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Anniversary Shopping Haul! LUSH, H&M, Crate & Barrel and More!

Hello! My husband and I had our first anniversary last weekend (we got married 06-02-2012 because of the beautiful math. I can weird about numbers sometimes...) and in order to celebrate, we went out to our big mall to go shopping! We did other things, too, but this post is all about the things I picked up on that trip, as well as a couple random extras.
 The first thing I picked up was Ke$ha's newest CD, "Warrior".
I've been a pretty big fan of Ke$ha ever since the release of "TikTok" (much to the chagrin of my husband, though he's admitted to liking her music minus the lyrics), though I've never purchased any of her albums before (I have a few mp3s, though). Something about this album really speaks to me; the first time I heard "C'Mon", I actually got teary eyed. I feel like, if I had a Macbook with GarageBand when I was in college, I would have become Ke$ha; I like her dirty, glizty, free spirited mindset and how she's just so out there (kind of why I like Lady Gaga). I'm at a point in my life where I feel kind of in-between; I'm a little too old to keep doing stupid stuff like I did in college, but I don't really feel like an adult yet. I have responsibilities, but I'm still trying to fight against them, if that makes sense. And I feel like that's kind of how Ke$ha is feeling, or at least pretending to feel, with this album. She's growing up, but she doesn't want to, and she's nostalgic for that time in her life when she was young and beautiful and would stay up all night doing nothing but just living. That's what I get out of it, at least, but some of it might just be projection. My favorite tracks are "C'Mon", "Wonderland", "Dirty Love", and "All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)".

Next, we hit up a couple different candy shops, namely See's Candies and Lindt since they give out free samples! At See's we got a sample of their Divinity, which is super tasty, and I picked up a box of their "Little Pops".
These are little, milky hard candies. You can't quite chew them, but they're a lot softer than, say, a Jolly Rancher. I got the assorted flavors pack, so it has vanilla, cafe latte, butterscotch, and chocolate. Butterscotch is my favorite flavor out of the mix, and while vanilla and cafe latte are good, the chocolate is kind of gross. I tend to not like chocolate flavored things in general (except for actual dark chocolate), but it had a really weird flavor and was bitter in a bad way.

At Lindt, we got samples of their milk chocolate truffles and my husband bought two thin bars from their "Hello My Name Is..." line in caramel brownie and cookies and cream. He really liked the cookie one, but I thought the caramel brownie one was better (I think I just really like caramel). I didn't get any pictures since we ate them right away.

After getting our chocolate fix, we went to Barnes and Noble. I really wanted to pick up a copy of Make-Up Artist Magazine (they're one of the companies who put on IMATS, the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show), but my local Barnes and Noble doesn't carry it for some reason. Luckily, the B&N in our big mall is gigantic, so they did have it in stock (if you're interested in picking it up, it's in the "entertainment" section of the newsstand). I also picked up the June 2013 issue of Allure. I know I should just subscribe to it (better yet, subscribe to Sample Society and get a year of Allure free), but I don't want to get pestered by them when my subscription runs out.
Next, we went to LUSH, since it's only a few stores down from B&N. Even though I've used a lot of LUSH products in the past, I've never tried tried their soap (weird, right?) so I wanted to get a bar or two. I ended up getting Porridge because I like the smell and my poor skin's been needing some exfoliation.
I already cut a slice off before I took this picture, so I got a little more than this. It's pretty pricey soap, but it smells amazing. it's also very soft and it kind of feels like it's mostly made up of the oat pieces. It's a very gentle exfoliate and it leaves my skin with a subtle scent of molasses and oatmeal that fades pretty quickly. I just looked it up on LUSH's website, and I'm surprised to see that this soap has orange juice in it; I didn't pick up any citrus notes at all while smelling it. I also considered getting Honey I Washed the Kids and Rockstar, but I liked Porridge the best scent-wise. I don't think I would purchase this again just because it is such a soft soap and that it doesn't last very long (plus, it leaves little oat pieces all over my tub). I just got my summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box today (I'll post about it soon!) so I think I'm going to try some of their soaps next.

I also bought a pot of Dream Cream.
I wanted to get a natural body lotion since the others I have (besides my Julep one) have some ingredients I'd like to avoid, like parabens. I went with Dream Cream because I liked how it smelled compared to the other lotions my LUSH had in stock. There is rose water in this, but it doesn't smell like roses; it has a soft, milky scent of oats and lavender. This is more my fault than anything else, but I just kind of assumed that LUSH's products were made with natural ingredients and didn't include any weird chemicals. But I was wrong.
Here's a (somewhat blurry) shot of the ingredients for Dream Cream. Down there at the very bottom, you can see that are indeed parabens in this lotion. I was really surprised when I saw that; I went and looked at some other LUSH products and they, too, have parabens. I know it's possible to make a lotion without them, so I'm not sure why LUSH couldn't. LUSH has a great return policy and I could return this if I really wanted to (I had to return a product once before because the scent gave me a headache), but I'll keep it and use it. It's a great lotion; it smells nice and it absorbs really quickly, I was just trying to avoid parabens and the like.

And that's all I got at our big mall! I do have some other randoms that I wanted to include in this post since I did buy them over our anniversary weekend, but I got them from different places.

One thing we did for our anniversary was go out for brunch. The place we went to gets crazy busy, and since you can't make reservations, you just have to show up and hope you don't have to wait to long. We ended up with a 40 minute wait before they could seat us, so we went to a mall that was across the street. It's a special mall that houses incredibly high end stores (it has a really stupid tag line; "shops of distinction"), including a Tiffany and Co. and a place that only sells handles for doors, dressers, cabinets, and the like. We went to the Crate & Barrel since I've been on the hunt for a recipe card box. And I found a nice one!
It's made of wood and closes with a magnet. It included some recipe dividers and a clear plastic, uh, thing, that you can put a card in to protect it and hold it up on top of the box so you can read it better while cooking. It was kind of expensive at $25, but I want this to be kind of an heirloom; something I could pass down to my kids when they get older.

I also bought a cookbook!
It was on sale for $5! The idea of handheld pies amuses me, and there are a lot of great recipes in this book, like homemade pop tarts and mini pumpkin pies.

My two other random items are My Little Pony Blind Bags I got at Target. They finally got more in stock, and they got the crystal-shine series that includes figures of the Wonderbolts. I've seen these before at Hot Topic and at my local comic book shop, but they sell them for $5, which isn't really worth it to me (Target has them for $3.19). I got two, figuring that as long as I didn't get Rainbow Dash, I'd be happy. And I didn't, so yay!
This is Berry Dreams, who has kind of a weird color scheme of pale navy and mustard yellow.
And I got Rarity! She looks really weird transparent since she's white; you can see her hair and her eyes clearly's just weird. But it's Rarity so I'm happy (Rarity and Fluttershy are my favorite ponies from the main six).

So there's my Anniversary shopping haul (with extras)! I did get one extra special thing that my husband bought for me, but I want to make a post for that by itself.

Thanks for reading! <3!

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