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Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Soap Box - Opening and Review

Hello! This post is going to be all about my Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Soap Box. I got this box in the mail about a week ago now, but I wanted to wait until I got a chance to try out the products before I made a post about it. I did a first impressions video but I hadn't tried any of the products yet. Now that I have, I can truly say that I love Fortune Cookie Soap's products. I'm a total convert! All of the products I tried not only smell amazing, but they work wonderfully, too. I used my $10 code and bought a bunch more, so look forward to seeing more reviews on Fortune Cookie Soap products in the near future.

The way the Fortune Cookie Soap Box works is a little different from a lot of other subscription boxes. It's not a monthly box; it's quarterly. Each box is $20 and contains samples of products in the new fragrances that Fortune Cookie Soap has concocted for that quarter. It also includes a $10 off coupon code you can use in the Fortune Cookie Soap store (both online and at the physical store), so the box really only costs $10. In general, the products you get are products Fortune Cookie Soap already makes (so things like sugar scrubs and body butters), but in new, previously unreleased scents. It's a great way to try out Fortune Cookie Soap if you're unsure of what to get, though since it only comes out every three months, you'd have to wait until Fall to get the next one.
I really wish these were monthly boxes, but I know it would be incredibly difficult to come out with so many new fragrances each month.
Here's my box right after opening it! It was a lot smaller than I expected, though I'm not sure why I expected it to be any bigger. It was a very well packed box and came with a whole bunch of product samples.
This is with the information card removed. There were eight products included in the Summer Soap Box, each in a different, new fragrance. I believe two of the products, the hair spritz and the solid sunscreen stick, were new since they don't seem to come in any other scent on the website (all the new scents have been released so you can buy full sizes of these products in these fragrances now).
This is the info card (it's the back of the card you see on top of the box in the first picture); it lists all the products included in the box with some flavor text describing the scents and how to use them. I'm going to go in the same order that's on the card to help keep things a bit more organized.
Obviously, Fortune Cookie Soap's namesake, their Fortune Cookie Soap, is the first item I pulled out of the box. This soap is in the scent "Once In A Melon". When I first saw this, I was concerned because I really don't like watermelon scented things (or flavored things, or watermelon at all, really. Except when it's very, very fresh). But this scent is different; this isn't typical "watermelon" scent. On the card, Fortune Cookie Soap says this smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, and it really does! It has a strong, almost sharp scent of watermelon mixed with other fruity, delicious notes. It's a bright scent, but it's not overpowering for sickingly sweet. I actually really like it; I don't think I'd ever get a body lotion or anything in it, but for a soap, it smells amazing! It's also super cute and looks exactly like a watermelon (well, if a watermelon was fortune cookie shaped). What's great about these soaps is that they're not made with a mold; it's an actual disk of soap folded in the shape of a fortune cookie. There's even a little fortune inside; mine says " If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done." A super cute soap in a great summery scent; a great start to this box!
Next is the "I Scream, You Scream" Sugar Scrub. I was excited to get this since, as you know, I've been in the market for body scrubs. I've been especially interested in more natural, less chemically laden scrubs and lucky for me, Fortune Cookie Soap's sugar scrubs are paraben free. On the card, Fortune Cookie Soap describes this scent as having hints of "creamy vanilla, sweet strawberries, and chocolate ganache". When you smell it, you really can smell all three notes; there's the vanilla underneath everything, a tang of the strawberry, and the darker milky hit of chocolate at the very end. I used this in the shower and I was absolutely blown away. I hate to say it, but this was ten times better than my Julep Body Scrub. The sugar is a bit finer, but it doesn't dissolve as quickly so you get some nice, gentle exfoliation. And the scent is amazing! It makes the shower smell like an ice cream shop (but in a good way, like how Cold Stone smells). I was afraid the scent would linger on my skin and mess with the other fragrances I like to wear, but it faded from my skin fairly quickly, which I definitely think is a plus for a product like this. I was actually kind of disappointed that I had waited to try this product until after I used my $10 off coupon code; I would have thrown a full sized body scrub or two on my order. I loved it that much!
This is "Body Shot" scented Don't Be Jelly jelly soap. This is a newer product from Fortune Cookie Soap; I was stalking their website while waiting for the Summer Soap Box to ship out, and it looks like this product was first introduced in the scent "Aquamarine" for their gemstone mini collection. LUSH also makes a jelly soap, but I've never used it before. One thing you can do is pop it in the fridge/freezer and take it out when you want to use it during the summer months to help cool off. It's not very travel friendly since it melts at fairly low temperatures and needs to be stored in an air tight container to prevent it from drying out. Since I've never used a jelly soap before, it took some getting used to. I ended up wasting more of it than I wanted to, and I think it would work much better if I had a loofah or something similar and didn't use just my hands. Regardless, the smell of this is amazing! The "Body Shot" fragrance is like a very pungent raspberry lemonade. It's very bright, almost sparkling, with the zestiness of the lemon being tempered ever so slightly by the sweetness of the raspberry. If there was a drink that smelled like this, I would order three of them. I might not try a jelly soap again, but I loved the scent!
Next is the "Aquaholic" Sea Salt Hair Spritz. This is a new product, I believe, since it only comes in this one fragrance. This is a texturizing spray, not unlike my Alterna Boho Waves spray. It's supposed to make your hair look beachy and effortless. I never used texturizing products in my hair because I thought my hair's natural texture was intense enough the way it was (I have naturally curly hair), but these types of products seem to actually work WITH my hair's natural texture and add some control and definition. Also, this spray smells amazing. It smells like a pina colada; there's the creaminess of the coconut, the sweet fruity hint of smells like being at a fancy pool. I've used this spray a couple times and while I do think my Alterna one is a little better, this one just smells so good that I'll for sure keep using it.
Here we have a Shower Steamer tab in the scent "Mother Pucker". One thing I really love about Fortune Cookie Soap is that they don't take themselves seriously. If you notice (especially in the video), I keep comparing Fortune Cookie Soap and their products with LUSH; they're very similar in the types of products they put out and have almost the same type of..."vibe" about them (the whole, "almost indie, homemade bath products" vibe), but LUSH sometimes takes themselves waaaaay too seriously. LUSH seems to lean more on the "eco-hippie-chic" side of things (which isn't bad, I've had people describe me as "hippie-chic" before) while Fortune Cookie Soap is more "what new fragrance can we come up that's a little on the weird side but still smells totally awesome? Also, let's not put any nasty junk in our products" vibe (I'm still a little upset that there's parabens in my LUSH body lotion...). LUSH seems to reuse the same scents, especially florals like jasmine and lavendar, while Fortune Cookie Soap makes a soap that smells like Froot Loops (that's how it's spelt on the box; weird, I know) and a lotion scented like Unicorn Farts. that was kind of a tangent. Sorry about that! Anyways, I haven't actually gotten a chance to try this product out, but it's a fizzy tab you put on your shower floor that's supposed to slowly dissolve and make your shower smell awesome. They have three scents besides this one; one for helping with colds, one to feel sexy, and one to help calm you down. LUSH had products similar to these, but I think they discontinued them (at least, I haven't seen them around for a long time). Fortune Cookie Soap doesn't really describe what this scent is supposed to be, but it smells very citrusy with a hint of fruit; kind of similar to the way "Body Shot" smells. I get the feeling this Shower Steamer will help wake me up when I use it.
Next is Fortune Cookie Soap's Whipped Cream Body Butter in "What? It's Five O' Clock Somewhere!". This was another product I was super excited to try since, again, I'm looking for a great, paraben free body lotion (...seriously! Who would have thought a lotion from LUSH would have parabens? I know it's my fault for not reading the ingredients and just assuming, but it's LUSH!). These fluffy body butters (hence why they're called "whipped cream"; it's similar in texture to Julep's Body Frosting) have coconut oil and vitamins A, C, D, E. On the site, Fortune Cookie Soap suggests only using a small amount of product at a time, which is great advice. A little goes a very long way; I was able to moisturize my whole body with barely using any product. This little pot will last me a good, long while. Which is great since it smells so wonderful! Unlike the body scrub, this scent does linger on the skin, but it's very soft and you pretty much have to have your nose pressed against it to smell it. If you took the alcohol out of a Cosmo, that's what this body butter smells like. It's soft and fruity, but it's not bright and sweet like "Body Shot". It's more floral. It actually smells almost exactly like this one drink I sometimes order; it's a blue Cosmo and when they serve it, they put a mound of blue cotton candy in the glass and pour the drink on top. It's basically the most girly drink you can order and I love it. And I love this scent! There's even a hint of earthiness to it, which helps ground and freshen the sweetness of the fruity top notes.

It also came with it's own cocktail umbrella.
This is the most interesting scent out of the bunch; this is OCD Hand Sanitizer in "Do You Salsa Or Mango?". When I first read the description of this fragrance, I was wary, but curious. On the card, the scent is described as "island mango and citrus lime with hints of chile and cilantro". Weird sounding, right? It kind of works, though. It almost smells like mango chutney, but in a way that you'd want to put it on your body and smell that way, too. You can definitely smell the mango, but then there's a hint of the lime, followed by just the lightest touch of something deeper, more herbal. It works well with the sweetness of the mango and the crispness of the lime. If I ordered something from a restaurant and it smelled like this, I would be all over it. There is a slight bite from the alcohol (it IS a hand sanitizer), but that fades quickly and you're left with this incredibly complex yet pleasing scent. My only regret is that there isn't a fancy way to carry this like with the Bath and Body Works mini hand sanitizers, because I would love to carry this in my purse and use it whenever my hands were feeling grimy.
Finally, there's the solid sunscreen stick in "...Where The Sun Don't Shine". This is other new product, since it only comes in this one scent. I like the idea behind this little guy; it's like portable sunscreen or the little jobs like your hair part (a much overlooked slice of skin when it comes to putting on sunscreen; a lot of cancer starts on the scalp because people don't think to put sunscreen up there) or your hands when they need touching up. I like how it's quick to use and not messy to carry (though I do worry about potential meltdowns). I do wish it had a higher SPF though; an SPF of 15 is better than nothing, but most people recommend you wear an SPF of at least 30. I absolutely love the scent, though! It's described as a tropical coconut-y banana scent; and while that is a very typical sunscreen fragrance, Fortune Cookie Soap stepped it up and made this one smell much better than your average sunscreen. The banana is really stepped up and it smells almost like candy (my first thought when I smelled it was of banana Runts), while the coconut plays backup (it's there and you can smell it, but it's almost like a vessel for the banana, if that makes sense). In, say, a body lotion, the over the top sweetness of the banana might be too much, in this type of product, I'd say it was perfect.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I got this box! I love all the products in it, and, surprisingly enough, I love all the scents, too! I was a little worried after seeing the spring boxes since it had some scents I wasn't sure I would be too keen on and it had two bath-specific products. I don't take baths, so any bath-specific product would be totally useless to me. Everything in the Summer box was shower-friendly, so I really lucked out. I'm super excited for my next purchase from Fortune Cookie Soap to arrive (I just ordered it, so it might be a little bit) and I'm even planning what my next purchase will be (my mom's birthday is coming up and I think she'd love Fortune Cookie Soap as much as I do). If you're not signed up for this great box, I highly suggest doing it. It's only $20 every three months and you get a bunch of great products in some pretty awesome and creative scents.

Thanks for reading! <3

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