when my Chef Felyn cell phone charm broke).

Finally, I bought some buttons.
They were a $1 each, and I thought this was a good way to pick up a wearable item for some characters that I really liked without having to spend too much. The unicorns/pegasi can be found on other items in the shop like notebooks and necklaces. The deer also has a necklace and set of earrings as well, both of which I seriously considered buying because I love deer (and owls and rabbits; most woodland creatures, really), but they're now out of stock. If I do purchase from Sugar Bunny Shop again (and it's a high possibility), I'm going to try and get one or the other if they're back in stock.

And that's my smallish order from Sugar Bunny Shop! I am very pleased with everything I got; everything is of great quality and looks exactly like what's pictured online. The price of everything is very reasonable, especially since Sugar Bunny Shop is an indie brand and I know costs can be higher if you're producing on a smaller scale. If you're looking for cute things, I would highly recommend checking Sugar Bunny Shop out!

Thanks for reading! <3!

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