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May 2013 Julep Maven Box Opening and Review - Bombshell Box Plus Add-Ons!

Hello! This post is going to be the opening and review of my May 2013 Julep Maven box!

I actually got this on April 30th, which I found amusing. I had ordered some add-ons as well, but they didn't arrive until May 3rd. Julep was (and still is, I think) having issues with shipping notifications and tracking numbers going out, so I never received an e-mail shipping confirmation for my add-ons. I got a little worried when my May box arrived without my extras, so I rechecked my shipping confirmation e-mail and saw that the add-ons ship separately from the boxes. It makes sense that Julep would send things like add-ons separately since they probably have all the boxes made up before hand and just stick shipping labels on them when they send them out (though in my welcome box they included my add-on). I ended up e-mailing customer service and about four days later got a reply saying that my add-ons had shipped on May 1st and they included a tracking number for me. They were very nice, and considering how many people were probably e-mailing them with questions, they replied in a timely manner. What I like about Julep is that you can actually call them and talk to someone if you have an issue.
I just prefer to e-mail and wait because I'm pretty shy (oh man that sounds lame...).
Here's my May 2013 Bombshell Box (on the right) and the box my add-ons came in. I really liked the packaging for the May Maven boxes; once again Julep has clearly put thought and effort in to the presentation of their products, and I really appreciate that.
So here's the May Bombshell box freshly opened! It came with a card showing the products included in the box on the front and on the back it had tips for "Jazzing it up" since this month's theme was the 1920's/Jazz era (which is awesome; I hope the 1920's become fashionable again. Even though I don't have the boyish figure needed to really pull off the fashion, I still think it's gorgeous!). The quote this month was from George Gershwin: "Life is a lot like jazz--it's best when you improvise." The hair clips on top were the special extra this month, and they are super cute! Apparently the people who got the upgraded box (so the one with the whole collection in it) didn't get the clips, which made a lot of people upset. I believe that if you got an upgraded box and want the hair clips, you can call Julep's customer service and they'll mail them out to you. I actually debated for the first three days of the four day window you get to chose which box you want about whether or not to get the upgraded box. For only $60, you got a lot of products, but then I realized that I'm probably going to want to get the upgraded box every single time and $60 a month on nail polish is a little more than I expected to be spending (remember when I talked about how I didn't want to sign up for Julep because $20 a month seemed like a lot for nail polish?). I figured I'd practice some self-control and only get the products that I really wanted, so I got the Bombshell box since it had the lip trio and a polish I wanted, and then I added on two other polishes and the lip scrub.
There were two different lip trios available; Paris and New York. New York is a more warm-toned trio and includes a coral color and a nude, while the Paris one is more cool-toned and has a cranberry color and a bubblegum pink. Both trios include "Lady In Red", a true red lip color.
And here it is! The lip trios were a lot smaller than I expected them to be; they're more sample sized than anything. But that's okay with me since I have soooooo many lip products now, I'm not sure I would have been able to use three more full-sized products in a timely manner. I adore the packaging on these; the box looks almost like a classy 1920's cigarette case.
This is the deeper cranberry color, called "Charleston".
And this is the bubblegum pink, called "Sweet Lorraine". I've already tried Lady In Red and Sweet Lorraine, and I'm pretty impressed with these lipsticks. They have a nice amount of color to them (Sweet Lorraine is a little more sheer) and the finish is almost like a matte/satin without being too drying. Both Lady In Red and Sweet Lorraine are flattering colors with my skin tone (fair with blue eyes and dark blonde hair), which surprised me because I was sure I wouldn't be able to wear the true red (Lady In Red).

The two polishes in the May 2013 Bombshell box are Gabrielle:
and Zelda:
When I was trying to decide if I should go all out and get the full collection, I categorized the polishes into three categories: "love", "like", and "meh". I ended up getting the three polishes (one in the box and two as add-ons) I had put in the "love" category, and got one from the "like" category. Gabrielle was the polish in my "like" category. It's described on the site as a "smokey mulberry crème" and it's a very pretty color. I just tend to prefer other finishes over the crème ones since I think they look nicer on my hands. Zelda on the other hand, was a "love" polish. It's described as a "pink champagne metallic". It's super pretty; I love the metallic finishes (even if they are kind of annoying to take off) and anything described as a pink champagne color. I tried to do some swatches for you guys, but I'm not sure they turned out the best:
I used the foot of our fan to give a nice white background. You can see Gabrielle on the right and Zelda on the left.

For my add-ons, I knew I had to get the lip scrub. The box is super cute and has the same detailing as the box for the lip trio.
And then the lip scrub itself is housed in this golden sphere.
It has a very unique, old-timey but still modern look that will definitely stand out on my vanity.
And here it is opened, showing the actual scrub inside. You get a little less than the packaging would lead you to believe, but you only have to use a little at a time, so I can see this lasting a good while.

Ever since I learned about lip scrubs a few years ago in a beauty training session at my old job, I've been addicted to them. I have very dry, flaky lips and I always struggle with making lip products look, well, presentable on me. Lip scrubs help a lot in prepping my lips (I also use a balm and then a lip primer from Too Faced), though some perform better than others. Right now I have LUSH's Bubblegum lip scrub and fresh's Sugar lip scrub. Like the one from LUSH because you can lick it off your lips and eat it when you're done instead of having to tissue it off, but it's probably the least effective lip scrub out of these three. The fresh one does a really good job of exfoliating my lips, but it can be hard to tissue off all the way. Julep's Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub is by far my favorite out of all the ones I've tried. It gently exfoliates, and it's so moisturizing that you really don't even need to put a balm on afterwards (though I do just because my lips get dry so fast). But the best part about Julep's lip scrub is the smell. It smells INCREDIBLE. It's like...buttery burnt sugar, toffee, and cookies all rolled together in delicious perfection. Seriously. I can't fully describe how fantastic this product smells. It's amazing.

The two polishes I also added on were Alice:
And Etta:
Both of these polishes were in my "love" category, but I absolutely, without question, had to have Etta. On the site they call it an "art deco peridot metallic" and it is probably one of my favorite colors of polish I own. I don't know what it is, but the color is so perfect and the metallic finish so gorgeous...I can't put it into words. Just know that this polish is amazing, and if you like wearing green nail polish at all, you should pretty much buy it. I was really surprised when I saw that none of the May 2013 boxes contained Etta and that it was available only as an add-on (it wasn't even included in the upgraded box). I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be a part of the Jazz collection, so I'm not really sure why they, you know, didn't include it in the collection. Maybe they didn't think people would like it? Maybe it's not actually part of the Jazz collection and is actually an older polish that I had just not seen before (which is a possibility, I haven't really taken a thorough look through the individual polishes in the online store). Regardless of what collection it's from, it's stunning and I love it.

Alice is also a beautiful color and in the store is describe as an "antique lilac shimmer". I'm not sure why, but I've been very drawn to lilac/lavender nail polish colors this spring. I also love the shimmer finish on this polish, it really gives dimension to the color. I've also attempted to swatch these two colors for you as well, still using the white foot of my fan to try and give some contrast.
Alice is on the left and Etta is one the right (and my thumb).

Once again, Julep has meet and/or exceeded my expectations with the quality of their colors and products. I will continue to be a loyal Maven and look forward to the next box!

Thanks for reading! <3!

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