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Julep 2013 June Boho Glam Maven Box - Opening and Review

Hello! Whew, these posts just keep coming! Today I'm going to talk about my June 2013 Boho Glam Julep Maven box.

I've kind of been assuming that my readers/viewers know about the subscription services I use, so I haven't been talking about the basics. I'm debating on whether or not that's something I need to include in every post/video (or maybe just put in the description box), or if people are okay just Googling things. What Julep's Maven service is is a monthly subscription where you get high quality nail polish and/or beauty products by Julep for a heavily discounted price. These are kind of like the boxes they would send to beauty editors to get them to try their products and possibly feature them in magazine spreads. What's especially nice about being a Julep Maven is that you get free shipping and everything is 20%. Not only that, but you get special access to the "Secret Shop", which has products and sets at even steeper discounts.

Every month Julep comes out with a new line of polishes that are featured in their Maven boxes. Based on a test you take, you're put into one of five different style categories, which then have their own themed boxes (does that make sense?) for the month. Even though you take a test and are placed in a style category, you're free to choose boxes from the other styles; you're not locked into your own. I'm Boho Glam, but sometimes I like what's in the Bombshell or Classic With a Twist boxes better, so I'm free to choose those instead. You can even choose to skip a month if you don't like anything being offered.
Basically, if you like nail polish, you should seriously consider becoming a Maven.
Here's my June 2013 Maven box and my add-ons in all their glory! This month, my add-ons and Maven box arrived the same day, which is how I think it's supposed to work (last month my add-ons got here late, but I think Juelp was having some issues with shipping). When you select your Maven box, you can pick up to three add-ons, so if there's a color in a different box that you like, you can add it to your order individually for about $5 more. They do offer the option of buying the whole collection (they did this month and last month, at least. This is technically only my second official Maven box. Weird, I know.) for around $60-$70 depending on what you add-on, but this month I wasn't too tempted.

One thing Julep does a really job of is sticking to their theme for the month. Last month was Jazz and the 1920's, before that it was Brights, and this month it's that kind of preppy, nautical color scheme; they call it "Nantucket Nostalgia". Since I'm not a big fan of the marine, preppy, Hamptons scene (I would love to live in the Hamptons, but it's not really my style), not a lot of the colors really spoke to me. Another big thing about this line was that Julep launched their first "DD Cream" (it's like a BB cream, but better!) and Concealer. I tend to be a firm believer in "do what you do best" when it comes to companies that identify with one specific area of expertise, so for Julep as primarily a nail company to take on something like a DD Cream worried me a bit.

I'll start with my add-ons. I picked up two extra nail polishes, Bess and Bunny.
This is Bess. For some reason, this color photographed way more bright than it actually is in real life. It's not a pale blue, but it's more powdery and not quite as electric. This color was in the It Girl box, but online it looked very similar to one of my favorite nail polishes, Havana Dreams from Sephora by OPI. In real life, it's not nearly as pale, but Bess is such a beautiful blue. In the shop it's described as a baby blue crème which is pretty accurate (though I think it's a bit brighter than what a traditional baby blue color is).
And this is Bunny. Bunny is also an It Girl polish, but I don't think it was included in the It Girl Maven box. It seems like there's always one extra color that's part of the line but is not in any boxes (last month it was Etta). Bunny was kind of a random buy for me, since I typically don't use white nail polish (I have a bottle of Orly's french tip white and that's it). The way it was described sold me on it: "crisp white linen with fine gold shimmer". I thought it sounded like a very unique kind of white, and it really is. It's not a harsh, stark white, it's almost more like a soft white or a diamond white. I used to work in bridal, and a lot of bridal companies offer dresses in ivory, white, and a color called diamond (or soft) white which is between the two. It's nearly indistinguishable from white, but it looks nice on many different skin tones. As for the gold shimmer, you can see it in the bottle if you hold it close to your face, but I don't think you can really see it on the nail (at least I had a hard time spotting it).

And now the main event; my Boho Glam Maven box!
It came with quite a few cards this time (there is also an allergy warning and ingredients list for the extras they included this month). The top left is the card that shows what's in the box and what style of Maven you picked, top right is the quote card (Julep includes a quote in every box, though I'm not sure if it differs based on which box you get...never really looked into that), and the bottom is a mock invitation (it's written like it's a yacht party invite, which is cute) to participate in Julep's monthly Be Good To Yourself Challenge. You basically take a picture of yourself having fun and enjoying your Maven box, post it on Julep's Facebook page, and then possibly win three months of Maven boxes for free. It's a neat idea, and I like that Julep celebrates having fun and being yourself.
This is the back of the style card and the quote, which is from Lilly Pulitzer this month.
Here's what the box looks like, all opened up and pretty! I like the colors of the packaging this month, very appropriate for the theme. I really like how Julep changes the packaging every month to reflect the idea of their collection; it really shows that thought has been put into these products and they're not just slapped together under a very loose idea of a theme (looking at you Glossybox...).

I'll start with the little extras they threw in this month.
Dolle's Salt Water Taffy! I love salt water taffy (there's a huge bag calling my name across my desk right now) and Dolle's sounds like it's some serious taffy based on this exerpt from their website: "Dolle's World Famous Salt Water Taffy has been made daily on the premises since 1910. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients in making our famous seaside treat. The freshness of our taffy can always be tested by it's delightful chew and seemingly endless pull. Because of our care and passion for creating the best taffy our name is known worldwide." I got three different flavors; lime, strawberry, and chocolate. I was holding back from eating them until I made this post, and now I can finally enjoy them!
Here's the DD Cream (or "creme"; I'm not sure why companies do that. Is there actually a difference between a "cream" and a "creme", or are they just trying to sound fancy? I always just say "cream", because I can't pronounce things to save my life). It got it in the lightest color they offered, which is "light". It comes in four shades I believe, which are light, medium, medium dark, and dark, and it looks like they are currently sold out of the "light" shade. I had pretty high expectations for this product, even though I was also a bit leery about a nail polish company making a face product. I've fallen out of love with my current BB cream (I've used the same one for about a year and a half now and I'm mostly just getting bored) and was hoping this would be the perfect replacement. It is by no means a bad product, though I don't think it's worth the $36 ($28.80 for Mavens) price tag. It's a little orangey for me, but it does blend out nicely and matches my skin tone about as well as my current BB cream (which is another reason why I'm thinking of switching back to foundation; more color choices). I smells a little strange, but not bad or unwearably so; it's more that you can smell the sunscreen in it than anything else. It does feel a little greasier than my BB cream, but it seems to absorb nicely and I just set it with powder. It also has a broad spectrum SPF of 25, which is great, especially in a face product (though you should technically be wearing an SPF of 30+).

Finally, here's the two polishes that came in the Boho Glam box, Dianna and Lexie.
This is Dianna, which Julep describes as a "mint green crème". I don't really agree with that description; when I was first choosing my box, they had Dianna listed as a "seafoam green crème", which I think is a much more apt description of this color. I don't think this is mint at all; it definitely has more of a blue look to it than a minty one. That said, this is an absolutely stunning color and it's what made me pick the Boho Glam box. I love cool tones on my nails, which is why I feel so drawn to these types of blues and greens. It's a very wearable color since it's not too garish, but it's not so soft that it fades into the background.
And this is Lexie. Lexie is a "dandelion yellow crème", which really is the perfect way to describe this color; it really looks like the color of a Dandelion! It's buttery and bright, but it's not "highlighter" bright like some yellows can be. I was a little worried about this color since I don't think I'll ever be able to pull off yellow polish (maybe as an accent nail, but not as the main event), but this polish actually surprised me with it's wearability. When I swatched it, it was opaque in two coats and since it wasn't stupidly bright, it gave a bold punch of color without being in your face.
These are the colors swatched (you can see Knackered by butter London on there!). Starting from the left, after Knackered, is Dianna, followed by Lexie, then Bess, and finally Bunny. All of these are two coats, though one coat gave almost complete coverage. Also, now that I'm looking at my Bunny swatch in better lighting (this is the first time I've seen the sun in days...) I can make out the faint gold shimmer in it, which is awesome.

And that's my June 2013 Julep Maven box! Very pleased with this month and I can't wait to see what they come out with for July.

Thanks for reading! <3!

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